Charice Has the Bieber Fever

Charice Has the Bieber Fever

Charice eagerly waves to her awaiting fans as she arrives at a meet-and-greet at the Indigo Eaton Centre Bookstore in Toronto on Saturday afternoon (June 5).

The 18-year-old powerhouse Filipina recently sat down with MTV about her cover of Justin Bieber‘s “Baby.”

Charice shared, “I just did that this morning [May 12], and it was because I love ‘Baby,’ it’s really a catchy song. I actually love covering some songs, but I think that’s the best song I sang so far, ’cause that’s my favorite song from Justin Bieber. I’m a fan. I love the story of his life. I love his attitude. I met him and he was really, really nice. I got the Bieber fever.

Charice will be performing at the Underbar in Boston NEXT Saturday, June 13th. 15+ pics inside…

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Credit: Dominic Chan; Photos: WENN
Posted to: Charice Pempengco
  • Eric Shinn

    Charice needs to volumize her hair – it looks too flat and greasy!!!!!!!

  • mariana

    disguting hair.

  • Izzah

    People who comment on other people’s hair seriously need to get a life. No wonder people these days are getting extremely self-conscious when it comes to their appearance.

  • Roman

    agreed about her hair. greasy. as is her face. apparently got a bad hair day. that’s not how i imagine a front-cover cutie to look like.
    now some1 pls say something nice on her

  • Roman

    @Izzah: what so bad about pointing to someone else’s hair let alone when her hair are long and take up like one third of every picture? i am a boy and wash my hair like every two days cos i have longer hair cut (not that long as hers) and they need care be taken of
    that’s not self-consciousness, that’s beauty care :) and i would easily help her manage her hair if she asked for it… ;)))) (jk)

  • l_ireyshigh I’m a beginer, tell me what do you think:)

  • http://diopatra123 diopatra

    im a fan but im not fond of her straight flat hair, since it emphasize more of her round face. i prefer her curly hair, it has more volume.

    her singing still great as usual, so it doesn’t really matter much her appearance

  • Roman

    @l_ireyshigh: better post it on here: (The Ellen Show’s collecting place of talents’ vids and mp3s):

  • alice

    When I looked at Charice’s picture, I noticed her beautiful smile not anything else.

  • http://justjaredjr lily

    boy!, she really likes justin bieber!, what does her boyfriend david archuleta thinks of that!?.

  • chabieber

    dude those pics were taken right after her mini concert…. there was over 5000 people at Eaton Centre in Toronto.. so it was packed and very very hot! who wouldnt sweat!? jeeez

  • Karen

    The pic looks like it was taken after Charice performance.

  • jessica

    lol who doesnt nowadays?

  • Shinelykastar

    She is so talented and her voice is so strong she is a really good singer i ahve to get her album to me she is wayyyy better thend emi lovato becasue all demi lovato do is scream!!

  • Johnny

    Crabs are here again. lol

  • era

    Love her smile

  • chakyun

    Address your hair concerns to Robert Pattinson, Kesha or Peter Doherty. Give it a break people the girl is tired. Didn´t anyone listens to her interviews? She was up since 6.00 o´clock in the morning just for 3 different morning shows interviews directly to perform at Eaton Center, directly to signing autograph, and back to Houston Texas for a show with Iyaz. By the way that kind of look needs to maintain for her japanese promotion by the end this month.

  • Fly N Dance

    yeah eaton center was jampacked of abt 4k-5k people

  • andre segovia


    me also. she has a charisma like no other

  • andre segovia

    btw, i think most north americans like big hair dos, i think

  • Truth

    Sadly the proponents of the big hairdo wants her to look like beyonce/Leona Lewis/Kelly clarkson rather than be herself. Almost All Filipina celebrities have long flowing black/highlighted hair.

  • Alison aussie

    she’s so lovely and cute! love her! best of luck to her in the futur

  • llorenz

    @mariana: disgusting comment! har,har,har…

  • dana

    I luv d hair!!! Who are u to be Charice’s hair guru!! !!!!!

  • HI

    @Roman: LOL…you should’ve seen the vid of this event…she was surrounded by sooo many people in her mall tour in toronto…check the YT vid to know why she’s like sweating sooo much.


    @Eric Shinn: These pictures was taken after her performance. The mall was jammed packed. It was evident that she perspired after that. Compare her before going on stage.

  • Mawige

    Geez, she had just sung in a mall on a hot day in Toronto with the body heat of some 4-5 thousand people in attendance. Did you know that every human puts out about as much heat as a 100 watt lightbulb? Multiply that by 5000 and you are talking about 500,000 watts of heat energy not counting the ambient temperature and the lights. I’m sure their airconditioning is not equiped to handle that.

    Charice exibits a variety of hairstyles and changes them often. Giver her a break.

  • Mawige

    @lily: She doesn’t have a boyfriend in the sense that you are talking about.

  • Mawige

    Also, the fact that her hair is naturally black and roots are growing out gives the appearance, in view of the lighter color farther from her scalp that, her hair is greasy.

  • FTCL13

    Charice did great saw the vids & crowds there that was awesome wish she would of sang “Nobodys Singin To Me” it a great song some of you are so lame talking about her hair, she looks great! She has a beauty that come from inside & out that just wants to make you smile :D Love You Charice!!

  • chiiatok

    no one will give a damn about her hair when they hear her voice. so what if other celebs have ‘perfect’ hair, do they sing like her?

  • cardcrusher

    Charice now sounds like Jojo/ Jordin Sparks. Previously, she was a Celine Dion/ Whitney Houston copycat

  • rustt

    @mariana: I like her hair.

  • rustt

    @cardcrusher: So what? All singers clone each other.