Logan Lerman Isn't Spiderman

Logan Lerman Isn't Spiderman

Remember that whole is or isn’t Logan Lerman going to be Spider-man fiasco? Well, the 18-year-old actor is finally setting the record straight.

Logan shared with MTV news, “Basically I was just a fan. Just a guy who was interested in the movie and I was just hoping to be considered for it. As of right now, I don’t know where they’re going with it. Whoever they get and whatever happens with it, I’m sure they’re going to make an awesome movie out of it.”

Josh Hutcherson and Jamie Bell are among the final five contenders for the role.

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  • holly

    i really wanted him to be spiderman. :( but i guess out of the 5 ppl i want josh to be it :)

  • yourmomsucka

    I wanted Zac Efron + Vanessa Hudgens
    to play in Spidermannnn

  • katie

    that really sucks, i really wanted him to get it. he deserves it. i’ve only heard of 1/5 of those other guys. They made a really bad decision by not choosing him.

  • KARY

    aww i love her
    but i hope that josh be it :)

  • carla

    I want Josh to be spider man!

  • Helen

    aw… i really wanted him to be it. we need more actors like him

  • Tessa

    Damnnnnn I was really hoping that Logan would be Spiderman.
    Ah well, guess I’m not that interested in it anymore.

  • jessica

    tbh no one is gonna be good for that role. tobey maguire was and is the best spiderman. its a shame he wont be returning.

  • d a n i e ♥

    buuu logan lerman will not be spiderman well if he will not be spiderman i want josh to be because jamie isn´t so handsome to be spiderman pff pour logan

  • http://vanessahudgensph.flaunt.nu vh only

    huh? how about Zac Efron? :)

  • howie

    Booo Sony and Marc Webb! You just missed your chance to cast Logan Lerman the best choice for Spidey/PParker! Those 5 meeh and Josh Hutcherson is too short to be spidey

  • http://www.twitter.com/luisfgo1 Luis F. Gomez

    mmmm I was gonna watch the Spiderman Movie if he got the role… now I just dont know, it seemed to me that he was the best choice for that role… come on people, cant you realize Logan is the best option!

  • Koree

    oh no!!!
    i thought he would’ve been PERFECT for the role!!
    the final contenders, i just cant see any of them really filling the role like i felt he would

  • lily

    people you need to forget that ZANESSA idea, I mean, it’s not HSM I hardly think they are going to be in another movie together or as a couple, so forget… plus, Mary Jane is supposed to be a white woman with red hair… Red Hair on Vanessa Hudgens?? PU-LEASE!

    I’m sad Logan won’t be in it, he’d be great, but now I’m looking forward to Jamie and Josh, who are the only actors I know from those five, the rest are just unknown actors who seem like crap to me!

  • terri

    Pity. Jamie Bell is the most interesting choice of the five. Josh is far too short and bulky to be believable.

  • howie

    cmon sony and marc webb why won’t you at least have logan do a screentest and then you’ll see why he remains the fan favorite

  • Jesslyn

    I vote for Logan Lerman. He’s way better than Josh…and HOTTER!!

  • Meri

    Logan Lerman is a beautiful Jewish boy.

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