Vanessa Hudgens: Beastly Officially Moves to 2011

Vanessa Hudgens: Beastly Officially Moves to 2011

It’s official.

Vanessa Hudgens and Alex Pettyfer will be moving their fantasy romance into 2011, CBS Films confirms to

According to the L.A. Times, CBS is postponing the premiere “not only to steer clear of Charlie St. Cloud but also to wait for the February 18 release of I Am Number Four, a science-fiction thriller from DreamWorks that stars Alex.”

Beastly will officially release on March 18, 2011.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new date?

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  • musicgirl


  • diane n.

    aww, thats a really long wait! i was really looking forward to it! :/

  • jenny

    WHAAAAAAAAAAT ……. oh well i guess we have to wait :(

  • wendy14

    WHAT????? ARE U KIDDING ME???!!! I have been waiting for this movie forever!!!! why are CBS doing this to us??!!! this is sooo not fair!!!

  • becci

    they cant do this to us. really . like NOOOOOOOOO:(((((((

  • dacey

    that is not fair
    why until next year? :(

  • Sandra

    This is unfair… But we have to wait T.T , oh so Sucker Punch and Beastly together :) that is great for us (Two Nessa’s movies on 1 year) but bad for Nessa a lot of work!!!!!

    Have a Dilemma xD

  • hailey

    HAHAHHAHA! ommggg! hahahaaha

  • Jenna Snow

    NOO thats like a whole nother year!!!


    watttttttttt?!!! that is such a loooonnnnggggg timeeeee!!!!!

  • carla

    well, that officially SUCKS!
    and how long is that i have to wait to watch this film here, in SPAIN? like two years? >:(

  • melanie from holland

    NOOOOOOOO I don’t like it!
    Because I live in Holland, and it was supposed to come out november 4th, 2010.. and now it will be later :(
    Long time to wait….. wait… wait…

  • inji

    thats the same day as a Robert DeNiro movie and a Johnny Depp movie! this SUCKS.

  • broeranita


  • abby

    Thats so far away. :(

    That sucks.

  • justafan

    I just hope everything’s turn out well for the movie,because it’s definitely a movie I wanted to watch
    hope this will be the best for the movie and well if alex gets more popular with hiss new movie that brings more publicity for Beastly
    But I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this will turn out to be

  • Jenny

    Worst news ever :( this sucks, i cant wait this long

  • Dee

    I am disappointed to hear it has been pushed back so far. I was looking forward to seeing the movie this summer.

  • Peggy



  • TheDevonna

    are you kidding me? x.x

  • Wren

    wait but doesnt sucker punch come out on the 25th? shes gonna be doing promotion for 2 films at the same time!

  • mike

    way to far away shit they should move back

  • gracemarie

    Warner Brothers a HUGE conglomerate will never allow Vanessa to promote Beastly over Sucker Punch and they have the muscle to do it,

    CBS is run by TV hacks.

  • ladysdsandiego


    why so far away? this sucks. oh well. still gonna see it for sure.
    so does this mean vanessa has two movies coming out within a week from each other? if so even better!!!

  • samJam

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! That means that UK will also be affected no? We were already due to watch it 3 months after USA release!
    URGH That’s really unfair :( I badly wanted to see this with some of my favourite people starring in it :( Would this not just end up clashing with the likes of the last ever Harry Potter movie (7 part 2) and possibly Breaking Dawn if released in the same year? I want Beastly to do well in the awards and charts and stuff but because of the setbacks and these other movies, I’m worried :(

  • abby

    @Peggy: I was thinking the samething. I wonder if they are trying to jump on the Sucker Punch promo trail and hope with all the promo SP is going to get it will also help Beastly because it also has Vanessa.

  • B


  • mymy

    NOOOO!!!!!!!! ;l are you freakin serious thats gay! they need to move it UP sooner so we can see it :(

  • lynnedsay

    tht sucks!!!!!

