Kristen Stewart Isn't A Twitter Fan

Kristen Stewart Isn't A Twitter Fan

Kristen Stewart hides her hair inside a black beanie as she heads to her flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles on early Friday morning (May 28).

The 20-year-old actress, who wore a Simdog zipper tank, recently chatted with Flaunt magazine about her strong dislike for the social networking game.

Kristen shared, “He [a fan] was nice. He didn’t ask for a picture. That’s good, because then they go and Twitter them and then the paparazzi know where I am and they drive to my location and it gets crazy. Twitter ***** me over every day of my life. Because people go, ‘I’m sitting next to Kristen Stewart right now’ and then they show up. I see people on their phones and I just want to take these cookies and throw them. It’s like ‘Get off your ****** phone and get a life!’ It’s so annoying.”


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  • rose

    kristen is awesome!!i love this girl.her clothes and shoes are easy and comfortable to wear. she is seems like an intelligent person.

  • nelliefrellie

    rude much? i don’t like twitter but i’m not gonna bash ppl who use it. to each his own. this girl needs some people skills ASAP

  • Darius

    ^^^she didn’t bash everybody who uses twitter, she bashed twitter for having a negative effect on her life, and she specifically bashed the people who use twitter affect her life negatively.

    Sounds fair enough to me.

  • Lu

    She’s awesome!
    Some ppl just dont have sense, please let the girl breathe.

  • Janey

    Seriously, what does she like? She hates everything. That’s why no one likes her. She’s not the only celeb who gets twitter stalked nor is she the most popular (not even close), but complaining is not going to stop it. She needs to suck it up and get a life. I know it sucks to have people prying into your private life, but it comes with being an actor. Deal with it.

  • ashley

    lolz..datz so straightforward of it..!

  • jane

    she looks so cute here
    i love how she’s always wearing comfortable clothes
    and to #2 did you really read what she said she wasn’t being rude to everyone on twitter she means ppl who post her pictures on twitter and let the pap know where she is

  • Motherfucker

    She doesn’t like Twitter, and for a very good reason. Twitter is for people who love to seek attention. No one wants to know what you’re eating at the moment or how you just found a goddamn penny on the ground. This just proves she’s not an Attention Whore like many of the celebs these days.

  • kelly

    she looks so cute and she wasn’t being mean to everyone she was just talking about ppl who tweet a pic of her and let the pap know where she is

  • Maria

    I agree with you Rose about clothes and intelligent part. Her works are very interesting that you should see her in other many independent films. I don’t know how she does that therefore amazing me. I don’t like twitter cuz no privacy. I understand Kristen need space, privacy, and want to feel normal like everyone that she can enjoy wherever she goes. She is being honest how she feels therefore she have right to express which is not easy for her. I would feel the same as her. I hope People and Paparazzi “P” give her Respect.

  • Liam

    It’s ok she doesn’t like Twitter, I like her but not everybody with their phones out are on Twitter…there’s plenty of other things besides Twitter.

  • gabs

    Love how straightforward and gutsy she is to say what she thinks. I bet loads of celebs hate when people tweet their location. I would be too. Its scary. Go Kstew

  • i’msooverKSTew

    if she hates the attention so much then she should’ve rethought the career choice. perhaps manning the rides at six flags would warrant her less attention than say, acting in a cult phenomena.
    i’m so over this chick and her damn complaints all the effin time. do us all a favor and stop acting and maybe then the paps won’t follow u around and ppl won’t talk about u. as of now, it’s part of the territory so deal with it

  • Dee

    Oh my god! Her life is sooo tragic! She is such a tool.

  • vh only

    i kinda adore her.. and i’m not a twitter fan too..

  • s

    I have twitter and i didn’t take it as bashing all people who have twitter, just the ones who tweet locations and cause riots. I like she has opinions but sometimes i think she needs to learn from other celebs and learn it is best to keep these negative opinions to yourself. Still love her though.

  • Aditi

    I love how Kristen is so honest in her interviews.I appreciate that.

  • Elise(:

    twitter isn’t a game….

  • Ashley

    im a twitter fan and i hate this girl

  • amy


  • Alice

    I am a big fan of Kristen, she is an incredible actress, beautiful and the other thing I most love about her is how she treasures her privacy, everyone is entitled to his or her privacy! Even when you’re famous! I agree 100% with what she has said, I would be exactly the same, I am a very private person and I get easily freaked when someone tries to step too far into my personal space, it’s the way I am and I’m sure Kristen is the same, it’s great that your fans love her films, put the money in her bank etc. but it’s a different thing running after them screaming, shouting, taking pictures, she is human after all people, at least she isn’t taking it all in and growing a big head, please leave her alone, it upsets me that people say things so mean about her, she really doesn’t deserve it x

  • M.

    Kristen, Sweetheart, I absolutely adore you and it aches to watch you hurt yourself like that. They`re going to be after you whether you like it or not and you know it. You are strong, show it to them, let them get bored instead of feeding that craziness. You keep saying that you don`t care what they say about you, but your behaviour and interviews scream that you do! Of course you do, it`s about you and your life, but you also know that people always pick up on the weeker, there`s no fun on bullying the stronger ones.

    So, you voiced how you feel, just own it now, hold your own! It will probably get worse before it gets better, but that`s how it works. Yes, they take pictures and go on Twitter, so what? Ignoring it IS the best way, the only way if you want to keep your sanity.

    Don`t give yourself ulcers, Baby!

    Good luck and lots of love. There are people out here who are not related to you and don`t know you personally, but think the world of you. Always remember that. :-)

  • Charlotte

    I would like to read an intelligent interview with this girl. All she does in interviews is complain about her life.
    She should count her blessings.

