The Record Life is now Metropolitan Sound Collection

The Record Life is now Metropolitan Sound Collection

They’ve done it!

The Record Life is now officially the Metropolitan Sound Collection.

Lead singer Jake Johnson told JJJ about the name change, saying, “With a new batch of songs and a new lineup, we figured it was probably appropriate for us to operate under a new name, as well. We chose a name that was as eclectic as the process we went through to record all of the new songs.

“The new stuff is a collection of sounds from our collective individual environments. Throughout the course of making the demos for the new record, we discovered that we could use various objects from around the house to contribute to the rhythmic feel of what was going on. Whether it was spoons, stomping on wood floors, banging hub caps together, or a glass full of popcorn kernels, it all became part of the new sound of a new project.

“It is, quite literally, a collection of sounds we gathered from an urban, or metropolitan environment. We’re also big believers in the idea that a name shouldn’t define a collection of music; it should be the other way around. What we call ourselves isn’t too important to us; but what we ARE is; and we are ‘Metropolitan Sound Collection.’”

You can follow MSC on Twitter @MetroSoundCo and JJJ @justjaredjr

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the name change?

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  • alyse

    i think it’s actually “metropolitan sound collection”. but i love them. :)

  • steph

    i’m going to get used to it :D

  • shannon :)

    its stupid . i like record life better. is he still dating chelsea staub

  • aya

    i dont like it either and im pretty sure they broke up

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