Charice Takes Over Radio Disney

Charice Takes Over Radio Disney

Charice introduces her keyboard player as she performs an acoustic version of her new single, “Pyramid” at Radio Disney on Wednesday afternoon (June 2).

The 18-year-old singer opened up to Ernie D on just how she first got started singing.

Charice shared, “My mom was a vocalist in a band with my aunt. They were practicing almost every day and I almost learned all the songs that they were singing. One day, she left me home and I learned how to operate the karaoke [machine]. I sang ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and my mom saw me. From then on, she taught me really how to sing. She was actually my vocal coach for a long time.”

Check out Charice‘s full interview on YouTube!

Charice – “Pyramid” – Radio Disney Studios, 06/02
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Credit: Rick Rowell; Photos: Radio Disney
Posted to: Charice Pempengco
  • Judi

    Most Filipinos don’t like her. Honestly.

  • kay

    @Judi: good thing that doesn’t matter since she’s an international artist lol. it’s a shame that “most filipinos don’t like her” since we’re usually all about filipino pride.. i’m filipino but i like her & i’m proud of how far she’s come. and even if she wasn’t filipino i’d still love her because she’s so talented. she’s got an amazing voice. :)

  • Joochi

    I don’t understand why most of the filipino’s don’t like her, she’s come a long way and has gone global at such a young age. She has got an amazing voice although with a little accent but who cares.
    Well, like they say, you can’t please them all, I just hope she doesn’t forget where she came from now that fame has found her, that’ll be a big problem.

  • villedeville

    These are those “most Filipinos” who don’t like her:

    . Filipinos who are permanently brainwashed that to be beautiful one must have the imitation Hollywood looks and height: Spanish mestizas, American mestizas, European mestizas, or any mestiza of whatever combination . Real Filipina looks and height are mostly frowned upon and ridiculed by fellow Filipinos.

    . Most Filipinos are jealous backbiters whose main preoccupation is to put down other Filipinos.

  • jessica

    why dont the filipinos like her?
    i mean im not a filipino and i like her.

  • Fly N Dance

    No.1 is such a liar. Most filipinos like her. her pyramid song is no. 1 in most radio stations esp in Myx, no.1 music channel in the Phil.
    she’s just saying that bec she’s a fan of another artist, probably ahead of charice in terms of singing career.

    hey #1, don’t speak on behalf of filipinos. u’re such a crab.

    charice is talented and very down to earth. she deserves what she’s getting.

    anyway, all popular artists have haters.

  • SEL

    She looks nothing like Brenda.

  • Ella

    finally a girl who can sing. charice is better than tswift, miley, selena, demi and every other teenie singer.

  • Annie

    She actually can sing. Please don’t ruin it by going with Disney.

  • j1ll_^.^/

    i listened to this. she was awesome and funny!


    hey No. 1 … Where do you get that idea? Filipinos are proud of Charise… She is talented and a good singer.

  • Wendy

    great singer

  • Nyc4life

    Charice, I LOVE YOU!!!! Yeah, she can sing so PLEASE don’t go with Disney.

  • Pinoyako

    @Judi, doesn’t matter war you think is HONEST. In all honesty, Filipinos like her. If they didn’t, why would her album be platinum in one week in the PI? Why would music video be #1 for weeks on MYX? Why would she have thousands of fans if not millions in her own country? You’re just some jealous hater who’s mad cause nobody wants you and nobody pays attention to you. Pathetic. Charice ROCKS!

  • pats

    no offense but true. idk why a lot of filipinos hate her.

  • Alexia

    i dont like her but cant say im not proud. i just dont like her music but her voice is lovely, cant argue with that.

  • daydreamer

    I’m a filipino and i like charice.

    but sadly, yeah… some filipinos doesn’t like her.


    Because some of them that hate her are all judgemental and superficial.

    Because most filipinos who hates charice can’t accept the fact she’s making it in the international scene.

    They think charice is NOT pretty enough to be representing our country.

    they can’t accept that their idols who are much prettier (and in my opinion trying hard, talentless b!tches) can’t make in America and yet charice can, when she’s not even beautiful (which is bull btw).

    Yep.. that is all the point of their hate towards her. She is not beautiful.

  • booshie

    most Filipinos don’t like at her because she doesn’t look like the typical Filipino artista in the mainlaind

    who cares she is making dollars while Filipino artista are making pesos

  • alyson(aly) block

    whoa! charice in disney radio?!?! that is so cool! i’ve hear of you singing celine dion’s songs! next step ur gonna rock it on disney!(i’m a disney lover and i’m 17)

  • alyson(aly) block

    @booshie i think ur right! i’m not a filipino i just heard her in jst jared!

