Katy Perry: Hosting Teen Choice Awards!!!

Katy Perry: Hosting Teen Choice Awards!!!

Katy Perry will host AND perform at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards airing Monday (August 9) @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX!

Here’s who hosted previously:

2009 – Jonas Brothers
2008 – Miley Cyrus
2007 – Hilary Duff & Nick Cannon
2006 – Dane Cook & Jessica Simpson
2005 – Hilary Duff and Rob Schneider

WATCH: A preview of Katy’s upcoming “California Gurls” video

ARE YOU EXCITED to watch Katy Perry host this year’s Teen Choice Awards? Surfboards all around!

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  • cam

    yes – Katy is great & I believe will be a blast as host.

  • sd

    i thought it will be Selena & Demi ? =(

  • http://impulsemagazine.net Men’s online magazine

    I think that she is a pretty good pick to host this event

  • http://twitter.com/preskoo preskoo

    Yeeeeah!! Wohoo, so excited about her hosting the awards… i was afraid that they’ll choose beaver kid to do it, but nooo – in your face, beaver kid!!

  • Eric Shinn

    Katy could lick my creamy cone anyday!!!!

  • mileysuxx

    nooooooo! We want Selenaaaaaaaaaa!!!! :( #TCAFAIL

  • hayley


  • jason

    Hahahaah fail! We all want to see the beautiful and hot Selena

  • casey

    i thought it will be Vanessa & Zac

  • Haha

    Hahaha…Selena didn’t make the cut. Typical. Though I’d rather have Demi there than Selena any day. OMG, Selena hosting TCAs? …..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………. almost like Aziz hosting MTV Movie Awards. Lame. Go Katy! I wish they’d do a skit referring to her getting slimed at KCAs.. now THAT was hilarious.

  • ***

    I think ashley tisdale

  • koolkat

    @Haha: Oh please, Selena is actually more famous than Demi and has a larger fan base. Selena should host the TCA. I love Katy Perry though, so Selena should at least host next year!

  • yoyo


    hahah your name is perfect you’re just HAHAHAHA AND HA!
    demi is nothin compared to selena ..selena is almost at the level from miley cyrus! ooh she already is she is the first disney girl to enter the uk top 10 ;) and she’s planing a worldtour ;)

    Katy is ….. I still prefer the adorable Selena!

  • diane n.

    i heard that the jonas brothers and demi wont be there because they have a concert that same night…

  • Kayla

    The TCAs are jacked. The fan votes don’t count, it’s been proven, that’s why last year all the disney stars won and some performed, the producers of the show are all supporters of Disney Channel.

  • http://www.youtube.com/starzzproduction jenny

    @koolkat: She may be more famous but i know who id rather see the person who in my opinion has more personality and that happens to be Demi… not hating Selena just giving my honest opinion… now if she were to present it as Alex from WOWP then Id definitley be up for it but i know that wouldnt happen either way KP is a good choice and im happy it aint Biever kid aswell (who made that up)

  • freezy


    more personality?? hahah she walks in the street like an emo! Selena is the happy girl with a big heart and A LOT OF TALENT!
    and dmei is nothing compared to sel ..sel is on the same level as miley…..


  • good-one

    @Kayla: I have read similar comments around the web that accused the MTV Movie Awards of being rigged and that the viewer’s votes weren’t really the deciding factor.

    Now I read your allegation, re the TCA’s. Is this a gut-feeling, or can you provide evidence?

    Why would Fox falsify for Disney? I don’t grasp the connection.

    There is much evidence out there that the hive mind, (the collective intelligence and tastes of the noosphere), is much more accurate than that of a single individual or modest group.

    The MTV Movie Award winners genuinely strike me as consistent with the preferences of millions of viewers.

    I don’t believe MTV could have faked that. For instance (and meaning no disrespect to Justin Bieber), when Justin Bieber appeared on the awards show, the audience’s reception appeared flat. Who, even MTV, could have predicted there would be such negligible enthusiasm for Bieber at that particular venue? Certainly not MTV, after all, they booked his appearance.

    Fox is even less plugged into the world of young celebrities, than MTV. My gut instinct tells me the winners, according to the votes, are real.

  • good-one

    I wish to clarify a comment that I made earlier, @here:

    “Dakota could have won Best Kiss in MTV’s Movie Awards, as easily as Robert Pattinson won, if acting was but the sole criteria of the votes.”

    I hope no one inferred that I meant that the votes were rigged. I merely meant that fans seemed to want to see Kristen and Robert as a couple, and that I believe that the votes reflected that more than Dakota’s acting ability when she and Kristen shared a kiss that was up for an award. I apologize if I was unclear to anybody. Once again, I believe the votes were real.

  • Tobehonest

    Boo I wanted Cory Moneith to host

  • http://www.twitter.com/hahaitssara Sara

    YEss :) i’m in love with Katy Perry <3

  • jamie

    The Twilight saga swept the TCAs last year, and will most likely do the same this year too.

  • caro

    ahh Miley was the only person ever to host alone now Katy is going to too <3

  • http://twitter.com/melissabrooks13 Katy

    Is Swift gonna be there?

  • http://twitter.com/mirandaonzeedot naomi

    YAY!!! At first wikipedia said selena gomez and miranda cosgrove were gunna host then they changed it to selena gomez and justin bieber. I’m glad she’s hosting! She’s hilarious! I love her! =D

  • http://www.twitter.com/heyydudezz Meghan

    she’s gonna end up talking about sex the whole time -.-

  • Ashleymarie

    no…she’s not very good live and very sexual

  • haley

    Selena as much as she’s awesome, not charismatic enough to host any events. She refused to make a fool of herself nor do extreme stuffs like get slime by green stuffs but Katy is willing to do that. Katy is awesome.

  • kiki

    i like it that katy perry is going to host TCA 10 … but i would prefer SELENA GOMEZ ( w/ Justin Bieber ) :)
    Are the voting open ? can we already vote ?

  • Justindance

    Selena can’t sing worth a crap you tonedeaf Disney fans. MILEY has talent, you are crazy if you can’t see that. And Selena is nowhere NEAR Miley! Ha whoever said that is ignorant an misinformed. Miley breaks records left and right and has numerous number one albums. Selena’s first album debuted at number 9 and just recently went GOLD. that’s not success! Katy is awesome :) so that’s really cool that she is hosting. And even though I love Justin and think he’ll dominate the awards, I don’t think hex be te right Choice for hosting right now!

  • stef752ilovselena

    I went selena gomez 2 perform!!! I lOVE PLEASE!!! n i want Ashley tisdale 2 perform 2

  • http://justjaredjr.com ddd-daisy

    YAY! can’t believe that Katy Perry is the host and she’s gonna perform!That day is almost here and I can’t wait!

  • http://justjaredjr.com ddd-daisy

    yeah!can’t wait for the TCAs it’s coming!!

  • http://justjaredjr.com ddd-daisy

    yeah! can’t wait for the TCAs!!and now Katy Perry is gonna host! How awesome!!!!!~=))

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