Emma Watson: I Feel Like Someone is Dying

Emma Watson: I Feel Like Someone is Dying

There are just two weeks left in filming for the Harry Potter stars and Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe are definitely feeling the end is near.

Emma, 20, shared with press at the 2010 National Movie Awards, “I feel like someone is dying. This kind of love and recognition is just incredible. It is also really emotional for me. I am proud.”

Daniel, also 20, added, “I will be devastated [when it's over]. There is nothing I watch without it triggering a series of memories. Everything [about the films] is so linked to my life. At the same time, it is exciting. It is the end.”

ARE YOU FEELING the end of Harry Potter? Are you happy or sad?

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  • http://www.youtube.com/starzzproduction jenny

    I’m tearing up that Harry Potter will end next years … and I know what emma means come July 2011 lots of dedicated HP maniacs will feel very emotional, JK Rowling created this amazing world which millions of people across the world loved and the actors did a great job of making the movies good. I also like the fact that Harry Potter hasnt had to rely on good looks or the actors being couples in real life. If Harry Potter adopted the Twilight promotion strategy their would be rumours that Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are dating…. hats off to the cast and crew for not stooping to that level. Even after the stellar success of Harry Potter the cast seem not to have developed ego’s. Harry Potter will indeed be missed

  • annischatzi

    @ jenny
    you said it… I totally agree…
    Harry Potter was there my whole life, it will be so akward, when there are no more HP movies. It was so said, when the last book came out and after the last movie, I think everybody will be crying =)
    I don’t want Harry Potter to end…

  • laura

    i’m gonna be so sad when last movie comes out :(

  • hp fan

    I will be very upset when it ends. I’m 17 this year. Its like the cast of HP growing up together with me. HP made an impact in the movie industry and in our hearts as well. Its so much better than twilight! Its not just some romance story. So many emotions involved. I’m a HUGE fan of HP. I’ve bought all the books and all the discs that out up till now. I will really tear when it’s all over ): Others may not understand why we are crying but only us the HP fans will know..

  • Gabby

    I know exactly what she means. Harry Potter has been such a large part of my life. I grew up with it. I remember all the summers of theorizing about the next book and speculating about the next movie and what actors they would cast. Harry Potter is a classic, so it will always be apart of people’s lives; however, it will be so surreal to not have the movies coming out every other year. The books ending was hard, but at least we still had the movies to look forward to. I just can’t believe time has gone by so fast. It feels like just yesterday I was 12 years old and reading a Harry Potter book for the first time and now I’m about to graduate from college. It’s going to be hard for the fans, but I bet it will be even more emotional for the actors who have been bringing these characters to life for the past 11 years. Everyone on set will be bawling when that last day of filming finally arrives.

  • http://www.twitter.com/theCharlotteW charlotte

    I’m going to be bawling my eyes out in the cinema during the last film so goodness knows what the cast will be like on the set during the very last day of filming

  • mimi

    i’m gonna be so sad when harry potter movie to the end Y_Y

  • Jsssss

    It feels just like yesterday that the first movie came out! I always thought that this series will never end — but look how fast time has gone by!

  • maila

    I am going to be so sad when it is all over. In fact at the NMA when I was watching HP get Special Recognition award I was in tears. HP has been a part of my life since I was little.

    I don’t know what I will do after the movies are over. I wait every year for the movies and after it’s all over, I will have nothing to be excited about every year!


    omg~~ I’m already so sad!! I’m pretty while watching the last part of the movie, I’ll be wailing like a baby…. T-T

  • http://caireenebc caireen

    My sons grew up with Harry Potter. For my eldest’s sons entire childhood, birthdays and christmas’s were based on Harry Potter.

    My mum entered a competition on the radio and we won tickets to see Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone back in early 2000′s in Leith, Edinburgh….
    It was a fab evening, red carpet treatment, JK Rowling and Chris Columbus were there explaining to all the fans about filming etc….

    I’ll never forget it and I never took a camera with me to take pics of my family there either…everything stored in my head though…….

