Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: It Has To Be Perfect

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: It Has To Be Perfect

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens put on their best smiles as they stop to chat with Access Hollywood at the Get Him To The Greek premiere earlier this week.

When asked if the duo would ever consider working on another project together, Vanessa, 21, chimed in first, “Of course. But the project has to be perfect.”

Check out the video below to hear just what they think about Russell Brand too!

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Zac and Vanessa back on the big screen together?

Zac & Vanessa – “Get Him To The Greek” Premiere – 05/25
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  • shannon :)

    YES!!! but they would have to be a couple in it.

  • shannon :)

    WRITING THE SCRIPT NOW……. hahahahaha

  • Zanessa

    BEST couple yet.<3
    God, they last forever.(:

  • joy.

    They are tooooo cuute !! I just loved the way they kept looking at each other.. specially Zachary.. haha, he can never take his eyes off of her. If they do another movie together “it HAS to be perfect”, right on !! I’d like to see a romantic/comedy also. Or action.. haha.

  • erin

    not at all!
    In my opinion, they are two completely different actors. Zac is good, and Vanessa is, well, not.

  • mykamicks

    What a bubbly interview! Love them both as always!

  • Karii

    so adorable <3
    Vanessa is soooo gorgeous!

  • oltimer

    I think they should steam it up in Snabba Cash. He needs an exotic looking lead female in this movie, he has casting power, make it happen Zac! I’m thinking along the lines of something like Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz in Blow. Just a thought.

  • Becca

    Yes. Definitely yes :)
    they are just cute and adorable together :)
    hope to see they soon <3

  • Carol

    They look so happy
    Great interview.
    Best couple ever!

  • ok

    i love nac nefronnnn

  • Christy

    Of course, i would love to see them doing the same movie together….hopefully starring as a couple….GO ZANESSA! i love u two….

  • Lucy

    Could they be ANY cuter!??

  • zanessaloverss123

    ADORE THEM did you saw how zac was like starring at her mouth and she like passed her hand over his shoulder.!

  • Val

    they’re adorableeee!! love them together so much <3

  • Daniyah

    soo cute! shes like i wouldnt mind snuggling with him LOL
    Zanessa Foreverr! :) <3333

  • Trina

    That was a really sweat interview. They are so comfortable with each other.

  • daniel

    yeah¡¡¡¡¡¡in a movie like Mr and Mrs. Smith that’s i’ll be awesome

  • jazmin

    They are just so sweet and so in love. Wish them nothing but the best of everything as a couple and as individual.

    Can’t wait to see them do another movie but not for another 3-5 years.

    Thanks for posting.

  • jazmin

    Their smiles just says it all….the way they look at each other and finish each other’s sentences….awwww….to be young and in love.

    Her laugh and smile just awww <3

  • shannon :)

    they are SOOOOO in love. and i’m in love with their love…… i need to get myself a boyfriend lmaoooo

  • Lexie


  • peggy


    Zac has yet to prove he is that good and Vanessa has yet to prove she’s not – she was very good in Bandslam and the critcs agreed. He got mediocre reviews for 17Again and mixed reviews for MAOW

    So maybe we should wait and see and stop basing everything on HSM.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    I would LOVE to see them back on the big screen together, but they have to be a couple! ♥

  • gaby

    They’re so cute together!
    I love when they do interviews together. :)

  • John Freeman


    You actually think Zac Efron is a good actor? Lol You’re sad lady.

  • http://@sarvenazzz sarvenaz

    they are so comfortable and adorable together…. they really are soulmates and BOTH great actors so SOME of you need to stop hating on vanessa just cause your jealous seriously get over yourself!

  • http://@sarvenazzz sarvenaz

    @John Freeman: if you don’t like him then why are you watching this.? that’s makes you sad and he is an awesome actor

  • Divine Goddess

    They are GORGEOUS together!!! And super cute. Gotta love them. :)

  • Karii


  • roxana

    this is why i love is in the air!!!

  • Inah

    you can see that they are genuinely happy for each others project and happy to be together. you can really see it through their eyes(sparkling) and in their smiles.

