Ashley Tisdale is Hearts Happy

Ashley Tisdale is Hearts Happy

Blessed with a day off, Ashley Tisdale wears her heart on her sunglasses as she leaves a nail appointment in Yorkville district of Toronto on Saturday afternoon (June 5).

Also seen out earlier in the week was Austin Butler, who is rumored to be costarring with Ashley in the upcoming Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures. He also starred alongside Ash in Aliens in the Attic.

JJJ is heading up to Toronto to visit Ashley on set soon — so start letting us know what you want us to ask her!

10+ pics inside…

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Credit: O\\\'Neill/White; Photos: INFdaily
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  • ZJ207

    Thank you for the pics & info JJJ

    and omg u guys are meeting her?? YAY :D
    Ask her about the Austin Butler rumors and if he’s the person playing the role of love interest…
    and ask her if she can confirm any of the other movies rumored that she’s starring in…


    Again, nuts! Second again! -_-
    I love Ashley’s Glasses

  • shiko

    oh can’t wait!!
    ask her upcoming movies “sleepless beauty”
    “teen witch”
    and ask her if “the last first time” is confirmed or not !!!!!!!!! plssssss!

  • Jannii

    OMG finally new candids of ash =DD
    Missed her. she is working sooo hard, Im so proud of her =D
    Cnat wait for JJJ visiting her =DD aww thats soooo cool.
    Hopefully we will got a LOT a pics =DDD and videos ;)

  • Jannii

    & jus look hooow beautiful she is!!!
    Loving her nose & her smile.. her hair <3
    ..her lips are soooo cute =D .. and her legs are sooo awesome.
    Love everything about her!!!!!
    she should do more photo shoots!!!!!

  • anny nilsson

    ask her about how it is to be back as sharpay & who else from HSM as reaturning in this movie xD

    plz plz ask her that . It would means a LOT to me <3

  • GÜŞ

    ashley is so beautiful ı love her glasses she is amazing I LOVE YOU ASHLEY!! GORGEOUS!!

  • 444


  • 444

    wooooooow!! PERFECT

  • Erik

    Said it before, sAy it again. She looks so so so much better with dark hair.

  • jane

    gosh she is just so cute!!!!!

  • jenny

    is she wearing a wig for her role as sharpay because i have a feeling she is blonde for the role… but her hair is still brunette which i LOVE of course

  • jenny. canada


    ask her
    How has acting in Suite Life in Zack and Cody different and alike with the movies she is currently doing.

    Is she ever gonna do a drama comedy or anything along those lines that is dramatic but still a comedy. She is an amazing actress/singer and for what ever is next movie wise she should sing!

  • camii

    “all” Ashley’s been talking about since like last summer
    was how there was no way she was gonna do another hsm
    becuase it would be weird going back without the whole cast
    & that there comes a time to move on and that she was gonna do that,
    and that she was growing up & that she was ready to move on from HSM
    and was interested in wanting to do different kinds of roles,
    SO can you please ask Ashley how or why she ended up doing this sharpay movie
    after all that talk about wanting to move on from Disney/Sharpay..
    & wanting to do more adult / “edgy” roles

    also can you ask her if she’s still doing “sleepless beauty” ??
    since it was supposed to start filming at like the end of February and its
    June now… :/

    she looks really cute in these pictures by the way
    love her outfit & sunglasses (:

  • mike

    waiting to see her movies

  • camii

    OH and can you ask her if she would ever do a fashion line
    & when she’s gonna do another CD ?? =)

  • Alexa

    Ask her about her music! is she going to do new music sometime soon?

  • Meghan

    she looks so damn cute. :D
    omg jjr ask her millioons of
    questions. xD like why is she
    so amazing. lol, ask her has
    she got any beauty/confidence
    tips. (:

  • Taya


    i can’t wait

  • Jay

    Wow, cool your visiting her! Please ask her when she’ll make new music, or when she has plans for a third album.

  • shiko

    @jenny: totally a wig!!!

  • ashleyfan

    she’s so beautiful

  • scashley loverr

    Ask her if she thinks her and scott are gonna end up getting married

  • http://j chelsea

    i love her sunglasses, why is she in toronto?

  • Alexa

    @chelsea: She’s filming a HSM spin-off with Sharpay as the main character

  • lucia

    OMG! her sunglasses are sooo fashion love them
    I want a pair of those!!

  • lucia

    she is so sweet}
    I love seeing her smiling!!

  • Whitney

    Ask her what happened to all those edgy roles she was moving onto and why,after saying she was done with Disney she went back?

  • taylor

    ask her:
    What in the WORLD made her do a Sharpay Movie after she spent her practically all of last year telling the world that she’s moved on and if ready to do more edgier things?

  • 777


  • mmm

    she is amazing!!

  • mmm

    she is the BEST!!!

  • shelly

    woooooooow don’t beileve she have good glasses ı love she!! the best!!!! gorgeous!!!

  • kelly

    good shley
    so beautifl!!!!

  • gossip

    I love ashley
    ashley is the best

  • gossip

    nice and beautiful^^

  • ^tisdale

    the best
    not VANESSA
    not DEMİ
    not MİLEY
    not SELENA

  • ^tisdale


  • tisdale fn


  • tisdale fn



    forewer ASHLEY!!


    love her:))))




    owwwww amazing



  • beren

    amazing ashley!!!!

  • beren


  • beren

    she have perfect smile

  • lili


  • KARY

    awwwww yes candids of ashley ♥ awww i can’t wait for this movie, she looks amazing i love her♥ aah thanks you JJJ