Miley Cyrus Didn't Kiss The Girl

Miley Cyrus Didn't Kiss The Girl

Miley Cyrus has been clearing up a lot this week — first for her so-called break with Liam Hemsworth and now for reportedly simulating a lesbian kiss during her “Can’t Be Tamed” performance on UK’s Britain’s Got Talent.

The 17-year-old pop star says there never was a kiss!

Miley writes on her official site, “To all my fans, Thank you for all the support you all show me. Sometimes you’re the only thing keepin’ me goin’ strong! There are so many people out there that are so negative and always causing new issues. I feel like the entertainment industry has become nothing but a disgusting tabloid.”

“I performed ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ this week on one of my favorite shows here in the UK Britian’s Got Talent. Which is totally true, there were some amazinnnggg acts (but of course no one could focus on that.) I had such a blast and was so honored to be on that stage. That being said during my performance I supposedly ‘KISSED A GIRL’ and this is the newest thing to cause controversy.

“I promise you I did not kiss her and it is ridiculous that two entertainers cant even rock out with each other without the media making it some type of story. I really hope my fans are not disappointed in me because the truth is I did nothing wrong. I got up there and did my job which is to perform to the best of my ability. I just want to put an end to this right now and just say one thing to everyone out there making this performance such a big deal.

“GET OVER IT! NOTHING HAPPENED. THERE ARE WAYYYYYYY MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE WORLD. Let’s start focusing a little less on making up ignorant rumors and focus a little more on world peace! We gotta a lot of work to do if we wan this earth to be here much longer. Let’s make a change! It wouldn’t hurt the world to show a little more love. X M

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  • good-one

    “Thank you for all the support you all show me. Sometimes you’re the only thing keepin’ me goin’. “

    There is a study out there that shows that many ppl that quit their jobs didn’t quit over pay. Those surveyed often said that they wouldn’t have minded not getting a raise as long as someone had just told them thanks or praised them for their work.

    You do a good job Miley. Thanks for all your hard work.

  • http://THeBEAST2219 Gina

    Miley did a great performance, and what if she did kiss a girl, who the hell cares!! YOUR AWESOME MILEY!!!

  • hiha
  • Salma

    She WANTS the controversy. She’s trying to justify her stupid actions. Obviously people are going to be shocked, when all you have been doing the past few years is cultivating a ‘good-girl-jesus-obsessed’ persona. YOU ARE TOXIC TO CHILDREN .. nuff said.

  • Alice

    Wooooooo:) i believe you Miley, Loveyou lots
    Am from Liverpool in the U.K am not pissed off about
    it, so if anyone else is pissed off then you need to get
    your facts right….MILEY DID’NT DO IT!!
    I support Miley 100% Or even more Ahah:)<3

  • HMMM….


  • Mileyrocks

    She was AMAZING and people SHOULD stop exagerating things/ making things up about Celebrities just to hate them…

    AND SALMA? WTH? that doesn’t make ANY sense…


  • toxiccc

    miley is almost 18, who cares of she kissed a girl or not. she’s beautiful and talented and if people want to say bad stuff about her its bc the’yre jealous. live your life and quit criticizing people that are making more money than you’ll ever have

  • jenny

    HaHa good one Miley honestly she rocked the stage and has put one the best celebrity performance in the semi finals Diversity were good, Alicia Keys was very good but very static, Pixie was also very good but vocals were a bit shaky, but miley sang the song great and was generally just great. And oh JLS the freaks mimed in those weird looking clothes. That didnt look like a kiss to anyone. It looked awkward but the amount of trouble it caused is too ridiculous

  • xara

    we love you miley!!!
    we belive in you!!!

  • maximum miley fanpage

    Miley was totally amazing and she proves what a brilliant entertainer she is once again..people are always trying to shoot her down..who cares one way or another..didn’t look like any kiss to me..but she did sing her little tail off..very impressive you more each day:) xoxo

  • freezy

    who cares? her performance was more than just horrible she can’t sing or dance! And she’s not really a candy for the eyes :S

  • eric


  • cam


    I have to agree with you. But aside from her performance, which I did not see, the real issue is that she has started this extreme controversial type of behaviour by age 16 while still being someone many young girls idolized and wanted to emilulate and while she was still stating publically that she is a Christian , etc. I was raised in a pentecostal church and no Christain girl her age would go out of the house dressed like Miley with their bra almost fully exposed and short shorts that show her rear cheeks, their parents would be parents and not allow that. Some mothers of young girls I know are now boycotting Miley & won’t allow their girls to buy her music & merchandise. I know Miley is trying to be older, but she is trying to mimick slimy controversial people like Lady Gaga, Ke$sha & Adam Lambert. Miley has talent but she is not really being unique. I won’t jugde her perfomances, but the way she dresses when not performing, out getting coffee or dinner, or anywhere public is raunchy at best. I used to look forward to seeing her clothes before, now I’m tired of seeing her bra and many others are too. By the way I used to be a huge fan, I have all her albums so far and I defended her to friends who put her down, now I can no longer support her behaviour.

