Miranda Cosgrove is Ruby Red Hot

Miranda Cosgrove is Ruby Red Hot

Miranda Cosgrove turns up the heat at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards held at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Studios on Sunday afternoon (June 6).

Wearing a ruby red Versus dress, the 17-year-old actress stepped out on stage with Jason Segel to introduce Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg‘s “California Gurls” performance.

Miranda was also spotted in the audience with BFF Nat Wolff.

Throughout the night, Tom Felton, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were announced as the big winners.


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Credit: Frank Micelotta, Jason Merritt; Photos: MTV/PictureGroup, Getty
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  • harper

    Miranda looks classy, as usual.

  • gold baybay – truth speaking

    I know this is going to sound rude but she’s too skinny, and her head’s too big. Before you bash, look at her and tell me you don’t agree.

  • qwert

    @gold baybay – truth speaking: \

    Ur rude! Ur heads probably too small her head looks fine.

  • http://twitter.com/melissabrooks13 Katy

    Taylor Swift wore it better.

  • diane n.

    LOL, isn’t that the same dress taylor swift wore on the cover of marie claire?

  • http://twitter.com/melissabrooks13 Katy

    @diane n.:
    Yes it is. ;)

  • Dea2dea

    @gold babay
    you’re so rude! ;)
    that’s what I think the whole time if I see her. Her face is big so she try to make it looks smaller with loss a bit weight. But she looks like a lollipop now with the big head and very skinny leg. No offense :)

  • alex

    Miranda so beautiful she was the best dressed there.

  • james

    I am so in love with Miranda. She is so hot!

  • my opinion

    gold baybay – truth speaking I agree with you, her legs is looks skiiny than hands, face is squer. Also she isn’t movie star, just nickelodeon made her for show biz, like disney Miley Cyrus. Nickelodeon want be popular and it making stars for shows :D. She only acted at Scholl of rock, drake and josh, iCarly, mini roles in tv shows, littel bit voice in movies and this is it? She wasn’t acted at movies and she now at MTV movie awards? And also she sing.. Act and sing.. FUNNY :D.

  • yevette

    She looks so cute! She’s a good girl and good role model for young girls :) girls like the ones above who for some reason can only find the mean uneccessary things to say about people. Someone needs to learn about love, self respect, kindness, and CLASS! She looks perfectly fine!

  • steve

    Beautiful! AND classy., love it!

  • http://twitter.com/melissabrooks13 Katy


    LOLLIPOP! lol

  • http://twitter.com/Miss_Madelaine Miss_Madelaine

    Didn’t TAYLOR SWIFT wear that dress for a recent photo shoot !!!!! Shame…..taylor looks better in it, but miranda looks good too – don’t get me wrong

  • Darius


    ….LOL. I heard of hourglass shape and pear shape. Now we have Miranda’s lollipop shape. Selena Gomez also has the large head skinny leg thing too now that I think about it.

  • http://twitter.com/mirandaonzeedot naomi

    @gold baybay – truth speaking: k dude I understand where ur coming but that doesn’t mean she’s ugly… Maybe it’s the angle of the camera that makes her look that way… But admit it miranda looks georgeous. She’s soo pretty. And the dress is pretty. Maybe it’s just the way she wears it or just how it looks on her… But she looks STUNNING!!!!! She is really beautiful. And the size of someones head or body shouldn’t and can’t and can’t interfere with that. :) beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes :D

  • sally

    @Darius: Get a life and stop bringing up selena’s name becouse unlike her selena is actually talented and pretty.

  • lil

    she’s so classy

    but she’s a bit too skinny now, she looks so small for her head, if she wasn’t that skinny she would look prettier

    almost anorexic, not being rude, actually I’m worried

  • lil

    I think the angle of the camera makes it worst

  • lil

    if she looks almost anorexic she is NOT a good role model that’s why she shouldn’t be that skinny like lollipop

    she has everything to be the best rolemodel except that

  • Kayla

    she looks so classy and beautiful. Red is a great color on her

  • Galinda

    Miranda is rocking that red dress. Taylor Swift looks okay, but it looks better on Miranda.

  • Sam

    if by “bff” you mean “boyfriend forever” then yeah, nat wolff is. geez its been over 2 years and nobody even cares that they’re dating.. uh “kissin’ u”? can it be anymore obvious? well at least they’re happy..

  • jessica

    lol whats up with that dress. she looks like a 12 yr old.

  • http://www.metroflog.com/miranda-fan-1 Nathan Cosgrove

    It’s amazing, Miranda Cosgrove are pike in the MTV, she was beautiful
    her hair she was spectacular, the beautiful dress she saw him

    Congratulations Miranda

    <3 Miranda Cosgrove ♥

  • http://twitter.com/mirandaonzeedot naomi

    @jessica: say whateva ya want… She was best dressed of the night!!!! :P Loser

  • steve

    @naomi: I agree! Don’t pay any attention to jessica she’s just a mindless troll who spends a fair amount of time commenting how much she doesn’t like miranda in every single article that is ever on this site about her.

  • http://twitter.com/mirandaonzeedot naomi

    @steve: I KNOW!!! I’ve realized thatt 2! Sheis sooo annoying… >:O

  • MC commentator

    photo number 2 miranda smile and pose: Hey I’m superstar Miranda Cosgrove, look at me, photo me, I’m georgeos and classy (how commentators saying) I have the lollipop shape, I’m MOVIE STAR couse I didn’t acting in movies and now I’m in the MTV movie awards . Also how commentators saying she’s beautiful and bla bla bla… Look at her previous photos from paparazzi when she’s walk and how her face is looks. She’s looks for those commentators beautiful, couse on her face is soo mush and too mush make up. Did someone agreee or disagreeee with me?

  • lucy

    no one ever lets me say anything bad about her. she seems nice, im on good terms with her, but not soo much about the ppl who keep reporting me for nothing just to be a b*tch

  • james

    Miranda was at the movie awards with Jason Segel because they are two of the four main stars in the #1 box office Movie DESPICABLE ME!

  • Mark

    Whoaaa!!!! HOT

>>>>>>> staging1