  • Boji

    Each to their own, personally I think Zac is a very fine actor and Vanessa, bless her is good but being where she is from and everything has to work extra hard at proving herself. No doubt, she can only get better. Did it with Bandslam and from what I’ve seen of Beastly, she’s done it again. They are both different people of opposite sexes with different looks and of course, depending on what’s been offered to them will be in different movies. No comparison, there. I agree with Vanessa that the movie that they do together will have to be perfect. Frankly, I’d like for them both to do a comedy together. It would be worth watching.

  • TImothy


  • Malu

    they look happy together, and perfect and zac is so cute telling he will kept her warm, and everything, just perfect!

  • thaliaaa


  • Katty

    I think they are so adorable the way the finish each other sentences and are just normal together, like they’ve always been together, and they kind of had.

    I hope Snabba Cash comes through, that would be interesting for Vanessa to pull off, and a new change for both of them, and a big change from the romance they usually protray on screen. Verying interesting…

    Can’t wait. They sound genuinely excited to see the movie, it is good they have respect for other movies and actors.

  • Malu

    about acting, i got to say after watching all of their movies, Zac is really good and has yet a lot to learn, and V from where she is and being Zac the one who got fame more than the others wildcats and V, she is doing amazing, she learns and she proves herself, doing characters so differents and getting them to actually look like that means that she only can get better with the time, Zac is on his way, the same as V on hers.

  • super

    DEFINITELY YES!!!:-) that would be extremely fantastic, amazing and just so wonderful! Go Zanessa!:-) love love love! :-)

  • lilly

    I think that at this point, they should continue to work on their individual careers. They’ve both been working so hard at that. If they do a movie together now, it would negate all of the work they’ve done to establish themselves as individuals. But one day, they should come back and do something together and become another Bogey and Bacall, Tracy and Hepbern, or even Brooks and Bancroft.

    You know, there are a lot of former Disney stars that have gone on to have really good careers. I’m not sure why Zac and Nessa are always having to prove themselves and are always being put down for doing the HSM series. Everyone has to start somewhere. It’s like people think that they are bad actors based only on HSM. True, the HSM series weren’t “great” movies, but they had to sing, dance, and act as well. That alone shows that they are talented. Most people wouldn’t be able to do what they do. I know that I couldn’t.

  • Isabella

    @John Freeman: agree I don’t think that he is a good actor

  • luly

    cute I love it

  • ruby

    oh c’mon peoples!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf?????
    first of all Vanessa did all the talking , not letting zac say anything!!!???
    then SHE just stared at him like saying go with the flow!!!
    ZAC looked uncomfortable until the lady mentioned his new film!!!!
    N van tryin to act all bubbly??!!! she hides her freakin face when outside i mean at lest i freakin smile with some glasses on would be better!!!
    N E ways im not a hater i actually kind of support them as a couple (2%) since one day my friend happened to mentioned that they are compatible by zodiac sign?! W E had to get off my chest srry

  • kirreii


    Ok, if you’re gonna spazz, at least apply some proper grammar to your phrases, please. It will make everyone’s life easier and will make you seem less childish. Thank you :)

  • birdie

    What a cute interview, they really looked like they were having a great time. I ‘d love to see them together again, hopefully a sexy thriller
    Vanessa’s right the project would have to be perfect, and some time would have to pass.

  • stupidfans

    Just look how they are with each other. Zac is soo sweet Vanessa is adorable, and how she held him and suddenly they were just touching (like their shoulders) its amazing. i would to finallly see them walk that aisle :) well not soon, but I know they will :-)

  • hunny

    I can’t tell what my favorite part is: Zac stepping back to check out Vanessa’s “dress” or when they keep touching shoulders throughout the interview or their constant looking at each other or their finishing of each other’s sentences or their laughing and huge smiling or Zac raising his eyebrows at our adorable Vanessa is. . . . . . . .

  • jess!

    owww… adorables… <3
    the cutest interview ever

  • mykamicks

    I believe Zac is a good ACTOR of his generation. In fact, by finishing 3 movies ( 17 Again MAOW & CC) means he was given good spots/breaks by the producesr / directors because of his acting skills. What I like most with Zac, he is not a boring actor in the big screen aside( from good looks & physique of coures).

    And of course not to mention, he is a certified young bankable actor of his genre.

  • me

    They need to get married already. They’re just too adorable.

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