  • lynnedsay


  • peggy


    No thats not what they could be thinking. No one will want to talk about Beastly if Sucker Punch is opening. Further Warner Brothers will make sure she promos their movie over a flegling, stuttering CBS movie.

    And they ran from Zac Efron but not from Robert DiNero or Johnny Depp (how many hits is a row has Depp had in the last few years- shall we count them all) They’ve lost their moids.

    THey have no idea what thay are doing.

  • joanne

    CBSfilms effed up big time. Too bad Vanessa will be promoting Sucker Punch over Beastly. They come out like a week apart!!

  • Silvana

    WTF???? WHY??? for the movie of Zac??? NOOOO!!! WHY???!!! :’(
    in this moment i don’t like Zac D’: bbbuuuuu X(

  • Just Interested

    that’s completely unfair >;[

    F*CK CSC

  • Unbelievable

    No this is a big mistake. This movie had a lot of momentum heading into this year and pushing it back a whole year just killed that. I agreed that this movie should have moved back a few weeks but not this far back, I mean they already have the tralier out. If they were going to push it this far back they should of just held their ground and went up against universal and st cloud and maybe they would take universial down with them aswell. If they were going to move it then they should have just moved up not back. I think CBS really damaged themselves with this decision.

  • abby

    @Silvana: You do realize this has NOTHING to do with Zac himself right? He has no say in this matter or when his movie gets put out. Sorry but this is not a reason to hate on Zac.

  • kirreii

    Looks like a lot of people are blaming CSC when they should be blaming CBS films. The fact that they’re running away from other movies proves that they don’t believe that this film or their promotion abilities have potential (which I’m sure it does), which is a fail on their part. Like many people said, it basically just killed the momentum…

  • Garfield_fan

    FEBRUARY 2011??? O_o They already have the trailer out and the promo going on!
    Why didn’t they move it too, like… August or something? September? I mean, a year has 12 months… (Is there any big movie coming out in August/September/….?

    I don’t understand why CBS is so scared of Universal and Charlie St. Cloud anyway. I mean, they act like it’s Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse all rolled into one and that it’s going to win more Oscars than Titanic, Avatar and Ben Hur combined. Which I daresay it won’t.

  • Angelica

    Ugh…I am heartbroken T.T, really CBS ? This RUINED my summer!!! :c

  • abby

    @kirreii: I agree. Its kinda sad to me.

    But I agree CSC isn’t to blame, CBS films is to blame.

  • ItsMeeee


  • peggy


    Well that’s wrong!! It will now open on the same day as Johhny Depp’s new movie and he has had a string of hits heading into the billions these last few years so running from CSC and Zac Efron who had yet to headline a movie making over 100 million domestically outside of HSM is just plain stupid.

    I think CBS is simply stupid.

  • myself

    sony pictures will release the international distribution i don’t think it will come out as late as cbs release

  • vfan

    Ugh! I am soooo not happy about this!
    I was really looking forward to it! :(

  • joceelyynn

    NOOOOOOOOOO this really upsets me! UUUUGHHH!!!

  • suzy

    My main issue is how close they are releasing Beastly to Sucker punch. Vanessa will be booking media and magazines and the only thing most of them will be interested in is Sucker Punch and Beastly will be relegated to just a side mention.

  • abby

    @suzy: I agree but with them being released so close together you’ll have to realize that is something that is going to happen. SP is much bigger then Beastly and it seems there is more press around it therefore that is what people are going to want to talk about. Sad, but true.

  • Marine

    What, 2011? Noooooooo! So in Europe we have to wait mid 2011? Have they lost their mind? that’s the biggest mistake they ever made!!
    CBS = idiots -_-’.

  • abby

    What I don’t get it why couldn’t they have just moved it up or back just a few weeks? Not moving it back all the way until next year. I don’t get it!

  • jazmin


    I will still see the movie but this is such a stupid move. CBS sucks!!! I hope they will still change it.

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