Miley Cyrus is a BBC Beauty

Miley Cyrus is a BBC Beauty

Miley Cyrus is more than happy to sign a few autographs for waiting fans as she leaves BBC Radio 1 Studios in London on Wednesday morning (June 2).

The 17-year-old singer/actress, who recently performed “Full Circle” at the Rock in Rio concert, fully admits that the song is about ex-beau Nick Jonas.

Miley shared with the crowd, “It’s about two people. They’re always gonna come back together no matter what anyone says, the bad people that try to keep you apart. It’s a personal story. Surprise, surprise, it’s about a Jonas brother,” she added, “You didn’t hear that.”

15+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus at BBC…

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  • jenny

    this looks is very good I mean she is showing her legs and all that but other than that shes pretty covered and looks more classy than trashy… haha it must be british weather… the weather in this country is so rubbish always

  • suri

    I LOVE LOVE her clothes in these pics. She looks soooo beautiful

  • http://myspce alexa

    i think miley and nick will always be best freinds. that’ very cute!

  • tessa

    Miley is Gorgeous

    I love Miley and Nick together

  • paulc

    funny how the Daily Mail and other tabloid newspapers in England are not running anything where she’s decently dressed… they only run stories when they want to run her down…

  • linda

    @tessa: i preffer selena and nick cause they look cute together and she is goregous…………..but miley looks goregous here and finally covering up a bit

  • Charlotte

    Is she going to be in England for longer?? I can’t believe i missed this!! Love you Miley!

  • mary

    in Spain all the newspapers and TV to speak well of Miley, they say she is a woman now, I believe that Europe is more modern and not so hypocritical

    Some gossip sites just need to speak badly of people for their publicity

    I love Miley, Miley is gorgeous!!!!

  • Just my opinion!

    @mary: Well said!!!!

  • victoria


  • Rosie

    @tessa: Me too.
    Its so true what she said… I want Niley back :)

  • emma

    she looks stunning
    i miss Niley too :(

  • GossipGirl

    @linda: I like Nelena better also. TEAM MIAM. Whenever Nick comes around, it always spells publicity! Can’t stand that FAME WH0RE

  • soughtful

    It’s nice that miley like to keep her friends close eventhought she dating liam. Nick is a lucky guy to have as a friend the most gorgeous girl on disney. Miley and nick looked the best together, of all disney couples, they had a connection with the audience when they are together performing, but liam is a very hot looking guy. Miley is gorgeous and talented.

  • amy

    I just heard that Miley & Liam had a huge fight and broke up in May?

  • jenny

    @amy: thats werid because she was ABOLOUTLEY gushing about Liam in the BBCRadio 1 interview and she was talking about how he gets her

  • jonaslove

    I love Niley, but I can’t stand how they deal with stuff, I think they both don’t know what they want, but one thing is for sure no one can replace the other, I think Liam can never replace Nick and same for Nick, they have a bond you know. I just hope they still be friends I love seeing pictures of them together cause they are always smiling and it’s rare to see Nick smiles :)

  • amy


    I read it on the web & there have been no Miam seen together for weeks so ??? Where is Liam? wondering if it’s true – hense the question mark?

  • Thumper

    Love the way Miley dress here. She look sophisticated not too grow up or too revealing.

  • http://twitter//lovedemi4ever loveDEMI4ever

    i love miley <3

  • mbart

    you should check out her Radio 1 and radio 2 interviews on YouTube, love her!!!!

  • GossipGril

    @amy: Miley just said yesterday on a Spainsh show that she and Liam are okay. That junk about the British show is crap.

  • MileyCyrusbiggestfan


    No they havent broke up yet its beacause hes over there at his hometown and miley has been really busy lately so she never really can hang out with him as much as she did before. But yeah they havent broken up yet and Miley would tel (problay!)

    i think miley looks sooo cute :) shes dresses sooo cute i would luv to have her clothes!!!!!!

  • stef

    she looks decent today…..

  • Marianinha

    I was at Rock in Rio and I heared that xD
    during the begining of the song she also said “You didn’t hear that” .. too late … xD

  • ashytisdalefan

    she looks amazing! love her! :)

  • taylor

    oh my god.
    we can’t see her belly, or her bra, or her ass.
    it’s a miracle!

  • lalala

    shes looking GORGEOUS ! <3

  • amy


    Yeah, Ken Baker (E) said on twitter that they are still together. They always seem to know what’s going on at the E network.

  • rachel

    agree !

  • rachel

    me too !

  • rachel

    G O R G E O U S !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hayley

    miley Cyrus i miss niley. please dump gay Liam hemsworth and get back with nick jonas by tomorrow love Noah Lindsey Cyrus