Taylor Lautner: Wolf Pack 'Eclipse' Clip

Taylor Lautner: Wolf Pack 'Eclipse' Clip

Taylor Lautner gets teased by the rest of the wolf pack about his crush on Kristen Stewart in this new clip from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

At the end of the snippet, the 17-year-old actor explains who’s who in the wolf pack.

Taylor shares, “Sam is the alpha male, the head honcho. What’s funny about this is that, I explain this to Bella as well, is that Jacob passed on the alpha male position. It’s a lineage thing, but he turned it down and handed the throne over to Sam.”

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse hits theaters on June 30th.

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  • demetrius

    Oh my can’t wait!

  • poppy

    JUNE 30TH….Eclipse!!! The best!

  • http://wtvrrr ilovenickjonas

    Oh my God, I can’t wait!

  • jessica

    it sucks.

  • Heather

    for some reson I cant the video and its making me mad! haha

  • good-one

    Alpha male? Whoa!

    One of the seminal works that includes studies of alpha males is by Robert Ardrey, author of the 1966 book, The Territorial Imperative: A Personal Inquiry into the Animal Origins of Property and Nations . When the hierarchy is in question, wolves must submit to the alpha male by turning their bellies up in vulnerability to the alpha male, at the whim of his mercy. It is heady stuff. The danger in attaining alpha male, makes say, parkour, look like an exercise on training wheels.

    Yet as Ardrey explains it, those that hold territory already, nearly always prevail in continuing to hold it, usually retaining it against all challenges.

    Another characteristic well worth mentioning:

    “The alpha male demands sexual compliance from all females, regardless of age.”
    ~~Carl Sagan, Ann Druyan, on Larry King Alive

    It is my guess that within the human race, we have faux alpha males that cannot get actual sexual compliance and so instead demand chaste compliance, which apparently they can get.

  • todd

    June 30th. Will be there to camp. Who else is going?

  • Hmmm

    this video doesn’t load up….

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  • lovelygirl97

    jeeez the viedeo doesnt load up… im still freakin exited for eclipse. besides dont really care about the wolf pack ;P

  • hiha

    sam was the alpha of the whole pack, then in Breaking dawn Jacob will become the alpha of his own wolf pack – Leah, Seth… He leaves Sam’s pack cuz he disagrees with Sam’s order which is to kill the Cullens and possibly endager Bella’s life.
    Jacob was supposed to be the only alpha because of his ancestry but he declined the offer prolly because of Bella.

  • hiha


  • Wes

    This looks awesome so far

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