Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Best Kiss Couple

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Best Kiss Couple

Robert Pattinson almost gets his kiss from costar Kristen Stewart on stage after they won the Best Kiss award at the at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios on Sunday (June 6).

Other wins for the Twilight cast: Rob accepted the Best Male Performance popcorn and Anna Kendrick (also pictured) won Best Breakout Star. Plus, New Moon won Best Movie!

Check out all the pics of the cast inside…

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Rob and Kristen’s kiss? Was it real?

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart — Best Kiss!

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Credit: Christopher Polk, Jeff Kravitz; Photos: Getty, FilmMagic
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  • winona


  • M

    who cares where is the HP clip?

  • Tameka

    Adorable! When they first won, i was like, “DO IT! DO IT!” The whole time. lol. When they didn’t do ut the first time, I was like, dang! Not again! Then Rob grabbed her and kissed her. lol. I THINK it was a kiss, not completely sure…lol. It looked like it though. I also loved the kiss cam thngy beforehand. :)

  • marie

    the fact that she is awkard all the time bothers the crap out of me i will be happy when twilight crazy is over so people who actually win awards can act normal.

  • http://fernandalimast Fernanda

    I loved tha portuguese translation on the video ;DDD


  • Tameka

    awww! Yay! I knew they’d win! During the whole time, I was screaming, “DO IT! DO IT!” at my tv. lol. When it looked like they weren’t going to do it, i was like DANG!! I loved it when Robert grabbed her and just kissed least i think they kissed… lol. It was cute anyway.. I also loved they little kiss cam thingy… :)

  • robsten lovin

    I love it. They are the hottest couple ever.

  • YourmomsuckAa

    I think zanessas kiss cam
    was way more
    Im not a big fan of zanessa but it was just

  • clair

    so lame!! They didn’t kiss, AGAIN!!! And I blame Kristen, I’m sure she’s the one who didn’t want to kiss, like last year!! Poor Rob, he looked like he really wanted to kiss her!!

  • ShariG

    So happy that they won. I wish she would just act like a normal person. He is so cute and so sweet. He has to have the patience of a saint. I think they kissed but the joke was they turned away from the audience and camera so they weren’t actually seen kissing. I was glad to see them sitting together.

  • Nicole

    @clair: it looked liked they kissed to me. It was a lot better than last year.

    LOVE ROB AND KRISTEN SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTEST COUPLE IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • qwert

    Weird that she is so uncomfortable in her skin.

    Whats with Ann’s chins?

  • Rose

    @ I agree with you Clair.
    It’s soo awkward from Kristen. why she is like that . ok she’s shy but I mean it’s much more embarassing acting like this than just kiss him on the lips and it’s finish after. and it was soo long the playing around, i mean come on. it’s soo weird. I dont think Kristen like Rob that much, he do. I dont feel it that way. Even when he won and he thank Kristen at the end and she was like rolling eyes on him. bizarre.

  • ROBSTENyum

    I do not know why, but I just cant get enough of these two! Loved how Rob just dove and and stole a kiss from her! Look at his reaction, love it! AH

  • Very Jess

    It was amazing hahah the next time has to be real! Poor tay
    He didn’t won anything :(

  • Katy

    Taylor Squared should have won! Sorry I’m just a bittertard. lol

  • Crystal

    Am i the only person on earth who is so over these two??

  • Katy


    You’re not the only one. :

  • rosie bffl

    Trust me Crystal ur not the only one

  • Celia


    I know right!! BEST 54 seconds EVER!!! I didn’t even care about the rest of the show after I saw that. AMAZING!!!

    But this “kiss” was so weird. Why are these two so awkward and to make things worse. Kristen tripped on her way up to accept the award. Talk about uncomfortable. Why can’t they just kiss and then get off the stage.

  • twilightdude

    So glad he won for best male

  • robsten lovin

    I’m glad Rob and Kristen won they’re awards, all though I think Taylor should have won the Best Male one though. He did have a bigger role in New Moon that Rob did. But congrats to the whole cast winning best movie though.


    all the awards they won they dont deserve, harry potter shlould have won bst movie, zac efron shld have won bst actor, twilight saga is the worst movie series ever, they are tryin to b like harry potter, nuthin can ever bet harry potter jus because and ex harry potter star is in the series dsnt mean it will ever live up to it

  • Thumper

    I voted for Taylor Squared. I was hoping they would won because I think they are cute as a couple. Too bad they break up.

  • demetrius

    They are so adorable!

  • Katy


    They didn’t date at the first place but the kiss is just HOT!

  • pahneneng

    wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh matayakon heheheheheheeheheheheh wwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • lauren

    i am so over them there everywhere, i like them more separately than together becausee kristen can be a really good actress….i just dont’ like them together there both too awkward and it really shows when together

  • Kayline

    I’m so over twilight i only care about Rob.

  • keti

    I love Robert Pattinson,I was very happy when new moon win the award of the best movie.Robert I am your fan 4ever

  • kate

    that was really adorable and awkward at the same time they are so shy and cute
    i couldn’t stop laughing the whole time they were being playful not boring


    so cute !

  • Tanja

    Congrats to the whole Twilight cast!! I`m so sick of this “Are they or are they not together” stuff! I mean c`mon they obviously are! I think they`re akward because they`re trying hard not to show people how they feel about each other! I don`t understand why they want to keep it secret, but that`s their business anyway.

  • Joochi

    So tired of these two, when is the vampire series done? It’s getting old and Kristen looks agitated at every premeire or is it just me.
    Please don’t bash me for stating my true opinions.

  • good-one

    For those that suggest that the Twilight Saga stars can’t act, remember that for years, ppl have said that about Tom Cruise, too.

    And yet look at the powerful performance delivered by Mr. Cruise at the movie awards ceremony.

    Yes ppl, these performers can act, and they are very good at it.

  • mary


    I almost agree with your comment even though I am a twilight fan
    If only you could write it so it can be easily read.
    And I don’t care if it is “slang” what is so hard about writing almost everything out?

  • good-one


  • thump

    Robert and Kristen look so cute together. i voted for Taylor but they broke up

  • thump

    what does people mean?

  • zanessa’s biggest fan #1

    so cute, i love robert so much x x x x x x

  • http://funkytown5454 bellarockss2254

    Ok who took that pic of them at the top of the pagee cuz i didnt see that in the awardss!!

  • http://funkytown5454 bellarockss2254

    Who took that pic at the top of the page cuzz obviously that was not in the award show!!

  • Jem

    I don’t get why she shoved him away so many times like he was attacking her. That was a bit unecessary….