Ashlee Simpson vs. Nina Dobrev: Pick the Better Elena

Ashlee Simpson vs. Nina Dobrev: Pick the Better Elena
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  • omg, thank god she didn’t get the part…

  • Natalie

    oh dear lord, that show wouldn’t make it past the pilot if Ashlee was Elena lol

    Nina owns that role <333

  • ninadobrevfan

    Nina Dobrev is Elena couldn’t imagine The Vampire Diaries without her!! The producers were so right in casting Nina!!

  • peggy


    The selling point of the show is the Salvatore brothers so any number of women could have pulled off Elena.

    Dobrev’s acting at best is mediocre.

    Also it’s kind of silly to try to predict what would have happenbed to a show with another star in a particular role. If Ashlee had gotten the role then you would have not known about Elena and Ashlee would have seem normal.

  • http://markhapka Mark

    Is this a serious question? It’s a no brainer! Nina is such a refreshing addition to the show. From the little I’ve seen she is damn talented. Ashley should have stuck to what she does best…being Jessica’s sister. Wish I could have said “her music” but I’m an honest guy.

  • http://markhapka Mark


    see! I didn’t even know how to spell her name ! Sorry Ashl”ee”!

  • e

    Nina is good but I still think that they should have followed the book more closely and picked a blond actress since the character in the book is blond, and I still don’t buy the BS that they used when they said that the reason they picked someone brunet is because they wanted a character that seem more relatable to girls as if you can’t relate to someone with blond hair, oh well, I must say that new covers for the books looks funny since they have Nina on the cover and the book still reads Elaina as a blond. Well, it doesn’t matter now, Nina does a good job I guess and it’s hard to imagine someone else as the role now.

  • Mandy

    I doubt The Vampire Diaries would be so critically acclaimed if the role of Elena were in the hands of Ashlee Simpson, of all people. The girl can’t act her way out of a paper bag and personally, I’m glad Nina Dobrev got the role. She was an incredibly under-rated actress before The Vampire Diaries came along and I just hope that CW doesn’t screw up this time and cancel it like other brilliant shows before it.

    And @e, the point of an actress is their skill, certainly not their appearance. Sometimes, it’s recquired, yes but when its not, their skill is the most important thing. And so far, Ashlee has shown no evidence at all that she has any.

  • norma

    nina is doing a great job as elena ashley sucks & would have ruined the show

  • fran

    I totally support Nina for that character, her way of acting fits perfectly with the character.

  • TVD fan

    obiusly !!!! nina is best tha ashley

    sorri ash you suck

  • dreamer

    After having read a chapter or two of the first VD book, I don’t think hair colour was that essential in recreating the character on screen. It was good that they used a less well-known actress as Elena. Ashlee Simpson… I couldn’t really see as relatable. She doesn’t have that girl next door image and I think that affects how the show is received.

    Can’t wait for season 3!

  • zac

    nian ur simple and ugly but ashlee is differnt and sexxxyyyyyy…..

  • zac

    nina ur stink