Wizards of Waverly Place: Fourth Season!!!

Wizards of Waverly Place: Fourth Season!!!

Justin, Alex and Max Russo are coming back — not just in a fourth season, but a second movie too!

Selena Gomez, David Henrie, Jake T. Austin and Jennifer Stone will be reprising their roles as sibling wizards and their live-in best friend on the fourth season of Wizards of Waverly Place, Disney Channel announced today.

But we won’t just be finding out who will ultimately win the title of family wizard — we’ll also see another movie from the popular franchise! Dan Berendsen, who wrote the first Wizards movie, is writing the second movie script right now.

And don’t worry, Gregg Sulkin will be back too ;)

ARE YOU EXCITED for a fourth season of Wizards?

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Credit: Eric McCandless; Photos: Disney Channel, Disney XD
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  • rosie

    OmG!!!!!!!!!i am so excited this is the best show on disney ! and i cant wait for the next movie it should come out in theaters and be longer because the first one was a hit!selena and the rest cast are the best actors!(:

  • jessica

    wow congrats. i cant wait to see it. i mean why wouldnt they renew it. its the only decent show on disney right now. i mean have you seen season 3. the writing is fantastic.

  • http://bit.ly/af9rMb Ann

    What season shows nowadays?

  • bailey

    yeahh iim excited
    best disney channel show

  • Marissa

    BY FAR the Best Disney Channel show!! I am so excited for the 4th season and the movie :) Wizards have a great cast plus the writers and producers are awesome! Definitely they deserve all the success that they already have. Congrats!!

  • Mellz89

    YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but i hope the sequal have to be more challenging…
    cuz the 1st movie is like for childrens ONLY !!
    BUT wizard cast are the best !!

  • tiffany

    YA!!!!!!!I love Selena.WOWP is the BEST disney TV show.and Wizards of Waverly Place :The Movie is the BEST disey Movie.I’m so excited!!!!!!

  • yoyo

    yaaaaaaaaaay best disney show ever & will it come to the big screen or just disney channel? I mean the movie..

    I luuuuuuv Sel :D

  • none

    Yes more Jennifer Stone. I just hope they don’t distory the show with season 4.

  • none

    Yes more Jennifer Stone. I just hope they don’t distory the show with season 4.

  • http://www.youtube.com/starzzproduction jenny

    Im very very happy it got picked up for a 4th season out of this world that Gregg is coming back hopefully we will see more of him and TOTALLY BUZZING about a second movie. I’m not the biggest fan of Selenas music but when it comes to her movies and shows I honestly think she is pure incredible

  • imaselbelieber

    lol is germany even the 3th season didn’t start -.-
    But I can’t wait Selena is such an amazing actress and singer and SO beautiful my role-model <3

  • http://www.twitter.com/emJOEnas Ella

    Super nice!!! I always wanted to have a sequel of Wizards The Movie!
    Go Russo Family!!! :)

  • http://2329rosee rosee

    can’t wait! love dalena! love wizards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keera

    NOOO!! Selena plz come out from Disney you can do so much better!!! Like Monte Carlo and more movies like that plzzzzz!!!

    You are such an good actress & singer and you totally deserve more!!

  • p.Diddy

    Wow great! Selena is so hot and talented unlike other Disney chicks who are already tyring to get out of this Disney Image….Well but she’s also coming to the big screen so I’m happy for her!

  • mikiimol


  • pauli

    yayyyyy this totally made my day…. much more than happy and excited!!!!

  • pauli

    and of course WOWP is the best disney show ever!!!! another movie woowwww soo cool!!!

  • Luminite

    Awesome! This is awesome news.
    I sure hope that the second movie hits the big-screen.
    We’ll get to see more Mason/Alex moments.
    Hope to see Max and his girlfriend again.
    And hopefully Justin with a new girlfiend—that is–unless Juliet’s coming back.

    But I sure hope none of this interferes with Selena Gomez’s Seven Rays movie role plans.
    God I hope not.

  • Ryan

    Very excited for selena’s upcoming projects!! She is an awesome actress and she is gonna kill it!! Btw Congrats to the cast, writers, producers and the whole crew that make Wizards the Best Show of DC.

  • http://urfavenguyen stephanie

    I love this show!!! but I wish Stevie (played by @hayleykiyoko ) would come back too!

  • shawns

    selena gomez is fine i who like to do her

  • Rebeca

    estou mtoo animada
    a série no Disney Chanel é mtoo legal e dou muitas risadas!
    adorei ter a quarta temporada!!!

  • Emma

    this is going to be awesome
    i’m reallly excited

  • http://www.twitter.com/Luzieizul Luzieizul

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cant waiiiiiiiiiiit i love wizards ♥

  • Abby

    I would crack up if Max ended up winning the wizard competition lol

  • Joe Jonas freak

    Yay! I’m sooooo glad they’re bringing Gregg Sulkin back! I was so sad when Mason turned into a wolf. Him & Alex were such a cute couple. (Haha I still watch this show, even though I’m 15.) But yea, Selena is a great actress & actually seems pretty genuine compared to some of the other Disney stars. The rest of the cast is amazing, too!

  • justine


  • http://dconway62@verizon.net david b conway

    dear jared jr, hi my name is david b conway , and my comments to the wizards of waverly place is that i do have a little problem just about having season 4 just for that tv series my self and just with selena gomez and fact is that selena gomez did not regstered just for college yet and what heck is she going to do just after the wizards of waverly place will end , and plus she missed are aready 4 years of college are aready , just when she has are aready season 4 , and plus she doesnt have a lieses and she doesnt a car yet pepole and look at the walt disney company products that they do with there disney stars may i ask , and plus with selena gomez will be pennyles allso just with out any thing and just with out here band as well just because of her band works for walt disney records pepole and i just want to be a reailtisic here and just if she selena gomez is leaving and that means as well that she is allso walking away just from walt disney company she might be a heart broken just by leaving , but she will be more heart broken as well just when she is going to sell out her career just by walt disney company / love david b conway

  • http://dconway62@verizon.net david b conway

    dear just jard jr, web site , hi my name is david b conway ,and my comments to walt disney company , i just hope that selena gomez will chanage her mind for season 5 i wll be happy for some time soon , love david b conway

  • http://dconway62@verizon.net david b conway

    dear jared jr, web site , hi my name is david b conway, and my comments to the second sequel of the tv movie of wizards of waverly place, the movie why not just do strange it out in the third tv movie of wizards of waverly place the movie 3 , just for the fifth and the last season , 5 , love david b conway

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