Miley Cyrus is Live From Lisbon!

Miley Cyrus is Live From Lisbon!

Miley Cyrus rocks out to the beat of a song wearing a green body suit as she performs at Rock in Rio in Lisbon, Portugal on Saturday night (May 29).

The 17-year-old singer performed three new songs from her upcoming album, Can’t Be Tamed — “Simple Song,” “Robot,” and “My Heart Beats For Love.”

Check them out below!

WHICH SONG DO you like best?

Miley Cyrus – My Heart Beats For Love – 05/29

Miley Cyrus – “Simple Song” – 05/29

Miley Cyrus – “Robot” – 05/29
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Credit: Alfredo Rocha; Photos: WireImage
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  • harley

    The songs aren’t really my taste, but she sounded good when she wasn’t winded. She reminds me a lot of when Ashley Tisdale came out with her “Masquerade” album.

    I liked “Robot”, though.

  • tadaa

    I want her hair, her body, her everything. God, she’s stunning!

  • rrrr

    She’s so hot, omg

  • we

    Seriously, can this girl get any hotter? I want her life, omg

  • youandme

    I love her so much

  • LOVe her!

    Miley’s perfect.
    i wish i was comfortable with my body like she is.

  • bree

    “My Heart Beats for Love” is definitely my favorite so far, it’s catchy!

  • Veruska

    Robots and my heart beats for love. I love all of them!!! :D

  • Alina

    she was absolutely amazing. sometimes a little out of breath which made her sound a little out of tune but that’s really not a problem. i still didn’t really like her live performance of can’t be tamed though, she sounded weird in my opinion.
    really can’t wait for her new album now! robot seems to be a great song.

    oh and btw, just jared, simple song is an old one, it’s on the breakout cd (;

  • Julia

    simple song is from BREAKOUT. #fail
    Anyways, she looks very pretty. Love her.

  • kendra

    she looks absoultely gorgeous and performed amazing in all songs

  • marioe

    her behind was hanging out of her outfit…. she neeeds to hire a stylist because she’s not dressing age appropiate and she doesnt even have the body for those outfits… She’s wearing a top with a very pronounced cleavage when she doesnt have any boobs (because she’s barely 17)… Instead of sexy, she looks cheap…

  • soughtful

    Miley owns the stage she is fired. she like a force of nature on stage. she looks very sexy with the black pants and shirt and long hair. she gorgeous. all three songs are amazing, they have amazing lyrics.

  • Lina

    She looks SO great! And sounds great too!¨
    I loved both “Robot” and “My hearts beats for love”, can’t wait for the new album! :D

  • victoria

    I watched this entire concert and it was the best concert experience ive ever had, and i went to her concert last year. she did amazing and i love “my heart beats for love” its fantastic!
    i love her!

  • GossipGirl

    I watched the entire concert on STREAM. Her best performances (to me) were the covers she did of “I Love Rock and Roll” and “Cherry Bomb” you can tell that she was starting to lose her voice. Cuz her vocals got weak in some songs. And it’ll be nice if she didn’t head bang so much/ But ,MC gave it her all out there…I’m proud of here :)

  • good-one

    How fun !

  • swiftfan

    she is amazing… can’t wait for the album!

  • Zanessa

    did you guys see her tattoo! her shirt accidentally goes up and it shows! ;O

  • candy

    WOW she looks amazing!

  • van

    She’s so amazing. And her body is HOT!!!!!!

  • Darius

    As a 19 year old guy, I don’t see the hype behind the Miley train. I don’t hate her, but I don’t love her either.

  • Andreia

    AMAZIIIING! I just got home from the concert, it was so unreal! I never thought that she would come to Portugal out of all countries :) I’m just glad she did.
    It feels so unreal, its like I was watching on tv or just a dream.. She’s unique and she can really perform live. No words can describe how lucky and honored I feel for being able to go to this concert, it was also my sister’s birthday present from me. She had a blast! At 10yrs old, it was her first concert :)

  • oopsie

    Simple Song is an old song of hers.

  • jonaslove

    I LOVED THE NILEY MOMENT!!! When she said that “surprise, surprise.. It’s about a Jonas brother” when she started to sing Full circle!!
    NILEY FAN!! Don’t care what you say I love these two together!!

  • tessa

    she looks gorgeous and the concert was amazing

  • alice

    @jonaslove: Agree. the Niley moment is soo cute :) I love it

  • m
    OMG she performed Cherry Bomb! she did amazing

  • jo

    She looks amazing!

  • nathalia

    she’s amazing and soooo gorgeous!

  • Gaby

    The song ROBOT is soo good. She had a great performance. Loved Full Circle! She also looked really beautiful.

  • m

    Robot is awesome. i love the chorus of that song

  • jessica

    wheres cant be tamed? i dont see it.

  • jessica

    oh wait nvm. i read it wrong.

  • cane


  • Andy

    She has such great legs!

  • poppy

    just heard it. Not good. Reminds me of a kid singing real loud in the tub. Not good at all.

  • Erica

    SHE DID GREAT! I loved when she did the covers of Joan Jett’s songs! (I love Rock n Roll, Cherry Bomb, Bad Reputation)


    her singles, “Robot” & “My Heart Beats For Love’ were wonderful!
    I’m really excited for her new album!

  • Erica


  • izzeandnabbygossip

    4 things
    1.Simple Song was from her old album.
    2. I love what she said about full circle.
    3. She is gorgeous.
    4. I can’t wait for her album. I can’t stop listening to My heart beats for Love <3

  • melany

    she cant be more hot an beautiful



  • vessy

    Simple song isn’t new song.It’s old from her album Breakout in 2008

  • Line

    “Simple Song” ist not new, it´s an old song!

    But anyways, thanks for sharing the videos! I already love the song My Heart Beats For Love!

  • annie

    she looks like she’s wearing underwear in that green body or whatever that is. it’s just not appropriate seriously. and gosh I hate those shoes, she’s wearing them nonstop.

    plus, she acts weird on stage. just over the top.
    but oh well. and NO I’m not a hater. I actually ‘like’ reading miley posts and comment on it. and no, it’s not always negative, I can be nice to her too. if she deserves it ;)


    So cool!

  • Vic2763

    I watch the live stream and thoght it was her best show yet. I hope she tours the states this year. Luv all the new songs.

  • mehdi.j

    she look soo great , soo beautiffulll!!

    ans she sound soooo coooool

    god bless her

    i love her!! ♥♥♥

  • Andreia

    @jonaslove: Me too!! I was so shocked when she said that :O they really belonged together..

  • Mariana

    Yey!! I’m from Portugal!! I was there!! In Rock in Rio the biggest music festival in the world!!! It was cool it was the day that had more people attnding to the festival, almost everybody just to see Milley, it was crazy eighty-eight thousand people!!