Zac Efron: New 'Charlie' Commercials!

Zac Efron: New 'Charlie' Commercials!

Zac Efron shares a moment with Amanda Crew in one of two new TV spots for their upcoming flick, Charlie St. Cloud.

The flick follows a young man (Efron) who survives an accident that lets him see the world in a unique way. In this emotionally charged story, he begins a romantic journey in which he embraces the dark realities of the past while discovering the transformative power of love.

Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters on July 30th. Are you going to see it?

Charlie St. Cloud TV Spot #1

Charlie St. Cloud TV Spot #2
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  • teamhudgens

    I love him.<3 He’s a great actor.

  • mimi

    looks amazing! i’m sure gonna see this, love zac efron!

  • rosie

    awwwww they look soo cute together wish he was single cause she is pretty(:

  • joceelyynn

    i get sooo jealous lol i can’t help it… BUT i know it’s a great movie :)

  • xoxo

    i read the book, which is absolutely amazing!!! and i cannot wait to see this movie!!! The trailers all look great so far, and zac being in it sure isnt a drawback!

  • inji

    L.O.V.E. LOVES <3

  • peggy


    You must be very young to think being pretty is all you need for a relationship and frankly I don’t see the chemistry. Amanda Crew is just not that great an actress.

    But pretty is not a reason for a relationship especially when the girl you’ve been with for years is beatiful but even that wouldn’t be enough so they must have something so much more.

  • bjd

    I remember Amanda Crew from 15/Love. Man I used to love that show back in the day when it aired on YTV.

  • mike

    rely wait to see the movie

  • http://lili20 leslie

    its gonna be great i want to see that movie

  • http://lili20 leslie

    this movie i ts gonna be great i want to see it i love him

  • gracemarie

    I was excited because I thought this was going to be a departure for him. So I’m kind of disappointed to see it’s basically being sold as just a romance. I thought the potential to make this a real interesting tale about the brothers relationship seems to be secondary. But I’m hope I wrong.

    Also with all the beautiful and super talented young actress in Hollywood (Kendrick, Mulligan, Evan Rachel, Seyfriend etc) that they came up with Amanda Crew is mindboggling. I’ve seen 2 movies with her and she just leaves me cold.

  • Judes


  • Luis F. Gomez

    By far I can tell you something… Zac Efron is the actor of this generation… he is a great actor and I cant wait to see all the movies he will do in the future!

  • Tiptoes

    I love all the trailers coming out this week…

  • abby

    OMG I can’t wait for this movie. Looks amazing.

    For anyone wondering this is the song used in the trailer:

  • JUSTbelieve

    Not excited about this that much i thought it was going to be about two brothers rebuilding their connection but no I guess i was wrong..Oh beastly tell me why did u have to move your date if u had it first it should be urs Huh Huh Huh Huh Beastly I wish was still July 30!

  • Totallystyle

    Not really excited that much idk im still debating rather to go se it I agree with Just believe ur right!

  • Crazywithme

    HAha not really wanting to see this!

  • dollface50

    @Peggy….clearly your jealous….amanda crew is VERY pretty and a better actress than most of those talentless teenyboppers that are out there now.

  • why

    Why does his voice sound all husky? Plus, it seems like they are selling him on his pretty boy looks again. Hopefully, it gives him more range.

  • dollface50

    @gracemarie….looks like you better bring a blanket.

  • laia

    I MUST SEE THIS! Zac is amazing!!! and SEXY!

  • Kelly

    gracemarie -watch this trailer you’ll think differently .

  • Kelly
  • Trina

    I love all the trailers I’ve seen. It looks like a really great drama. I’m sure I’ll cry when I see it. And being pretty or plan does not make one a good or bad actress. It is one’s ability to convey emotions and get into the character and bring that character to life.

  • Trina

    I meant pretty or PLAIN.

  • vh only

    Hey! I will watch the movie.. They changed the release of their movie into July 30 that’s why Beastly changed their release too and we still don’t know when! UGH.. :(

  • kami

    actually it should be “charlie shares a tender moment with tess.” this is after all a scene from the movie.

  • joy.

