Miley Cyrus: Everyone Makes Bad Choices

Miley Cyrus: Everyone Makes Bad Choices

Miley Cyrus keeps it comfy in a tee and short shorts as she returns to her hotel in London on Wednesday night (June 2).

The 17-year-old actress chatted with Radio 1 earlier in the day about making mistakes and bad choices. She shared, “I always tell people, everyone goes through a bad point in their life and makes bad choices. But they just haven’t been published and it hasn’t been documented and (published) on the internet. You can see how that would drive people crazy. I would like to see you at 21 and video that and put that out there for people to comment on.”

Miley also chatted with Fearne Cotton on having a personal tutor with her wherever she goes. Check it out at Radio 1!

30+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

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Posted to: Miley Cyrus

    this is totally true! we all have made bad choices at some point in our lifes the only difference is that miley is in the public eye! we judge others but we dont look at the mistakes we have done! and it is not fair to judge her just because she is a celebrity! if anything maybe most of us have done worse things than she has!

    the whole wardrobe that she wears on stage or in music video is part of her career! thats her job! her job is to make music and dress up! wat is so wrong about that!?! its just costumes! ppl get over it!

    i 100% support miley!

  • hiha

    how many bad choices do we make before learning from them? cuz it seems like she’s done quite a lot and she’s still haven’t learned much. My be it’s just me!

  • ‘rina

    this was exaclty what i was thinking. she’s in the spotlight so everyone always has something to say. she handles it well. others might have broken down

  • mileyfan

    what’s happening to her i used to luv her and now she’s wearing trashy cloths and she sang that song about nick no way how is she expecting him togo back with her and she’s showing off her legs and blah blah blah well let us see and i hope we can have our old miley back
    luv her anyway xxx

  • lil d

    thou she has good point she sti;l has bad point n btw to miley she 17 so other then sayin 21 she should of said 17 bc she aint 21 yet haha stupied

  • jenny

    @lil d: she was being asked about Lindsay and Britney

  • GossipGril

    @hiha: apparently she has. Do you see her posing topless in vanity fair any more? No, Is she taking anymore racy photos, no , does she dance with a stripper pole anymore? No? Just because a person makes a lot of mistakes, dpesn’t mean they don’t learn from them. Everybody makes mistakes on a daily basis.And just because we make them again, Doesn’t mean we have not learn from them. It just means we are not more careful about it,. I’m so tired of people looking at theses Disney stars as if their suppose to live their lives like innocent robots just because they’re being watched by little infants. They have lifes to. When will people learn that being a role model is a PARENT’S JOB and not a celebrities Job? Celebs are paid to act and entertain, not to BABYSIT. Those Disney kids are normal people as well.

  • GossipGirl

    BTW Jared, that’s a crap load of pics that you posted.

  • tisdale

    that article is misleading, they were asking her about her opinion on britney and lindsay… jared did u even listen to the interview?

  • hiha

    @GossipGril: She doesn’t pole dance now she lap dances! And we are not asking her to be a role model because we know it’s too much for her. But we ask her to moderate her… mistakes! At least try to be careful and keep them private because kids no matter what will still look up at her! She forgets that she was a kid too and Hilary Duff was her role model. Anyway, she’s 17 and I don’t think it’s too much to ask her to be careful about what she does or says. It applies for anyone of any age! 17 or 21

  • Shell

    Are you kidding me? I’m pretty sure the majority of people haven’t made the bad decisions Lohan or Spears have made.

  • ashytisdalefan

    shes beautiful and I totally agree with what she said.
    She makes mistakes. That makes us human. Not even celebrities are perfect.

  • Ally

    This interview is amazing, I’d strongly reccommend everyone to hear it! The questions they ask are much better than the crap she usually gets in US radio..they don’t focus on gossip and rumors, they focus on her career.. LOVE that.

  • bruno


  • oletimer

    She has a point. I wouldn’t want anyone to have taped me in those years but she is 17, not 21! Miley, you are not even 18 years old yet, your parents need to be telling you what to do, not the world. Ugh, I can’t even get started.

  • none

    This article is a bunch of B.S. The everybody makes mistakes excuse is getting worn out. It’s time to own up to your mistakes Miley instead of bushing them off. This girl is full of number 2.

  • good-one

    Miley bashers, your neuroses are showing.

  • annie

    is it me or has she lost weight? like, her legs are getting thiner and thiner. but she looks pretty here :)

  • Kim

    Eh, she can do whatever she wants; in general she just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m more of a Zooey Deschanel, classy kinda gal.

  • GossipGirl

    @hiha: 17 is not a kid hun, By the time your that age, you can go to teen clubs and get ur own driver’s license. And being a role model is not too much for Miley, If it were, she would have quite Disney a long time ago. Unlike other Celebs. MC is grateful of her career. And there’s no such thing as moderating your mistakes. You make mistakes on your ow so you can learn who you are. if you don’t make any mistakes, then you don’t learn anything valuable. The only person who is not able to make mistakes is THE LORD. Point BLANK

  • liri92

    I have heard that her and Liam has split up!

  • ceasy


  • dhy

    yeah, she’s right.
    but mistake shouldn’t do again and again. learn from your mistakes

  • pats

    I love her legs seriously ! <3 But i mean does she always have to wear short shorts?! I mean I think Vanessa Hudgens is the only girl celeb that wears jeans

  • hiha

    @GossipGirl: no I meant kids look up at her just like she used to look up at other celebs. I believe if you take time to think about things you can avoid making some mistakes. I’m not asking her not to make mistakes at all, just to be careful. We don’t want her to be the next Lindsay Lohan or Jamie Lynn Spears. Ok I won’t debate more on this.

  • Britini95


    Wow, you make such a good point! But so does Miley. She lives in this crazy world, I’m sure her parents never tell her “no” and all the pressure and gossip blogs really get to her! I can see her trying to rebel. Eventually, she’ll cool down and start dressing a bit more normal and like her old self (but probably with more black) Oh and GossipGirl, being 17, you are still a child. Even after 21 you can still be a child becuase being anf=d adult is knowing how to make proper decsions taht effect the bigger picture and moving forward steadily in life. That applies for everyone, celeb or not!!!!!!

  • lyss

    jeeez everyone chill. are people not allowed to wear shorts any more? what the heck is wrong with people? lol

  • rachel

    I 100% support miley!

  • saddasdasdas

    Inbred hick.

  • Milesgal

    Nobody’s perfect!She just want to learn how to grow up like anybody’s else.So,stop judging her.

  • alex

    @ Kim:

    I totally agree with you. Miley keeps going on and on about how she wants to be unique; but there are artists out there that manage to be both unique AND classy, like Zooey Deschanel. She is witty and has her own brand of humor and is completely grounded, and has managed not to make any of the mistakes that Miley and others have repeatedly made. Even when she doesn’t have a lead role in a film, she has such a presence that she grabs all attention, and (unlike Miley) has found her own form of music that works for her. She doesn’t just churn out pop music and then bash it. After being a Miley supporter for a long time, I’ve decided that artists like Zooey are just more appealing in general: in their craft, their dress, and their actions.

    And before the Miley-ites start bashing me, I would just like to state that I am in no way jealous of Miley, I just wish she would start to emulate her own words and make her music her own, if that makes sense.

  • Cassie

    @GossipGril: i completely agree. finally someone makes a good point. thank you!