    Thanks Radio Clyde xxxxx and thankyou MUM for winning the tickets for us xxxx

  • eyeh8twilight

    HP ending will be one of the saddest moments in my life. I mean, it’s the end of an era. But, HP will be around forever. HP will not be forgotten so easily. Millions, maybe billions of HP books have been sold and read, the HP franchise is the highest grossing film franchise in history, it’s just one of the greatest gift ever given to the people on earth-wow, I got a little philosophical there.

    HP is my life. I have posters, books, DVDs, I am proud to be a POTTERHEAD. I am going to cry watching the epilogue. We’re never going to see anything new from the HP series ever again. I would like to have JK Rowling write a prequel, or sequel, IDK what you’d all it to the last HP movie, but when they characters grow up and have kids. I would cherish that book forever. I’m just happy everyone married each other. What would be even more saddening than the series ending is Ron and Hermione not marrying one another and not having 2 beautiful kids.

  • eyeh8twilight


    The line should have read, IDK what you’d call it after the last HP book was written…

  • eyeh8twilight

    I think I should have said not marrying each other, not one another.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    I completely agree with everyone, it IS going to be an end of an era :(

  • swiftfan

    It is sad that HP has to end…they are all amazing…and I’m looking forward to seeing them in new projects =D

  • Tameka

    Awwww i can’t believe its coming to the end of Harry Potter. I’ve always been a big fan of the films…. :( They are all such amazing movies. I’m so glad that Ron and Hermione finally get things together and realize heir feelings though. Through the whole series, i have been wanting these two to get together, and i will be vry excited seeing that unfold in the final two films. <3 Never really been a Harry and Ginny shipper, but its good that they ended up together too.

    This is completely off subject, but i feel that they treat Daniel and Emma better than Rupert…Ron is an important character too and all i mostly hear about now is Emma and Daniel. What about Rupert?!?!? Another thing that makes me so mad is that Rupert didn’t get an award nomination for HP6, but Tom Felton did….along with DANIEL and EMMA…….. :(

  • rENATA

    I too feel as if someone is dying. Lots of people, like myself, grew up reading those stories, and watching those movies. It is literally like an actual person, a very close one, is dying.

  • http://Twitter.com/taymccarthay Taylor

    I am so freaKing sad about Harry Potter ending :( I can’t even begin to explain … After so many years, what am I going to do! I might as well just read all the books over again. Awwwwh I think I’m gonna tear up!

  • Katie

    I am just so proud to be a part of the Harry Potter phenomen while it’s happening. Nothing beats the excitement of waiting for the next HP book or movie. It’s sad that the next generation will not be able to experience that first hand. I will miss this series SO much. But luckily, I have all of the books and movies =)

  • http://@Ellen_trueblue Ellen

    Its so emotional for everybody. The cast,the crew,the fans,everybody…its so sad but they must move on. Emma Rupert Tom Dan are doing a new project so i know they still be bright in the future…hope the best for them! Love ya all!

  • kathi

    I will miss the Harry Potter-movies so much !:´(

  • DeeplydepressedHPfan

    The moment the last dvd comes out on sale my childhood will officially end.
    I’m nearly 19 but Harry Potter’s been such a huge part of my life. It was the first “big” book I ever read and JK Rowling has been the only author to get me to read. I struggle to find a good book that captures me the way Harry Potter has. I’ve grown up with this series. I’ve grown up with the actors who’ve played the roles of the characters that have been a huge part of my life. I know this sounds stupid but there are millions of people my age feeling the same way right now. JK Rowling inspired a generation to read. No one else, will ever be as good as her. She is what authors should be. They need to capture an audience, an entire generation of readers with a story so complex and compelling, emotional and heartwarming at the same time, a story that teaches kids morals, life lessons, about the world, the sense of good versus evil and that sometimes bad things happen to good people but there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. A story that makes kids want to read. To me, she’s up there with the greats – she’s a modern day Shakespeare. What I wouldn’t give to be able to sit down with her for just 30 seconds, just to thank her for what she’s done for me, my siblings, my friends and every kid out there who when they turned 11, wished they would get a letter from Dumbledore, inviting them to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardy.

