Selena Gomez & The Scene: Round & Round Sneak Peek!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: Round & Round Sneak Peek!

Check out the first pic from Selena Gomez & The Scene‘s music video shoot for “Round & Round!”

The video, which was shot in Budapest over the Memorial Day weekend, is the first single off of their sophomore album, due out September 28th.

Other dates you need to know for Sel & The Scene‘s music:

– June 18th: “Round & Round” single debut on Radio Disney
– June 20th: “Round & Round” music video hits Disney Channel
– June 22nd: “Round & Round” hits iTunes
– September 28th: New album released

ARE YOU LOOKING forward to Selena & The Scene’s new music?

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  • candyshop

    It’ s gonna be better than ‘can’t be tamed’ !

    Go Selena Go! We Love You!

  • tizteam

    Okay so Miley copied Lady GaGa & Britney from some of their vids…And Selena is NOT copying Lady Gaga but still has the style from Lady GaGa’s new vid ‘Alejandro’ hahaha cool I love Selena :)

    Hope that it will be a Top 10 hit and her album for #1 !

    Selena Fans? BUY IT! EVERYWHERE!!!!

  • Cassidy

    Seems interesting and Selena looks hot and I totally love her legs she’s so thin and beautiful

  • selena&mileybrasil

    CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU SELENA !!!!!!!!! COME TO BRASIL PLEASEE!!!!!!!! WE NEED NO DEMI LAVOTA WE NEED YOU!!!!!

  • BieberObsessed

    Ah it’s gonna be a Smash Hit ;)
    So excited!

  • RPattzLuv

    Of course her new album will have some gaga and britney so I can’t wait wooohooo go selena beat that chubby ugly cyrus girl!!

  • Ann

    Wonder what it’s about!

  • andy

    Selena looks Really Gorgeous! Can’t wait!!

  • looks awesome!! Selena is BEAUTIFUL! ♥
    i love her so much!!! can’t wait for the new album!!! :D
    i’m sure it’s gonna be an amazing song and video!

  • d

    @candyshop: i’m a huge fan of Selena and a fan of Miley. honestly, “can’t be tamed” was outrageous but creative; don’t look down on it just because you don’t like Miley. btw, can’t wait for “round&round”. Selena is so beautiful and the video is going to be chic!

  • londonlemming

    I think it will be interesting to see what direction creatively Selena the Scene go with for this album as I personally don’t think she has the strongest voice, She seems to suit more up tempo songs.

  • Sarah

    She has so many things going on right now and she’s definitly someone who deserves it.
    I really hope this music video has a bit of a story line. It looks good.
    And I can’t wait for her second album!

  • pauli

    omg im so proud of selena…. she definitely deserves it everything she has…. shes the best!!! cant wait for all her upcoming projects;)

  • Rafael


  • pauli

    @candyshop LOL any video will be better that unoriginal and such a copy cat cyrus video…..

  • Alex

    Come on guys, Miley’s CBT video was pretty good. But I don’t think Selena’s video is gonna be as expensive as Miley’s video because Miley pretty much paid for most of the budget herself. Hollywood Records is really cheap when it comes to their music videos. But I’m still SO EXCITED for Selena’s video. They all look really good in this picture, especially Selena.

  • selenalover

    do you know naturally music video?more than 30 million people watch it.

  • Mellz89

    YAY !!!!! cant wait for this !!!
    ROUND and ROUND will be awesome !

    Selena yay !!!!!love this girl like soo much !!!

    #4wordsbeforedeath I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ !!

  • rosie

    omg she looks goregous the video is gonna rock hope the song is a hit like naturally!!!!!!!

  • luisa


  • luisa

    i love you Selenaaa

  • luisa


  • rocks

    pretty :)

  • Sam


  • jenny

    @pauli: pfffffft such a annoying little git u are… make better use of your time than bashing miley whenever you can

  • Sam

    Looking gorgeous!

  • Sam

    the guys are making me laugh :D

  • ceasy


  • freezy


    of course she can sing her single ‘naturally’ became a worldwide hit and it went platinum is the USA!

    Just shut up she has probably more personality than you and your whole generation!

  • Babybiebz

    I really hope that she comes out of Disney and Hollywood Records She has really talent!
    The untalented Miley is trying SELENA SHOULD! She’s the Best on Disney and can do much better!
    I’ll support her till forever!

  • Mikiimol

    love Selena!! i’m so excited for thier new single! hope it becomes a hit she deserves it!! GO SELENA!!!

  • Ryan

    woww! Selena looks so pretty and classy!! duh Its Selena :) What do you expect? She does NOT need to take her clothes off or dance like a stripper :)

  • http://facebook Abla


  • jessica

    wow cant wait for it. she looks so pretty.

  • Naomi

    i like this picture. she’s so sophisticated and chic. i love selena, she’s so cool. :)

  • Rosie

    I CANNOT wait! I absolutely LOVE this band!

  • Marissa

    Selena looks so beautiful like always ;) Cant wait for the video!! Btw I think this look suits perfectly with her, Selena is the type classy and chick look, NOT trashy :D!!

  • Just my opinion!

    WoW so much hate for Miley. people, be happy for both, you don’t see them bashing each other so why should you. They have different styles, and for the “copy cat” part you guys need to get your info straight, Brittney, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Xtina and every other pop music artist out there has copied the one and only Madonna! Look at videos from the 80′s and you will know what I mean. Let them be!

  • Just my opinion!

    And by the way that pic reminds me of Blondie’s cover art for the Album of Blondies Greatest Hits! So I guess everybody copies of each other!!!

  • bieberbetterthanjonas

    Selena is the best and most talented teen in hollywood no doubt!
    I love her I saw he rin houston and it was her day! She was so amazing and I now I LOVE her!

  • lydia

    I love this band! I can’t wait for the music video. I’m guessing they are dressed as mafia or maybe secret agents?

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    Ha, Selena Gomez is gonna turn into A Britney Spears or A Miley Cyrus! Watch Her, she is gonna have something bad in her new songs, she’s gonna pole dance, and meant SHAVE HER HEAD! SELENA GOMEZ IS GONNA BE LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS OR MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christina Clark- Jonas

    “‘Round N’ ‘Round”, I like the name of that song! I love Selena Gomez, she rocks! I hope they’re alot of Break-up songs, hope they’re edgy 2! I LOVE EDGY BREAK-UP SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna get Sel’s New CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The title sounds A LITTLE OLDER N’ MORE MATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Naomi

    @Christina Clark- Jonas:

    so do you like selena gomez or not?

  • Valentinetwin


    ROFLMAO I had the same reaction.

    And to those who says she has no personality — do you even know what personality is? Everyone has got their own personality … ever heard of that?

  • Naomi


    lmao. i know! she has personality. people should just leave her alone. she’s her own person.

  • tiffany

    Can’t wait!!!!!!I love Selena.She is the BEST.Her new music video is gonna be way better than miley’s.

  • ymselenafan

    she looks amazing in the photo. Can’t wait for music video…counting the days…

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