Brenda Song & Sprouse Twins are Friends For Change

Brenda Song & Sprouse Twins are Friends For Change

The Suite Life on Deck cast stakes their claim on a comfy couch in this new still from the 2010 Disney’s Friends For Change shoot earlier last month.

Brenda Song, Dylan Sprouse, Debby Ryan and Cole Sprouse teamed up for a new commercial with the rest of the Disney Channel family, promoting Project Green.

Through Project Green, kids can learn practical ways to help the environment, get their friends involved, track their collective impact and have the opportunity to help Disney decide how $1 million in donations to various environmental causes will be made over the course of a year.

2010 Disney’s Friends For Change: Suite Life on Deck Version
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Credit: Jaimie Trueblood; Photos: Disney Channel
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  • amy

    can’t get over how grown up they look nowadays!
    Cole always used to be my fave, but i think Dylan’s become much better looking (:

  • yevette

    This show has lost it. I used to always watch it when they lived in the hotel..but now its cheesy and just not funny. I want it to be good again, since its always on!!

  • lauren

    arnt they all over like 18?

  • jessica

    i LOVED the suite life of zack and cody but not so much suite life on deck. i miss maddie and estaben. i mean cmon on estaben was so hilarious. and wtf why did they make londons character SO dumb. i mean seriously like wtf.

  • jorge

    hi!! yes i agree with yevette and jessica it was more funny and interesting the suite life of zack and cody but the the actual serie not too much i want to see estaben and maddie!!

  • Lizzie

    @lauren: NO, ONLY BRENDA IS OVER 18! SHUT UP!

  • Lizzie


  • Lizzie



    @jessica: London’s characterisation and why she is the way she is was revealed in the Cast Away episode. She purposely ‘acts’ dumb to get off the cruise ship, whenever someone calls her dumb she kills them because she is actually very intelligent and manipulating her parents in order to get off the ship.. She is using basic psychology to deceive her dad into believing she will never graduate from high school-so that she won’t be forced to be stuck in the middle of the ocean with no one except for people who commonly insult her and use her for their advantages and only give her the time of day because she is wealthy.
    Gosh, do you watch the show or not?
    Alex Russo is dumber than London in my opinion, and anyone with a common brain will agree too. She’s aggressive and obnoxious, aT LEAST London has a sense of guilt and a real brain.
    Anyone who has seen the first Suite Life show will understand what I’m saying. The writers didn’t make London ‘dumb’ to annoy you, they made her ‘dumb’ for a reason that is being explained and hinted in nearly every episode.
    BY THE WAY, SLOD is the most watched kids show on TV right now and has been for the past 2 years.
    In the fall, Sprouse will attend uni. SLOD is over in July. They finish shooting in July. And it’s all because Sprouse are pissed off for not getting media attention. They are always insulting the JoBros and Bieber because they’re jealous of the media attention the JoBros and Bieber get.
    Remember when they posed on the cover of People Magazine and said they have no plans of going to university? Will less than a year later, after they realised posing on the cover of People Magazine doesn’t gain you media attention, they decided to ruin our favourite show and end it.
    Oh. Yeah. Suite Life on Deck is ending in July and Disney has no plans of making a movie to end their most watched show. But they have the guts to make a movie for one of their lowest rated shows because Miley gets media attention and sells CDs…
    Oh and Sprouse and the whole cast wants a movie to be done, Disney doesn’t want it.

  • Effy


  • Effy

    @yevette: the show hasn’t lost it, the first show sucks. the new show rocks. its a different show. catch up with the flow!

  • hanni

    @lauren: no way. they’re all under 18. brenda looks bad because its her first bad picture. she usually looks really really young

  • mary

    cole still is the better looking if you look the pics closely he has perfect face shape and features .dylan looks better than the past