Vanessa Hudgens Twists Her Ankle!

Vanessa Hudgens Twists Her Ankle!

Eep! Watch your step!

Vanessa Hudgens twists her right ankle as she leaves a friends home in Woodland Hills, Calif., on Wednesday afternoon (June 2).

Thankfully, the 21-year-old actress recovered instantly and walked on to her car with her head held high.

Vanessa, who stepped out at the 2010 Crystal + Lucy Awards last night, revealed to InStyle mag that she actually cut her MaxMara gown. She shared, “It was too formal, so to make it more of a cocktail dress I chopped the slip. My stylist and I always end up reworking dresses. I like to have fun with fashion.”

FYI: Vanessa was wearing Joie‘s “Get On Up” heels and Current/Elliott‘s “The Skinny” jean in Love Destroy.

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Photos: FlynetOnline
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  • ashytisdalefan

    owww, I’m glad shes okay. love ya nessa<3

  • Up

    Awww, it’s cute that she’s clumsy. Her outfit is really cute too.

  • joy.

    She looks like a goddess in pic. #3. She’s really rocking that outfit. Walking away with her head held high is what I’m talking about. She’s too cute.

  • RiSHEE

    ` aww! She’s like a beauty queen! haha. And, she’s soo beautiful..doesn’t matter if she twisted it. <333

  • carly

    So AMAZING =D i love her outfit.

  • nathalia

    I love your clothes
    beautiful as always

  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa looks great, and it looks like she has buisness papers or a script, in her hand, she looks absolutely happy and glowing. i’m glad she is all right, and didn’t hurt her angle, espeically since she will have to dance in Rent. sprained ankle, could take a while to neal.

  • pop86

    Love the outfit . Twisting your ankle is one of drawback of wearing high heels. It happens to everyone at some point

  • Boji

    The headline got me worried for a minute there. I so want to see her doing RENT. Well, she stills looks sunny and lovely after an eventful night.

  • maria Estrada

    Her hair is so flowy & gorgeous!!

  • taylor

    lol, nice title jared. love love love her outfit, and she looks gorgeous!

  • Diamond

    Wow Vanessa glad ur ok girl sheesh close one lol! But she looks too gorgeous…I luv how her hair just flows and she can work that outfit to she looks amaizng like a model or something go V!

  • Bee

    Oh hey this is the first time in a long time she’s dressed this cute lol. LOVE the cardigan. && her hair is looking lovely.

  • kaya

    l love nessa

  • Trina

    Looks like she stepped in a hole in the pavement. But I don’t think she hurt herself. And a script in her hand. Yeah!!!!

  • jess!

    she looks GORGEOUS!!! <3

  • jess!

    she looks like a supermodel

  • Anne

    ouch! poor baby!
    well, it happens to everyone… I’ve twisted my ankle more than once that way :P

  • Katty

    Love, love, love the outfit.

    Anyone notice that we never see Zac out anymore? I mean, V’s sightings are few and far inbetween unless she is at a function, like last night. Either he has gotten way good at hiding, or he is getting a much deserved vacation from the paps. Go him.

    Anyways, I do love the outfit! She looks beautiful and I wonder what is in her hand…. a script? I haven’t had the chance to look at the pics yet. I hope it is!

  • vh only

    I’m glad she’s totally fine! I thought it’s something too serious but no, it’s not.. I love her dress and it’s good that she’s having fun with fashion! :D

  • kgg

    Awwwww, loving the way she’s dressed and that gorgeous smile on her face. Must be good news.

  • http://@meggermegz Vanessa lover

    She kind of looks like she is floating in the pic that she twist her ankle. She looks good. She has mentioned that she is clumsy, but she probably gained some balance from sucker punch.

  • mykamicks

    it’ll be a big OUCH if her ankle got twisted. I experienced that two days ago w/ my wedge shoes too. Thank God she able to balance her body and gracefully walk again. I would love to see her barefooted than put herself in a hurtful situation. Though we all knew she really loves wearing high heeled shoes.

    #3 pics, she walks like a ramp model!

  • Sam

    love the earrings
    and LOVE the cardigan <3

  • ana

    love you vanessa

  • ZANE

    she can put up her own clothing line…..

  • roxana

    S…..E….X….Y….. G……I….R…..L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    she twisted her ankle wit style! she looks beautiful!

  • StarSparks

    Vanessa is so beautiful i just love her since of style like did u see the outfit! It’s just a big fabulous fashion statement! She looks amazing she looks great :)

  • http://j chelsea

    definitely the most stylish

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    She looks BEAUTIFUL.

    I love her ♥

  • http://jjj marcy

    love her hair sooo much
    she’s sooo perfect

  • http://jjj telma

    OMG she looks amazing and happy
    love herrrrrrr

  • Starlit

    Just love the outfit!

    Beautiful V!

  • Carol

    Wow so gorgeous

  • jazmin

    GORGEOUS!!!! She just looks amazing and I truly hope she is okay.

    Thanks for posting

  • mike

    watch out vanessa ! shes hot

  • nikki

    LOL now Zac is gonna have too carry her around :)

  • Sam
  • TAta

    ouch! hope you are ok, Nessa! love you!

  • vane

    aush!! hurt…. poor thing but is sees beautiful

  • Boji

    sam, thanks for the link. Vanessa’s truly becoming the consumate professional in her interviews, she’s getting real good. I like the way she handled this one. Flooding Apartment? Touchy subject, besides she does not have an apartment, she has a house, I might add.

  • skyhigh95

    I hope she’s okay…
    Beautiful as always :)

  • lilia

    she is bomb and by the way on what was commented on zac hiding out well him and vanessa are living together now she live like infront of my house and he is there all the time for the past month or so they walk late at night when they are not able to be seen

  • Joochi

    She not only nails the outfit, she’s a pro at handling those high shoes. This young woman amazes me all the time. Great Job Vanessa!.

  • honey


  • bianca

    When I saw the title of the post, I thought she had to get a cast and everything.
    Thank goodness she’s alright!

  • suzy

    she looks cute.

  • amy

    she looks great!

  • ever

    She is amazing,looking great
    good she is fine
    team vanessa