Miley Cyrus is Madrid Marvelous

Miley Cyrus is Madrid Marvelous

Miley Cyrus holds up the cover of her album Time Of Our Lives at the Villamagna Hotel in Madrid on Sunday afternoon (May 31).

The 17-year-old actress/singer also presented her upcoming album, Can’t Be Tamed, to members of the press at the same event.

Miley was seen over the weekend at the Rock in Rio concert performing a few new songs as well as covers of Joan Jett.

Be sure to check out an album preview of Miley‘s new record too!

FYI: Miley is wearing body chain jewelry from Bliss Lau and a funky new cocktail ring from Shayan Afshar.

30+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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Credit: Carlos Alvarez; Photos: Getty
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  • leticia

    So Pretty.

  • vvv

    She ACTUALLYY got the platinum for her album–Time of our Lives NOTT her new album

  • jenny

    i support miley in every thing she does and its nice to see her looking age appropriate again

  • Ann

    Heyy, she’s not showing skin! That’s refreshing!

  • rag107

    that’s not the cover of her new album that she’s holding up. that’s the platinum placard they awarded her in Spain for the sales certification of Time of Our Lives.

  • soughtful

    wow! miley is turning into a gorgeous young lady. she is so talented and down to earth glad their are real girl like miley on disney or used to be to bad she leaving. she the best they ever had. she talented in all aspects of the entertainment field. she amazing and so serious about her work is a fresh of air to see real girls like miley doing amazing and been themselves and not a boring robot like others on disney.

  • jenny

    @soughtful: lol i think ano who u might be talking about

  • Mareike

    you do realize that’s not the cover of Can’t be tamed, right JJJ? that’s just the thingy she got because Time of our lives got platinum there…
    And the cover of Can’t be tamed is already out, and it’s nothing like that…

  • rosie

    @soughtful: wow she loooks goregous you see i can be nice about miley even though i love selena more but you dont see you bashing miley like you bashed selena so do me a favor and look at the other positive things about her!

  • hiha

    well at least she’s covered up and the lap dance scandal helped to boost up the album sales (even if we’re not shocked about the lap dance, we were expecting ‘worse’ from her, may be she ran outta ideas), and promote her image as a non-disney member, mid way between a lindsay lohan to be and a britney spears to be!
    But we’re still very happy for her! that’s how a girl should be: use her sex appeal to make money!

  • m

    JJJ made a mistake. That cover is the European cover of Time of our Lives.

  • Ella

    she looks great! I wish I could wear that outfit!

  • meeh

    @hiha: i really hope your joking… :I

  • annie

    is she actually able to wear something wear people CANNOT see her bra, her stomach, or half of her butt (the green bodysuit) etc.? seriously

  • annie

    I mean “were people..” haha xD

  • annie

    no, actually “where” -.-’
    gosh I can’t write anymore haha I’M SORRY

  • nathalia

    she’s gorgeous!!!

  • GossipGirl

    I’m so proud of MC man. she’s gonna be the Justin Timberlake of Disney one day. hell, she’s prob just as successful as he is now! GO MC!
    Next stop, GRAMMY !

  • pauli

    her face is sooo fat and huge…. wooowww so ugly!!!

  • suri

    She is so beautiful

  • swiftfan

    congrats to miley!

  • good-one

    Miley detractors, your cognitive dissonance is showing. I mean after all, it is so déclassé. I mean, remember your place, it is so class inappropriate for the prisoners not to wear chains. Doncha just love your Stockholm syndrome? Isn’t that what you insist Miley is? A slave — to age, or gender, or culture, or to your particular whims, or tastes, or hang-ups and insecurities?

    That goes for all you philistines, too, and those that nonstop bellyache about our dear icon. You don’t see JJJ complain all day long.

    Give her a break. Sheesh. You are stuck in Winter lag. Summer is just around the corner, and more precisely., with it, light summer dress, too.

    Don’t you constant scolds have some verbs to go conjugate or something else that you can do, rather than unremitting ragging on Miley? Or do you just try and rob some of her spotlight, and in the process, make Miley something less, for it? Shame on you!

  • good-one

    My bad! sorry. I became just like you. :(

  • itsmeagain

    @pauli: stop day dreaming of Selena dear. She;s got the fattest face and head on ThE DISNEY CHANNEL. Sorry, but it’s true :) and remember hate makes Selena stans like u look ugly. But for you, it may already be too late.

  • kym

    omg loving the shoes
    but for some reason she looks a little sad :S
    like she is putting on a smile… well i guess its not easy to be infront of cameras like 24/7
    i know i wouldnt be happy cuz if im in a crappy mood i probably wouldnt even put on a fake smile lol
    anyways she looks gorgeous, could do without the makeup but the hair and the outfit it hawtttt

  • victoria

    i looooovvvvvveeee her :)

  • kym

    no its true
    even though her points were i little over exaggerated i kinda a gree… in some way
    celebs and more specifically, female celebs use their sex appeal, its like an image thing

  • lisa

    miley looks stunning, rock on miley

  • taylor

    wow, she looks soooooo happy to be there.
    does this girl EVER genuinely smile?

    though AT LEAST she’s not wearing booty shorts, and isn’t showing her camel toe. but we can STILL see her bra. she has to be showing it with every outfit in order to be taken seriously…at least that’s what she thinks.

  • jonaslover988979

    thats not the cover.. thats because it went platinum…. her actual album cover for that is the purple one……

  • jessica

    she is sooo gorgeous. i just love her. shes amazing.

  • Leila

    i LOOOOOVE the shoes… i want them so bad!!!!! miley looks gorgeous

  • ashley

    true true..!!

  • luisa

    she’s looks so gorgeous

  • luisa


  • luisa

    hahah i love her!

  • luisa


  • rachel

    beautiful !!!! love you miley:)

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