  • shannon

    I believe you miley, i never accused you of kissing a girl, i knew you never did that all along…i love you miley always and i got your back and you got my support 100%. just keep your head held high and you will go forward with your great music/acting career, and remember i got your back girl and you got my support always…no matter what

  • COurtney

    Miley you are so right. People will say anything to try and shoot you down. People really need to get over themselves are realize what is really important in this world (for example the oil spill in the gulf, that to me is way more important than what Miley is doing).

  • lizz

    Anyone who watched the performance knows she did not kiss the girl. it was obvious. i mean i dont even like miley but its obviouss she didnt and ppl made a big deal out of this for no reason.
    the only thing i really hav a problem with is that she obviously played it out in the perforance as if to ‘pretend’ to kiss her which is obviously for shock value and performance value. but for me it was just too bubble gum pop like. i hate it.
    i wud love to see miley focus more on the value of her music rather than her sex appeal. lyrics like “I always get a ten because im built like that” is not an artistic lyric. no matter wat u say. the message of the song is good but the lyrics sometimes swayed from “dont try to change me i am who i am” to “i am all that and a bag of chips.”
    over confidence is not hot….
    she says she wants to be different from the regular pop music with substance and be more artistic. ubut this isnt. this is EXACTLY like every other shallow pop music out there.
    when she starts focussing more on her music than her sex appeal then she will be known as artistic by ‘the general public” and then she will enter a different calabar that other pop artists havent. at that time people wont pay attention to her controvery and the way she dresses.
    and thats just my opinion. luv it or hate it, dont really and call me names. i did not target or bash anyone else’s comments so do so to mine.

  • ashytisdalefan

    I love miley! I saw the performance and was like “lol I thought she kissed her, never mind she didn’t.” it looked like it at first but then it CLEARLY showed she didn’t kiss her. I’m glad miley cares so much about the Earth and stuff. :P

  • bernie

    im with u. i too have all her albums lol. and my mom wud burie (sp.?) alive if i walked out the house like that. i am catholic and i went to the movies with my friend and my dress was like alittle above my knee and i wore like lace tights underneath and my own mom was telling my to stop dressing like a slu lmfaoo but thats wat mothers r to do. guide u and stear u in the right directions and i must b honest now that i lok bac on wat i was wearing i agree with my mom. outfits like that bring the wrong kind of attention onto urself. and miley is obviously thriving on that attention

  • anh

    yes…people need to give her a break…why did they pay attention and bash about everything single thing Miley does…gosh…She obviously didn’t kiss that girl…i thinnk we all know that…ridiculous stuff here…..goooo MILEY! i’m supporting you…love you muahzz

  • kat

    Haha she made her point, and good for her she did not do anything wrong! she does it in her music video and no one has made a rumor about it so get over it this is patheic you can see she didnt kiss her! Miley u r awsome xxxxxx

  • jessica

    i love miley. and lol to the haters saying she actually kissed her when you barely could even tell from the picture. tbh it was a bit blurry.

  • http://j chelsea

    she wants attention, end of the story.

  • marcy

    well i think that if she wants people to stop talking about her then she should stop giving them reasons to do it. if she really cared about the world she would be taking action instead of just talking about it. i am not gonna hate on her anymore cuz at the end she has nothing to do with my life so really who cares what she does.

  • m

    Ever hear of a vampire? yeah that’s what she simulated. A vampire bite. You twilight people should know what a vampire bite looks like

  • amber

    actually this issue is an important issue since she’s corrupting the minds of the youth.

    and honestly if she has even taken a history class, world peace is practically impossible to achieve.

  • Cassidy

    No it wasnt horrible and she can sing.

  • victoria

    i love you miley and will always support you!

  • carla

    have you guys watched the video? its clear.

  • Larissa

    So what IF she kissed a girl, who cares?! Not that she did, obviously, but she wouldn’t have done something wrong in both cases, this is 2010 people. Just saying.

  • sim

    She wants attention? I don’t think so…the media GIVES her too much attention like seriously there are waaaaaaaayyy more interesting and news flashing worthy things in the world happening right now.
    Maybe she wants it but thats coz the media makes her the centre of attention of every little thing she does. To sum up I actually just feel sorry for celebs. They can’t do much without ending up on some sort of media and instead of criticising them you guys can just leave them alonee once in a while..youknow give them some space (: and no I am not saying anything wrong about the media or blaming them but you guys should know where I am coming from. safex (:

  • Larissa

    Miley is just making a point.