  • mykamicks

    I for one supporting all filipno/s artist or celebrity/ies. Too proud of my fellows invading Hollywood.

    Charice its not just a singer. She is an EXTRAORDINARY artist. Her voice is such a BELTER. No other singer of her age could do same thing that she does. So thankful of Mr. David Foster helping out and boosting our her talent in the whole world. Go Go Go Charice… Bigger exposure, bigger opportunities. Take it girl one at a time!

  • Cabron

    They don’t hate her because she done something bad in the Philippines, NO… she didn’t do anything at all….the reason why they hate her because they envy her that much….no one expecting that her career will blossom here in America, some filipinos are like that..they hate her so much because of ENVY and jealousy. The worse part of it, some of them (teenagers) praying that she will go down, how stupid and pathetic is that!!!! Some says she is boastfull the way she act while she’s singing but I call it CONFIDENCE. And I really pity those low life scumbag!!!!

  • Era

    Filipinos LOOOVE Charice! Just that those haters are noisier. :P

  • elaine

    I’m a filipino & loves her much! these Filipinos who hates her are pathetic fans of local singers in the Philippines. they can’t accept that charice which is much younger & came out later than their idol is gaining recognition now in US..They are the haters of desperate!

  • Sketch

    She got a good voice and all, but she needs to control it. Her voice on the some of the notes sounded strained. With a LOT of help, i can actually see her getting far. Plus, to the above comments suggesting that no one her age could do the same, can actually do with A REAL search. Because that comment is as ignorant as it gets. Pfft, just because a loser like Miley Cyrus is famous and cant sing, doesnt mean the other teens her age cant, especially some that arent even in Disney. Stop being brain washed by the media, and start listening to genuine under rated artists.

  • bebe

    she’s definitely can sing. i hope her career will take over the world, she’s definitely amazing singer.

  • http://jom_arqus jm

    I really don’t agree that most filipinos don’t like…these are fans of local artists in the Philippines who feels that their artist are being threatened by the success of Charice (typical crab mentality). I just hope some people would grow up and just support our homegrown talent who is making waves throughout the world and just be PROUD. Look at Lea Salonga… she is also proud of Charice!

  • kiki

    she doesn’t like look brenda song

  • Wedgie

    Way to put down your own race, #1. Crab mentality, much? Hahaha.

    Speak for yourself. I’m a Filipino and I LOVE her. She’s awesome.

  • as-it-is

    Those who say “most Filipinos don’t like” Charice are either liars or simply misinformed.

    Her self-titled album “Charice” reached “Gold” status in just one week in the Philippines, and her song “Pyramid” is one of the most requested songs in Philippine music radio stations.

    In the U.S., Charice has a solid and growing following among Filipinos young and old. The “David Foster and Friends” tour in the U.S. and Canada was clear proof of her popularity among Filipinos, who filled the concert venues to the brim.

    These misinformed or lying commenters are probably just rooting for another local Filipino singer who in their minds compete with Charice.

  • Styles

    Wow!!! Charice you sang this difficult song sitting down? Are you kidding me? You truly are amazing!!!

    To “Sketch” I am a major youtube junkie (lol), and I have yet to see a singer execute this type of an acoustic version sitting down. Please show me. If you watch her performances on YT, you will be amazed.

    As for the haters, what you folks fail to understand is that all your hate will not change or alter Charice’s path to success. The attitude she has adopted in dealing with your unsolicited hate is to perform better and better, so to all you jealous ignorant crabs living in PI or abroad bring it on – lol.

  • as-it-is

    @Judi: You don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re either a liar of simply just don’t know what you’re talking about. Shoooo!

  • Jay

    I was in the Philippines and everyone is very proud of her, whoever said that the people from that country doesn’t like her is someone dying of envy because such a small girl get the attention and admiration of the whole world through hard work and real talent. i am partly Filipino by the way, so whoever you are who claimed that Filipino don’t like her, wake up my friend, envy is not a good thing.

  • tito_ngel

    @Judi does most Filipino knows you and like you? What is your problem? Chills ,relax and take a deep breath. PEACE.

  • http://@politicstech jwk

    @Judi: , because most of them don’t have brains.