  • http://@gvantsafanpire Leeloo

    I love her! and i would never tweet if i sow he! I WOULD BE TOO BUSY OF HUGGING HER!

  • rzkv.twi

    i am a twitter fan but i LOVE her too <3.
    agree with @leeloo i will be too busy asking for pictures. does she hate taking pictures with fans? is that what she is saying too? omg,but i want a picture with her so desperately

  • Debz

    I do have twitter but i wouldn’t post pics of her cause everybody dervese some privarcy even celebs

  • arven


  • http://peony251011 peony251011

    I have read all the interviews from Kristen Stewart and I just have to say that I’m so sick of reading her stupid answers she has given in relation to her rise to fame after twilight. All other actors from the movie twilight have endbrains the opportunity to be love, admired, follow and even psycho stalkers from hell. I know that all the actors from the beginning had no idea of the explosion of popularity they were going to have, but come on now they are on their third twilight movie and not even that but the opportunities and big paychecks that they have gotten. I know a lot of people say “give her a break?” A break if she wanted a break then she should take it; not act and speak ungratefully about how her fans love her and want to take pictures of her or with her. There are more important and actually talented actors in the industry that don’t act or speak as ungratefully as Kristen Stewart does; One big example is her co-star Robert Pattinson, he gets it worth than Stewart does and I have never read or hear that he expresses himself like Kristen Stewart does. People comment that a celebrity shouldn’t have to deal with being shouted at or have their privacy invaded; Well I think that if actors do not like the attention they get from their fans and if it makes them so unhappy like Kristen Steward claims then she should get a new job that won’t make her the target of attention that she is getting from her fans.

  • Mary

    Cool. She really has her points..and I say it’s okay..except for tha last part. If you’re on the phone it’s not like you don’t have life!!
    and come on! She’s a celebrity now so, girl get used to this kind of behavior. These people just don’t understand that it is NOT cool when wherever you go you have these wierd people with cameras and they’re like stalkers. :D
    I bet it IS annoying

  • kimmyNMA

    She looks very pretty. I love the beanie.

    I’m a twitter fan and I like her a lot. We can have fun with Twitter but let’s them leave before sending the picture out. The papz arrive as soon the picture hit the net. Nobody can deal with papz 24/7. They are rude and vicious.

  • cyn

    she is the best. lovee her

  • Rose

    i looove her so much. I agree with her. And its not rude. Shes giving her opinion. Arent we doing the same on this site? Giving opinions about celebs and all that? I think her logic makes sense. Shes awesome! sooo epic!

  • Miles

    I love this girl! She looks great in these photos!

    Most people understand the points she is trying to make except those who would rather use them as a reason to hate on her. The example in this case is Twitter. Whatever…everyone with a brain gets her.

  • lisa

    kristin is awesome, i agree with her.

  • lisa

    kristen is awesome, i agree with her. my mistake sorry on the name

  • lila_g

    i like her outfit today, very casual black

  • amandaHGV

    I’m a Twitter fan and I completely agree with her. Twitter can be annoying sometimes if we don’t use it wisely. Love this girl

  • BArb

    K-Stew spews venom every time she opens her mouth, she hates fans, paparazzi rapes her by taking her picture. She says she is shy but wears revealing clothing drawing attention to herself. And has the mouth of a sailor. She is just so attractive…UGH! Summit might want to put a gag order on this girl or they are going to loose serious money.

  • shani

    umm, y’all realize she’s talking about fame and not bashing twitter. just bashing the people that invade her privacy. don’t people read?

  • Emmeline

    Well, I would say, nobody is standing next to you with a loaded gun to force you to be a movie star. Stop, pick a 9to 5 job, and nobody will give a d*mn where your sorry a** is.
    Stupid, whining …

  • clair

    oh shut up already!! Robert Pattinson has it worse than her&he’s always polite about it!! The thing with her is, that she is not tyhe most articulate person, so her complaints come off as barking!! And they are very insulting towards people; she’s done 3 interviews&they’re all about whining about fame&paps; you can only cry wolf &be believed a few times&she did it too many!! She even compares being photographed to being RAPED?????? SRSLY?????????

  • ali

    Oh stfu! She’s always complaining for everything….. It’s getting boring.

  • kr

    I love Kristen so much. She’s amazing and natural. I love how she is taking acting very seriously and not famed craved.

  • alex

    Honestly, if I were in her position I would be pissed off too if I couldn’t do anything without dozens of people commenting on it and racing to see. Twitter is probably the most idiotic site on the web. Seriously people, use Facebook—- talk with your friends and family, don’t just track down your favorite celebrities….

    At the same time, yeah, she definately needs to learn some people skills as soon as possible.

  • Agos


    clair what are you 14?

    RAPED= she feels EXPOSED when photgraphers take her picture…

    shes not whining about fame, its the reporters that keep asking her the same freaking questions over and over again.

  • Gabby

    What does she like? Every interview with her is just her complaining about being a celebrity. News flash: you’re not the most famous, others get hounded way more than you, so consider yourself lucky. The only people who care about her are 12 year old girls.

  • http://j chelsea

    @Gabby: hahahhah thank you! i think the same , besides what a pottymouth, the 12 year old girls twilight fans will learn bad words from you, be careful

  • heyjessie

    i like twitter. i’m tweeting this as i speak.
    and there’s a link up there.
    i’m addicted to twitter. :3

  • ruby


  • lil

    Blah blah blah… Oh kstew, stop complaining for a minute and be grateful for what you have.. It’s getting BORING!