Justin Bieber is a Seventeen Stud

Justin Bieber is a Seventeen Stud

Justin Bieber keeps it cool on the cover of Seventeen magazine.

The 16-year-old musician dished backstage at his photo shoot about what he’s thinking about on stage, the social networking game and the highlight of his year. Check it:

On what he’s really thinking about on stage: “I’m always thinking of the fans and wanting to show them a little love and support.”

On the most exciting thing that’s happened this year: “I performed for President Obama. That was amazing. I really liked that.”

On advice for a first date: “A bad first date would be to the movies. You can’t talk to the girl and get to know her. But it is good to dinner. That way you do get to talk to her.”

Justin‘s July 2010 issue of Seventeen hits stands on June 15th!

Justin Bieber: Seveteen Photo Shoot
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Photos: Seventeen Magazine
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  • http://bit.ly/af9rMb Ann

    I think the people on seventeen should at least be seventeen! =]


  • taylor


  • Mrs. bieber

    @ Ann, I agree! I’m kind of mad about that, I just got the People’s mag, and Tiger Beat and everything now he’s on 17, it’s getting hard to keep up with every mag. he’s on >:( but I still love him!!!! <3

  • http://www.youtube.com/starzzproduction jenny

    Definition for stud

    stud: a man who is virile and sexually active

    I’m sorry but he is not a stud END OF….JJJ love you guys but please be a bit careful with you’re titles I remember your post saying “Zac Efron: Vanessa I’m Coming!!” Now that was WRONG and this is pretty close to wrong too.

    (That zac one was VERY similar and i think it was changed to coming back later on but still WOW awkward)

    Justin Bieber is overexposed and that directly links to growing numbers of haters he needs to keep DL for a lil while

  • HMMM….

    HE IS SO CUTE! I really love him. <3

  • taylor

    yeah sure, he’s always thinking of the fans. pshh, more like thinking of ways to BRIBE his fans into buying his songs/cd.

  • Kylie

    I’m sorry but this guy is sooo self absorbed. He bases his career more on his relationship status then his music and he’s only what? sixteen? I think this supposed “heart-throb” status completely went to his head.

  • MissTeamjacob

    this kid is so gagworthy it’s not funny, he is so full of himself and I can’t stand that he has to be on every cover of every magazine all the freaken time. Get lost already.

  • taylor

    I’m pretty sure that no 17 year old girl is the least bit interested in Justin Bieber. It’s really disappointing they chose him to be on the cover…

  • Amanda

    i love seventeen and i am a subscriber but if they are going to put Justin on the cover my love for the will fall.

  • kate

    the july issue is out this is a collecters .. justsayen.

  • http://19817824 nathali

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  • http://19817824 nathali

    te amo mucho es pero q cuando vengas a yaracuy me dediques una camsion

  • http://19817824 nathali

    espero qme dediques una cancion

  • http://19817824 nathali


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