Ashley Greene: Breaking Dawn is Better in Two

Ashley Greene: Breaking Dawn is Better in Two

Ashley Greene cuddles into pal Robert Buckley as she visits the Kari Feinstein MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge held at Montage Beverly Hills on Thursday afternoon (June 3).

The 23-year-old actress caught up with EOnline during the day to chat about Breaking Dawn. She shared, “I think everyone wants to split it in two, just because it’s such a huge story, and we want to kind of actually capture everything and keep everyone happy. But who knows. It’s kind of up to the writers and everyone to see what’s best, but I’m hoping for two.”

Ashley was just announced as the new face of mark. cosmetics!

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Credit: Tiffany Rose; Photos: WireImage
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  • ???

    are they dating??

  • Ann

    Why is she so pretty! =]

  • Sarah

    They’re pretty cute :)
    I love her fresh makeup!

  • taylor

    I (captialized and emphasized) don’t want it split in two, ashley. that means more. and more means more you you and the rest of the cast and that stupid movie. and more time for twihards to be annoying. and more for you guys sweeping award shows, and receiving awards that you guys don’t deserve. taking them away from people/movies that actually DO DESERVE it.

  • Annie

    She looks sick in the first picture, and tired in the rest – like she’s trying to seem upbeat etc. She needs a nap.

    She’s still beautiful though.

  • noelle

    she wants it to be divided in two so she can milk the franchise. i bet she’s gonna try to negotiate her paycheck again, as if she’s that important when in truth, most of us watch this movies for robert, kstew, and taylor. Not you Ashley!!!

  • Avery Callaghan

    @taylor: Agreed. Couldn’t have said it better.

    And FYI, Breaking Dawn HAS no story. It’s FLAT. There are plot holes everywhere, with absolutely nothing to string them together. 

    - Bella and Edward get married
    - They produce a creepy devil child
    - Bella gives birth to said devil child (in the most nauseatingly graphic way), 
    - Bella turns into a vampire, succumbing to immortality and completely forgetting about her human parents and friends and making her more of a boring Mary Sue than she already is, 
    - The Volturi come and try to kill the devil child, 
    - Jane shows off her torturing-people skills (I mean, we get it! You can inflict outrageous plain with the look of your eyes) 
    - Another random devil child pops out of nowhere, completely out of the blue with no character build-up whatsoever, 
    - Said out-of-the-blue devil child apparently saves the day (which is already a gaping plot hole and a huge literary mistake in itself, because a character who has this kind of significance to the climax of the story needs to be introduced and developed throughout the series, or at the very least HINTED somewhere earlier in the books, but no, he just comes out of nowhere with no proper character introduction),  
    - They all live happily ever after; no one dies because SMeyer wants to keep everything unrealistically perfect and fairytaleish, and there’s not even a final battle scene that every good fantasy book/series needs.

    Freaking Teletubbies has more story than all four Twilight books.

    So, Ashley, what story? We all know you all just want to make more money out of this because let’s face it—apart from Robert, Kristen and possibly Taylor, you have no career after Twilight.

  • memyself&i

    i agree with Ashley, two would be better. Im not a fan of Breaking Dawn but more we see Ashley and the other actors who play the Cullens the better.

    Ashley looks beautiful in those pics.<3 she’s such a stunner.

  • HMMM….

    Oh, c’mon. Ashley is totally right. Anyways, the Breaking Dawn book is so thick. :) One movie is NOT enough.

  • fizzbots

    seriously three films is enough! she just wants to squeeze that cashcow, harry potter your not! and why is there a need for a split wow she has a baby the end.

  • jessica

    why would they break it in two. ugh great this just means more of this twilight bullshit. seriously these movies are just a fad.

  • Sarah

    Avery–Wow for someone who wants to hate on the franchise, you seem to have studied it quite thoroughly! No other hobbies??? I hear Teletubbies is looking for a new writer???

  • naomi

    @noelle: Agree!! she just wants more money.

  • Jess

    me too, i think she wants more money, fame and she doesn’t wants lose her friends like Rob, Kris, jack, tay…… the last is more important
    But i want two films!

  • Toni

    I personally think she sees how Harry Potter being split into two in the last book is going be as big or bigger than her franchise so she’s sayin split Breaking Dawn into two. No hate towards her or any of the actors in the franchise, but they can’t create the same phenomenon as Harry Potter in creating two movies for the last book or to end the fanchise.

  • Sar


    a big thick book doesn’t mean lots of story content. You could have only one plot point and one character and still write the same amount.

    I like the twilight saga, but I hate breaking dawn, I think there’s a lot that could be left out and it would be ok. Also I don’t think it’s really going to work as a movie, as I don’t think Kristen stewart has the acting ability to pull it off.

  • jessica

    @Toni: i so agree.

  • Avery Callaghan

    @Sarah: That’s because I used to be a fan of Twilight—a huge one; read all the books countless times and got all the merchandise—until I realised how pathetic it is, which I know a lot of people went through as well. Besides, I wouldn’t be ratting off on Twilight if I didn’t know anything about it; I’m not judgmental. You know that saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it”? Well, I tried it, so now I’m knocking it down.

    And really? Well then, I guess I’ll send in my résumé as soon as possible. Thanks for letting me know.

  • OMg

    are they dating? she’s a tacky slore

  • Shaking my head

    Why hate? Seriously. Everyone has their thing. Trekkies have Star Trek. There are people who are crazy about Harry Potter and there is a Harry Potter theme park. People are crazy about Star Wars and have conventions and insane collections. Skaters have their thing. Jocks have their thing. There is always something that people gravitate to that fits their personality or speaks to them Why hate on Twilight? It’s something that people enjoy and find their own happiness from. Granted….some go way overboard but for the most part it’s harmless and fun. To each their own and the haters really need to take a step back and just live their own lives and if they hate Twilight so much here is a thought…don’t pay attention to it. Simple isn’t it?