  • http://j chelsea

    i grew up with harry potter, i feel like the first movie came 1 year ago and i will miss to expect every summer a new movie of HP.. i think i understand emma:)

  • Roman

    Same here. I am about their age and HP was my first big movie I went to with my mom in 2001. Everything about HP will be missed. Books have been written, the final movie will have been completed shortly, and the curtain falls. I am sad and the wrap hasn’t approached yet. My childhood was totally influenced by the books and moves. HP will be sorely missed. What’s also emotional is that I can clearly remember the first day I went to see the first film. I am even keeping the ticket stubs off all screenings I went to and I have all soundtracks and major posters. Darn I will miss them all. I kind of hate having grown up :/

  • kirreii

    I agree with everyone here. It’s so sad that this epic series is going to be over soon. I remember being obssessed with HP ever since I was small (still am) and I remember spending hours thinking about the book and the land that JK Rowling created. I am going to remember these books and movies forever. Props to the cast for doing such a good job portraying the characters. =]

  • http://twitter.com/xMissLautner/ nEESHA

    I read Harry Potter and Philosophizer’s Stone when i was 7. This was my very first ‘fat’ book. I read it in just 2 days. Then i started to read next one and next one … I really liked them all. I loved Harry, Hermione, Ron and the others. I’ve read every book from Harry Potter series for 7x times so far. I learnt many lessons from Harry Potter. I wanted to be as brave as Harry, as smart as Hermione and as funny as Ron. Harry Potter was part of my childhood and I believed til i was 11 that i’d have certainly get the letter from Hogwards.
    The 1st & 2nd movies were at first really scary to me because I was only 7. My mother wouldn’t have allowed to watch them at first.
    I still keep a really ‘fat’ notebook where i kept all articles about actors and movies and books. I was even in love with Daniel for some time.

    Now it seems that i’ve grown out of it a bit. I don’t keep articles about Harry Potter anymore. I stopped reading Harry Potter books so often (although i have all 7 books at home). But i’ll be the on the premiere of last Harry Potters. I’ll always be Harry Potter’s fan. And I’ll always support Emma, Rupert and Daniel in everything. And JK Rowling will always be my idol, no matter what. She gave me so much.

    Goodbyes are always hard to be said. But nothing lasts forever. And we all know that. Saying goodbye to Harry Potter will be hard. I know that. But stories last forever. I believe one day i’ll read them all again. Like i did in my childhood. And like in childhood, i won’t be able to stop reading til the last page of 7th book.

  • wapik

    i will totally miss hp

  • jessica

    awww its so sad that its ending.

  • http://www.facebook.com gabenceto

    Of course sad :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

  • dabomb


  • Avery Callaghan

    After a decade of influencing generations and generations of people, the end of Harry Potter will inevitably be one of the biggest full stops in franchises. It’s inspired so many people, the fans who’ve started reading the books as children are adults now. We all grew up with Harry Potter.

    So kudos to you, Jo Rowling! Thank you for making Harry Potter a part of our lives. It’s a legacy that no one will soon forget in the years and years to come.

  • http://www.twitter.com/afra_1991 fruity:)

    i couldnt have said any better then all of u !! i am with u all of u guys !! i will cry so much !! :’( i alredic ried when Tom and Matt were tweeting abt their last day of shooting at King’s cross, i started tearing up just by reading their tweets also james and Olivers !! Gosh i will MISS HARRY POTTER soooo MUCH :’( I m going to crawl up inside my blanket and bawl my eyes ..!! And read the books over n over again!!! I have read each book more den 2 or 3 times and i read it again before each movie comes out !! oh gosh my life is so over, what d hell will i do !! I grew up watching it, i grew up with all the actors/characters, its like i lived in the world of FANTASY with them ..like i also went to Hogwarts and now its our last year !!! OH gosh i m crying right now…ok byee.. :’( oh dis breaks my heart into pieces…!! this franchise will be missed SO much …unforgettable….!!!!! such a phenomenal job all the actors, directors,crew , has put into it and first of all THANK YOU J.K.ROWLING FOR CREATING THIS ….THANK YOU SO SO MUCH !!!! <3 <3 <3 :) WE OWE IT TO U !!!

  • http://FACEBOOK *gl@mbisious*


  • athena

    It will be a sad day for the end of the HP movies and books. But, hey, the movies, games, park rides, etc are the memories that will keep HP alive.

