Free Jonas Brothers Concert in Washington DC!

Free Jonas Brothers Concert in Washington DC!

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are in the mood for a free concert!

Team Jonas announced today that the musical trio will be performing a mini concert in Washington, D.C., at the Warner Theatre (513 13th Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20004) THIS Wednesday!

It’s really early at 7AM, but the JoBros are worth it right? They’ll be peforming “L.A. Baby,” and a few other songs for their early bird fans.

Want a wristband to get in? Check it:

– Arrive at the Warner Theatre box office, located at 13th Street, between E & F Streets, NW by 2:00PM on Tuesday, June 1st.
–The box office will open at 2:00PM to distribute wristbands.
–Only 1000 wristbands will be given away (2 per person) for this special event: first come, first served. The box office will close when the last wristband has been distributed or at 6:00PM, whichever happens first.
–Those fans that get wristbands on Tuesday should plan to arrive at the Warner Theater on Wednesday at 6:00AM. Doors will close promptly at 6:45AM.

ARE YOU GOING to get up early for the Jonas Brothers?

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Credit: Jaimie Trueblood; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • Ella

    Wow! Lucky early birds fans..

  • yanina

    There is school that day not sure what to do
    and my son would love to see the show but i just don’t know how ?

  • londonlemming

    Hell no. Il youtube it

  • candyshop

    of course they will do now free concerst cause no one buy their tickets…FLOP New JB is here Justin Bieber he’s million times cuter than those gays here and I’m not a Belieber but he’s cute ;)

    Jonas are flop No one wants to see them!

  • kintje

    wooooooow , but i can’t i wish i could be there :))

  • joejonaslover

    @candyshop wtf??
    sht the hell up ok?
    if u dnt lyk thm thn dont cmment here…beaver is d gay…jst get the hell outta here…
    millions of girls wnt to see thm kk?if u dnt wnt to see thn dnt bother..no1 wnts ur cmment anyways…loser

  • londonlemming

    @joejonaslover: Learn to respect others opinions. Just because@candyshop: does not like the Jbros gives you no reason to act like a little kid. There is nothing on Just Jared that states don’t comment if you don’t like someone. Learn to respect peoples opinions that are different to yours.

  • Woot


    Justin Bieber cute hahahhahah.I bet you have 12 years so you love him cause older girls just dont love him.And have can you even compare Justin Bieber with Joe Jonas for exmp.Joe si hot and girls love him but i mean real girls not kids that are 12 years old or even less

  • Jenny

    Sweet of them to offer a free show. We all know they can sell tickets. They care enough about their fans to offer them free every once in a while.

    @yanina, if you can find someone to take notes for you and you can get wristbands for the concert, take your son. You’ll both have a great time.

  • Tobehonest

    Wow I never knew people could be so immature. Every single time I go on a Jonas Brother post or a Justin Bieber, it always has to be Justin Bieber vs Jonas Brothers. Grow up, your making yourself look bad and the others too.

  • 1234

    If you guys want to fight go to oceanup. That website is with with filthy ignorant commentors. Trust me.

  • andrea


  • Sara

    Iw ould have love to gone! WHY THEY HAVE TO DO IT ON A SCHOOL DAY…do they want people to SKIP!?! AND SO EARLY AH! WHAT

  • jessica

    oh please. who would go see that.

  • Rebecca

    Will you stop hating on JB? I’M A DIE HARD FAN AND IF I WERE YOU, I WOULD GO SEE THEM LIVE IN DC, BUT I CAN’T! I live in Miami, okay? I think Joe is hot, Nick is gorgeous and Kevin is sexxyyyy!!!!!! So if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all! I LOVE JB!!!!!

  • Rebecca


  • summer

    camping out tonight!

  • Cameila

    preach it she has no right to say that about our jonas justin sucks get over it.

  • Cameila

    okay calm down shes kind of the one that started it she said how their gay no one on the site said anything about justin but she comes and say something bad about the jonas brothers. of course she had to support them thats what jonas fans do support the jonas bros no matter what. So basically it not her fault.

  • Cameila

    @Woot: yh thats so true like serious their is nothing hot about a 16 year old boy like wat their to like. JONAS fan 4eve.

  • Eboni

    WHHHYYYY did i have to hear about this sooooooo late!!!! if only i could have heard about this earlier but either way it would have been pointLESS cuz i culdnt have gone anyway….sadness… but hopefully i get 2 c them wit Demi LOvato on their summer tour!!!!! now that would be AWESOME!!!!!!! :) and why cant evry1 just get along, i mean i like the jobros and justin beiber, its not hard to like them both…

  • jonaslover988979

    i wish! if it was hawaii i’d totally be there! XP but i dont think i can really fly across the country…. and its too late now anyways lol :P whoever gets to go tho, have fun!!! :D

  • joejonaslover

    @Cameila i agree man!why does she cum to a jonas bro page if she doesnt lyk thm??
    @woot ya i dunno how ppl can compare justin to joe!!
    jobros rock <3

  • Cameila

    thank you if has a problem she should go on jonas b page. People are such ass’s these days.

  • Jonas all the way


    what i bet you are a little bieber obsessed teenie. justin Bieber will be over by the end of this year. JB might not be as popular as they were two years ago but they still managed to have sold out concerts for there summer tour. Jonas Brothers > Justin Bieber

  • bieberbetterthanjonas

    hahahI’m 16 and LOVE justin he’s cuter and more talented!
    And he hasn’t that ugly curly hair style LOL hahahaha
    just accept it the girls go crazy bout justin jonas can’t compare!

    Bieber PWNS all!!!

  • jb

    ya sure justin biever is better than the jonas brothers NUMBER ONE if u dont like them why the hell r u searching 4 themm huh ??
    and ya sure everyone just likes him cuz he looks gd !! HE SOUNDS LIKE A FREAKIN GIRLLLLL !!
    JONAS BROTHERS 4 LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JennLove

    Damn guys! I’m both a Jonas and Justin fan but JB will alway stand for Jonas brothers! And yeesh I went to this concert and it was amazing because we all got great seats not that we were sitting down! Plus it was really early in the morning way before school started! I was less than 5min late for school and all my friends texted me saying theyaw me on the news. So yeah the concert was so worth getting up really early and you haters need to get a life and fuck off.

  • Jena

    I was there and I met Nick!!!