Zac Efron Gets Wait Listed

Zac Efron Gets Wait Listed

Zac Efron sings a long as he makes a special guest appearance at UCLA’s “The Waitlist” musical comedy on Wednesday night (May 26).

The 22-year-old actor joined the comedy troupe for their final show and also brought along girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, according to the Disney Channel Examiner.

The Wait List is a creative collective embodying the next generation of Los Angeles
funny-makers. Founded at UCLA, The Wait List has concocted a new recipe for creating captivating live performances, boundary-pushing sketches, and short films by combining the diverse talents of young writers, actors, filmmakers, and composers.

Check out a clip of Zac below!

Zac Efron – “The Wait List” – 05/26
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  • A Fan

    Zac has a fantastic voice and I’m glad he is having the time of his life.

  • w.S

    looks like they were havin’ fun lol :D

  • emma

    lol i didnt really understand what was going on in that video xD

  • OMG!

    hahaha is funny:)

  • beatriz

    zac is very funny :)
    i love you zac efron

  • mike

    like the video Zac is cool

  • Christine

    oh Zac…you’re adorable…buuut, you can’t rap :P

  • yes please

    This is interesting
    Glad that he brought Vanessa with him.Great that they’re spending time and support each other
    go zanessa <3

  • interesting

    guess you had to be there

  • lilly

    Zac’s friend from HS is in the group, so he was a special guest in the show. It’s a comedy show. && yes, he did take Van. There is a pic of them there.

  • Alexa

    I’m sorry but he looks terrible with short hair

  • MYmy

    AWWWW!! Zac is SOO cute :]
    he looks like he didnt have a care in the world <3
    he was just having fun :D
    how amazingng
    i loveyou zac :D

  • amy

    he’s so funny, i hope he does more comedy!

  • sara

    lilly where’s this pic

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    This is pretty funny, I am glad he is having fun and enjoying it with the people he loves :)
    @lilly: hey, do you have a link to that picture?

  • pop86

    Zac was having a great time with his friends.

  • samantha

    is hesaying titties or tetanus? i couldn’t really understand it very well. lol :D

  • deepgurl

    zac is the coolest and the hottest guy on the world….love him sooooooooooo much!!!!!!

  • nikki

    HAHAHAHAHAA :) omgomg zacccc <333 you goofball! I LVOE YOU

  • cutie pie

    Zac is such a cutie pie hehe. He didn’t care he was just aving the time of his life! I love it!

  • green bay

    ZAC EFRON ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  • brad

    Aww my man is so amazingly perfect in every single way! XD
    i love him

  • justine

    @Alexa: I LOVE HIS SHORT HAIR!! he looks ssoo much hotter and cuter and everything!

  • nikki

    @Alexa: WTFF!!!! He looks smexy with short hair!
    @justine: I KNOW RIGHT!!!! :)

  • hotttt




  • Tiptoes

    he looks like he was having fun with his friends….

  • maria

    Zac was doing Improv, which is audience-driven comedy, like the show “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” It is a REALLY fun experience, and Zac is quite good at it. You have to be VERY quick on your feet, and IMPROVise, and just say stuff off the top of your head. There are skits, songs, games and other stuff that is all made up as they go along. It’s really cool that he still loves to do all that, and was there to support a friend! And I’m sure Vanessa had a blast watching them!!

  • gaby

    His hair is absolutely AMAZING!
    I’m glad he’s having fun. We rarely see him so loose, he’s always very together so it’s good to see him like this. :)

  • abby

    @Alexa: LMFAO for real?

    He looks 10x sexier with short hair. He doesn’t look like a high schooler anymore, and he shouldn’t, after all he is a 22 year old adult. Not a young kid anymore.

    I wish I could make out what he’s saying. :(

  • jess!


  • jess!

    wheres this pic??

  • skyhigh95

    Actually, Zac is really hotter when he is short haired…At first, i thought he’s better if he’s hair is long but I realized when he cut his hair, he looks way better…

  • Sam

    cute <3

  • tina

    Looking mighty funny……now if he would just lose the fugly gf things would be great!

  • maria

    @tina: I think it’d be great to lose you….. your comments are BORing…..*yawn*

  • Sam

    jealous much?

  • Katty

    Kinda hard to follow, but funny anyways! It’s nice that Zac participates in this stuff.

    Anyone have a pic of V there? I would love to see it!

  • bush efron

    oh man he have great voice . . Is just me or you all can see that he get hot by the days ????
    Guys did you vote for zac for mtv

  • justine

    Zac so cute <3

  • abc

    @emma: me too

  • ehryle

    FUNNY ZAC!!! and he brought her gf Vanessa with him so sweet, cute, adorable, amazing couple in the planet… :)

  • abc

    @Alexa: then i gonna cut your hair short

  • tena

    Zac is a goofball hee hee :)

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ Karla, why don’t you go away FOREVER!!! If you don’t like them, than why are you here for, know one ask you to come on this thread, and you sound very jealous.

  • athena

    I wasn’t sure what was going on in the video…it definitely looks amatuerish…all in all, they looked like they were having fun…Zac too…eventhough he looks like a geek with his shirt buttoned up to his neck and that Bob’s Big Boy do. Yes, he is NOT a rapper…thank the Gods for that…lol.

  • Sam


  • Emma

    @karla: shut up

  • lilli

    awwwwy zac =)

  • aline


  • P.s.

    he is adorable
    @lilly: do you have a link of this pic

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