  • Lauren

    im sad that its ending… i love te movies sooo much and im gonna miss getting to watch new ones

  • rich

    It’s like everybody loved HP from the beginning. From books to the big screen. Time flies so fast that I can’t imagine. It’s gonna be sad to say good bye harry. :|
    Anyway, I found Daniel handsome no more already. LOL
    He’s a huge crush of mine way back 2000 something? I forgot. :P

  • Lionrider

    I’m already feeling sad that Harry Potter is ending, I’d like to see all the Harry Potter films in Japanese someday and Emma Watson is totally cute and she’s so sweet link candy.

  • a peruvian dan_nessa fan

    I’m a huge fan of HP, a grat part in my life since many years ago but it will las forever im my heart and my mind. Harry Potter Fan until death. Thanks JK and you’re all wonderful actors.Your master piece is an everlasting story for all of us.

  • chichi

    ginny looks very frumpy in that photo.

  • wapik

    omg i am so sad cause its going to end:-(.i love hp books and film and they changed my life…i dont read books anymore cause no one can replase those feeling which i felt when i was reading hp books.i tried but it just not go.and then showed up this “phenomenon” – twilight.and i suddenly start reading about it everywhere.in newspapers they write that twilight is the new phenomenon.and i was like: did they forgot about harry?
    and then i started to hate twilight.i hate those stupid teen girl when they are screaming for robert pattinson.so guys if you have a chance please vote for hp in mtv movie awards.i dont want twilight to win again.thanks a lot.

  • http://twitter.com/lifeisagamee inji

    its so sad :’( its literally been a decade! i still remember seeing the first movie and buyting all the books and all the dvds and reading literally anything to do with it. i remember yearly i would speculate how they would /could change the book to the movie and what they should include. its gonna be so depressing when this ends. :’(

  • hpfan

    i cant believe harry potter is nearly finished. i still remember when i was about 9 years old i wondered what all the fuss was about and i went to the library with my mum and she told me to get a harry potter book and i got the first 2 and when i started reading them i couldnt put them down and that was 2001 when the first film came out and since then ive been addicted. i go to the pictures and see every film the day it comes out and i go and see them a couple of times ive read the books over and over and i used to go to the launches of them at midnight and i was so excited reading the new books not knowing what was going to happen even when i read another book im not really into it and just want to read harry potter again im nearly 18 now so ive grown up with it and it is one of the if not the greatest thing ever created.

  • Jasmine Phillips

    I’m really going to miss Harry Potter, just like everyone else’s comments I’ve read so far. I only started reading them three years ago, but once I had picked up that first book and read through it, it piqued my interest and I began reading the rest. Then I couldn’t help but see the movies. Next thing I know, I’m practically addicted. :)

    I really wonder what’ll hppen when it ends, but I don’t want to think about that now, or I’ll start tearing up. :) So, I can’t wait for both of Deathly Hallows parts! I can’t believe the day I picked up the Sorcerer’s Stone was so long ago. The years just passed me by. :)

  • HPfan:)

    i know this is end and i’m sad i was little when first hp come out and i was growing up with books and movies…but we always can watch that mouvies over and over again…so there’s some hope :)) <3

  • Kirsten

    I only recently started reading the books. And I love them!!! I did saw most of the films together with my younger sister, so that I will miss a lot. One of the things we do together.
    I allready had an experience of something ending, for I am a big LOTR fan. I was in my teens when the films came out and graduated from high school when they ended. Some may say it were only 3 movies, still, it meant a lot. To all of you: you will survive, you will live your life, but it will never be the same. And you will be thankfull for that! Take it from someone who has been there :p.

  • CamTeeM


  • Emmy

    FINALLY! HP is crap! the books are devastating! the actors are poor, which makes the films difficult to watch!
    i am so glad its finishing :D

  • Em J

    who the heck is happy that the Harry Potter movies are ending im not im probably the only teen gal that doesn’t like Twilight coz they keep comparing Harry Potter to Twilight and vise verca they have nothing in coman why compare them.
    anyway ive grown up with the Harry Potter series its my childhood i hope they make a movie of The Tales of Beatle The Bard i love that book.
    im going to cry when the last scene of HP and the DH part 2 ends probaly earlier

  • taylor

    I will prob cry when i watch Part 2. I can’t believe they’re done! this movie and this cast have been around for 10 freaking years. that’s a LONG time.