  • lifesgood

    Miley doesn’t need to be explaining herself! Miley we will support u and u didnt disappoint any of us!! WE LOVE YOU MILEY<3

  • amber

    @Larissa: well, she needs to realize that her influence on others is important and it’s not something to take lightly. One cannot just “get over it”

  • Melanie

    I love her performance!

  • candy

    well said miley. I saw the performance and she did NOT kiss the freakin girl. PPL need to get a damn life. And to all those no-life nosey ppl who feel the need to judge her clothing, her personality, her choices, U NEED TO GET uR OWN LIFE AND STOP WORRYING ABOUT MILEY. WORRY ABOUT UR OWN CLOTHES, UR OWN KIDS, AND UR OWN LIFE. SHE NOT FORCING NOBODY TO WATCH HER. PPL CHOSE TO.



  • alex

    I don’t think the issue is over whether or not she kissed the other girl (which you can see she didn’t after a closer look); the real issue is that she simulated a same-sex kiss on a show that little children watch. I have nothing against same-sex relationships, but I can see why parents wouldn’t want their younger children exposed to it.
    But her quote, “I feel like the entertainment industry has become nothing but a disgusting tabloid,” and statement that people should focus on more important things is very thinly disguised. Obviously if you dress trashily and perform a raunchy dance routine on a national television show, it’s gonna invite talk and slander. She CAN’T say she didn’t realize that was coming. Maybe instead of the fake kiss, she could have performed her song and then discussed how she wants to “make a change” after the performance. Just a thought.

  • rachel

    I knew it ! support you 1000% !

    your performance was amazing ! love you :)

  • rachel


    Sua RIDICULA , vc de novo ! vai cassar seu rumo longe dos sites da miley e das pessoas que a amam ! vc é uma vergonha para seus pais çç

  • kym

    agreed! like 100 %. i hav no problem with miley but she made a careless mistake. she knew wat she was doing.


    in the video u can straight out tell that she did not kiss her!!! only that her hair went in front of her face which could have looked like she did but she did not!!! gosh leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • d a n i e ♥

    OMG! is obviusly that she kiss that girl but she only wants to cover her f*ck action

  • seriously.

    OKAY! seriously. wtf. i think enough is enough.
    they never leave her the F alone.
    the media is like obsessed with making up stories about her.
    first. cant be tamed video. then what she wears. then her and liam. & now how she performs? i dont get why they are sooo focused on what she does. yeah i get shes suppose to be a role model. BUT HELLO. she can be a role model in many different ways. i dont get why theres so much hate with her. she doesnt do anything wrong. she just does what she feels is right for her. i dont get how they can just make up story after story. & if she confirmed that its not true. then why the heck are people still questioning it. like she said. you can make everybody happy.
    people are gonna think what they want. & thats fine.
    but i think there comes a point. in every celebs life. not just her.
    where. the media just has to let them live.
    its ridic. how people are just looking for the little things to try and tear her down! i dont understand it.
    && yeah yeah. i know some people might think that my opinion is the complete opposite from theres.
    but come on people. its the truth!
    they need to leave her alone already.
    i support her no matter what.
    hey, its her life. shes just living it the way she feels is good for her.
    & OH! if her parents dont have a problem with it. especially her parents, i dont get why people make such a big deal out of it. & i hate when ppl say her parents dont care. uhm. you dont even know her fam personally. so dont even say that.
    i think miley is a great artist. actress.
    people just need to learn to let her live. and stop with all the hate. & lies.
    oh and anyone who thinks different from me. then fine. thats your opinion. but i dont get how you can call her all these names.
    when you dotn know her personally.
    NOW! im done. :))
    if anyone wants to comment on what i said.
    e-mail me. .

  • Larissa

    @ Amber: I don’t see why kissing a girl would be bad influance? OK, if she would do that while she has a boyfriend, it’s not exactly a good example (cheating), but if she was single and would kiss a girl….? Don’t see why that would be bad influance.

  • amber

    @Larissa: she has a fan base of mostly young girls. i’m not homophobic or anything, trust me. it’s just i don’t think she should be exposing her younger fans to this sort of thing especially since they probably don’t really even understand it.

    also, maybe i should have reworded what i stated earlier. i didn’t really mean this particular controversy. i was trying to say her actions as a whole are a bad influence.

  • DCStarinthemaking

    i want her to go away for a while.

  • Bel

    Sluuuuuttty Cyrusss Noone like Her she had a naked pick when she was 15 sluuuuuttbag.

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