  • ken

    #1, please don’t make sweeping pronouncements that Filipinos don’t like her. I know the likes of you. You’re a typical Filipino fan who’d rather go for fluff than substance; tall than short, fair-skinned than brown; the superficial kind.

    It’s ok to have your own idol. Good luck with them (I’m pretty sure they’d sacrife their arm and leg just to be on the status and position that Charice is on now.)

    Am a Filipino and I love this girl. So does a lot like me. You know, brown-skinned, pug-nosed and heavy on the accent.

  • Ella

    I’m not one of her biggest fans, but I admire her! I mean, she is living her dream she doesn’t deserve the hate from her “kababayans”.
    Wow! She talked to Ernie D. No wonder if she will be having a project under the Disney soon!

  • Robert


    You’re full of crap! If the Filipinos don’t like her, then why is her album, single, and video #1 in the PI charts???

    you’re a dumb beyotch!

  • legendcha

    @Judi: I think you have a typo there. Have you seen her last visit in the Phil? Probably not. Filipinos of a thousand or so did pack all over the glorieta place, caused traffic and all that. I’ve not seen that kind of crowd for a long time at such a venue for a long time. And you know what, her second local album titled ‘inspiration’ was best selling last year — she was best selling artist.

  • pangetnyo1

    @Judi: the one that thinks like F. Krueger A.

  • http://Nonapors Nonapors

    @Judi, speak for yourself, why don’t you just say you don’t ike her

  • http://Nonapors Nonapors

    @judi, I don’t know what brain are you talking about, if it’s like your brain, no thanks, Please let’s be positive and just admire what she is contributing to our music indusry, she is so amazing, and she will be in history. She has her own style and she can do any song artists as if she owns that song, and no artist can do her.

  • winnie

    @ Judi. Speak for yourself. I’m a Filipino & i like her so much. I admit 2 & 1/2 yrs ago, my friend asked me to google her, at first i didn’t like her . But my friend never give up . Every day she always have stories to tell abt her. My friend said watch more videos of her. I did. I thank my friend for that. I am now a big fan of hers. I always visit her fan sites & watch her videos on youtube. I even called in sick on the day her album was launched so i can buy her album early morning & watch Oprah in the afternoon. Charice stay humble & don’t mind the negative comments.

  • marie


    Filipinos don’t like her because they don’t consider her beautiful. It’s ridiculous really because we are talking of talent here and not beauty. But as it is, in the Philippines, you can be a singer or a movie star if you have fair complexion, tall, and have a features that is different from a typical Filipino. So in the Philippines, you can be star as long as you resemble a different race, have a mixed race, or you have an entirely different race, even if you don’t know how to sing or how to act. Bottomline, Filipinos don’t like her because of “self hate”. Filipinos are tired of looking themselves in the mirror so they want somebody who has different looks. That’s why nearly all of her haters are Filiipinos who look like her. But compare to them, Charice is still considered a lot more beautiful. The thing is, Charice is a singer and not a model, so I don’t see any reason why her looks should get in the way. I’m a Filipino but it’s disgraceful how shallow most Filipinos are. That’s why up until now, Philippines is still lagging behind by its neighboring countries and considered to be a third world country. Sadly but it’s true, Charice, whom her fellow Filipinos hate, is the only good news that you can hear about Philippines, and the one who puts the Philippines in the world map.

    I love Charice because she is a real artist!

  • Charice Fan


    I would like to say that the first comment was absolutely false. People back here LOVE Charice and most of us (except for no.1) will support her in all her endeavors.

    Good luck Charice. Make us all proud! :)

  • xanderzone

    NO!!! Fello’ FILIPINO’s Loves CHARICE into death!! #1 whoever you are ur full of shit!!

  • jessica

    eh she can sing good sometimes but i dont think she will make it big. well not in the us. shes too ethnic looking.

  • Jenna

    It’s not just the Filipinos, its pretty obvious when you dont look like a Model, or performing almost naked on stages no one will noticed. Thank God, Charice has a remarkable beauty,simplicity and sweetness, most of all amazing voice to charmed a lot of people. My whole family love this girl. Such a remarkable voice.To those who doesn’t like her, you just don’t know what good voice/music is all about.

  • christine

    ofcourse filipinos love chariceeeeeeeeeee………. she s the no. singer in the philippines now ……….. we love herrrrrrrrr

  • christine

    @Judi: excuse me ur wrong ofcourse we love charice maybe u :;;;

>>>>>>> staging1