    I love the song they use in the trailers. LOVE IT. Of course I’m going to go see the movie, can’t wait !! Zachary’s eyes are just.. amazing.. so blue.. I couldn’t stop staring at them.. lol.

  • Karen

    I have loved all the trailers I have seen thus far. I think Charlie’s relationship with his brother is so touching and his being pulled between the “death” and life issue. I also love Ray Liotta and it is good to see him in the movie.

  • qwerty

    This movie really looks good! Zac really has the potential to be an actor…..
    I want Zac to star on an action film someday since he’d already done drama and comedy

  • Carolina

    Zac looks good, i’ll probably go eventhough I’m more into Beastly, amanda crew doesn’t convince me, anyway i think Zac has grown up as an actor! amada was kya at she’s the man with Amanda Bynes, since then amanda crew doesn’t convince me when she acts

  • lilly

    I agree with you. I started reading the book again last week, because it had been a while since I last read it. I’m almost done. The only thing I’m a little concerned about is how true they are going to stay to the book, especially with Tess’ character. Don’t really want to say the details, because it could be a spoiler for people who haven’t read it, but you know what I mean. The whole twist thing with her. I can’t get a good feel from the trailers how they are working it.

  • Chelly

    Not interested at all not what i expected!

  • vic

    the trailers look great hope the movie is as good

  • maria

    I totally agree with gracemarie. This had such potential to be a good story, and all I see in these trailers is a sappy love story. They hardly even show a little brother!!! That’s what Charlie’s angst is all about, and I don’t see that there is any focus on that relationship at all in this movie. All I see is the focus on the romance, and even that is not convincing. Amanda leaves me cold too. She is just reading lines, and is just not appealing in any way to me. No chemistry at all. Think I’ll stick with the book. Not impressed with Burr Steers interpretation. He’s too dependent on Zac’s groupies who just want to see him make out and have s-e-x…….I was ready to see Zac break out and have a really good role; not a sappy weeper like this. TOO MUCh of a chick flick. Sorry, just not excited about these trailers at all.

  • xoxo

    These two trailers dont show much, i like them, but there was an extended trailer released a few weeks ago, im sure you can find it on youtube, thats the trailer that sold to movie to me (not saying it will for you) Anyways i recommend readign the book, its absolutely incredible!

  • why

    @maria: totally agree, I hear ya.

  • lilly

    Well, actually, the book IS pretty much a chick book, don’t you think? I don’t picture a lot of guys really liking it. Like I said in a previous post, I’m not seeing that they are staying true to the real story of Tess. I don’t mean just the romance part, but what she really is and all. That, to me, is one of the 2 biggest story lines (the other being Charlie’s dedication to Sam). I know that Ben Sherwood was on board as a producer. Perhaps he needed to make his voice heard with the screenwriters.

    Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to seeing the movie. I know that Zac will do a really great job.

  • ilovezanessaxo

    “Are you going to see it?”


    Nothing against Zac…..I’m just against the idea of CSC pushing Beastly out of it’s release date.

  • http://google BARBARA

    I am going to see the movie , I think Zac and the boy who plays his brother ,really seal the scenes, but Amanda leaves me cold and the chemistry is just ok, the chemistry between Zac and the young boy is very good.the acting looks very good, between them both.

  • vona

    @Judes: u lame

  • Kami

    i think amanda will do a great job as tess the sailer. she looks like a girl who would sail. you guys can’t hate on ever female zac does a movie with. you are sounding like a bunch of mean little girls.

  • ANNE.

    He’s awesome! Totally cute!
    Can’t waaaaaiiit.

  • lauren

    i haven’t yet watched this trailer but on the very first official one it was more about him and his brother – and how the girl came into his life to help him overcome his guilt; but obviously there going to turn into a romantic sort of movie, most films are like that these days…………but i admit it does look really good

  • nikki

    All the haters is the SAME person…. you can tell by their writting,!


  • brad

    My man looks ssooo good XD
    i love him

  • justine

    OMGEE! This looks too good too be true! and zachary oh my oh my, His eyes are amazing :)

  • hailey


>>>>>>> staging1