Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Boa Buddies

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Boa Buddies

Zac Efron squints his eyes at the flashing lights of the paparazzi as Vanessa Hudgens takes the wheel after dining at Boa restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening (June 8).

The 22-year-old actor seems to have some kind of ash on his face, but JJJ isn’t sure exactly what it is.

Zac‘s new film, Charlie St. Cloud, is set to hit theaters on July 30th.

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Photos: X17online
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  • lauren

    i bet its make-up on his face….lol…just kidding….vanessa looks cute, how is it she always looks good whatever shes wearing, and whether shes got make-up on or not…so unfair

  • blairr

    it looks like dried cake frosting?
    best yooung hollywood couple right hereee.

  • carly

    wish them the best!

  • Alexa

    He looks on crack

  • lauren

    why do they always go to the same 5 places to eat?

    lol on the pics.

  • bush efron

    lauren hahahah not funny at all dont jk about my zac and that is ice cream
    zac cute what ever he did the best man in the world love ya

  • Mandy

    LMFAO! I’m sorry! Of course I had to see the cruder possibility didn’t I?

  • heather

    zac looks slightly drunk…not trying to be mean, though.
    i wonder what’s on his face. i can’t tell, though.
    but, i always love seeing a zanessa sighting.
    and zac still looks hot, along with vanessa being gorgeous.

  • bella

    nessa so cute

  • Katty

    Zac looks like he was drinking something and had his eyes closed while the paps annoyed the hell out of him and took a pic during a bad moment.

    Leave him alone. He doesn’t have to look perfect every single time he goes out, Vanessa doesn’t.

  • nikki

    Awww this is just a bad pic of zaccyy poo. He’s still HOT and Sexyyyy!! :)
    <333333333 <3333 <3333

    LOVE YOU ZACC!!! <33333

  • Bella

    Why did JJJ delete this and then repost it? I wonder what they said. Bet it was bad. Tut tut.

  • jazmin

    lovely couple…V looks nice as always.

  • peggy

    @bush efron:

    It looks like an ointment you would wear for an injury or irritation.

    If it was ice cream he or V would know it was there and he would have wiped it off.

    Besides Ice cream would sit so perfectlty and so still – it would run.

  • shannon :)

    but he still does look perfect which is the funny part… lmao oh man i love him.. and Vanessa :))))<3333

  • lauren

    well if vanessa is driving,,then maybe hes drunk? LOL JK
    who knows and honestly who cares, there trying to live there lives and we dont need ppl analyzing every move they do.

  • Karen

    I don’t understand why some of you have this mentality where it is so important to think Zac is drunk. I am not saying he has never been drunk in his life and that he doesn’t party at times when he is with friends, etc. HOWEVER IF I was a gambler I would bet a huge amount that nobody will ever see Zac EFron go out to a restaurant where he gets the slightest bit tipsy where paps could happen to get a picture. This young man has WAY too much ego and pride to be caught like that. If some of you would have read a fraction of interviews with him you would know this. he does not want to be caught in any kind of compromising positions and has voiced that more than once. So, people need to stop saying this kind of thing.

    LOOK at his cup. There is white stuff in it–it might be a milkshake or a smoothie but it looks like he may have gotten something like that on him. I’ve done the same thing. ALSO, the stupid comment about acne cream…do any of you really think he is going to go into a restaurant with a big gop of cream on his face like that???? X17 after all these years keeps coming up with this ridiculous stuff and YOU people continue to buy it. That’s sad.

  • su

    vanessalooks GORGEOUS!!

  • lauren

    @ karen
    no offence but you comment on like every thing and make some pointless arguement over nothing, i get it, your a fan of him.

  • Trina

    I think he was trying to avoid the paps and splashed his drink on his face. He looks major pissed off in the pics where he’s looking at the paps.

  • ItsMeeee

    It looks a bit like cream like when you put it on to help something……if it was ice cream or something Vanessa would have said something, and zac would have noticed

  • mike

    like Vanessa driving

  • kami


    your comment is also pointles over nothing. and i think you meant “you’re a fan” not ‘your a fan.”

  • su

    Is Vanessa wearing a LAKERS shirt?

  • lauren

    @ kami,
    um sorry to offend you?
    but does it really matter what anyone says on here

  • Karen

    This picture is like so many other ones—where it is a split second snap. Have any of YOU ever gotten a picture where YOUR eyes are closed or halfway closed making you look like you are sick or drunk or on drugs?? Some of you seem to think that happens only to “normal” people but could never happen to someone like Zac Efron. Plus, it is not like we have not seen Vanessa driving–maybe it is HER car. And even if it is ice cream like in a milkshake if it is thick enough it most certainly can just stick there without running. Plus, if his drink splashed up in his face for whatever reason and the paps saw that and were clicking pics, they most certainly would have wanted to get THAT shot.

    I wish some of you would stop trying to find some kind of incident or scandal in every single picture taken of them. Do you realize that much of that kind of talk is what ends up in the likes of the National Enquirer or Star? That’s where the scandal sheets get half of their gossip—it’s YOU people. Plus, it is the “devoted” fans who end up being the “unnamed sources” or “a friend close to the actor said”…

  • kami


    i agree with karen. some ppl want to see zac drunk in public cause that would bring him down to their level or give them reason to say bad things about him. look at the pic of him with his eyes open. those are not drunk eyes.

  • ehryle

    best couple ever… spending time together sweeeeeeeett!!! xoxo

  • kami


    i’m sure nothing of importance said anywhere matters to idiots like you.

  • ItsMeeee

    I still think it’s cream :/ I mean his left eye looks a bit redder than the right one to me….

  • SInead

    it looks as though he has a black eye and has put cream on it to make it clear up quicker

  • justine

    Awwww zac looks like he has a black eye!!!! :( poor baby!!

  • green bay

    Zac efron is still a hottie :)

  • ehryle

    i think he put on the bottom side on his drinks onto his face to make him feel cool on it that’s y it leaves a mark on it .. lol xoxo

  • Diamond

    Vanessa looks gorgeous i love her hair it’s like it’s curly push backed or sum thing she looks amazing and leave zac alone u guys dnt even know anything u always are jumping to conclusions on stuff u knw nothing about!

  • sandy

    It looks like medicines, cause zac does look like he has a black eye a little bit! That’s sad, biggest fan of zac right here

  • http://google BARBARA

    Zac, is drinking a milk shake, and his eyes are very clear, so he’s just drinking a milk shake. i agree with KAREN, and PEGGY, he’s wearing a cream for irration or burn, i’ve seen this kind of cream, on people who has a burn, espeicaly, a sun burn, it’s to protect the skin. love both Zac and Vanessa. i wish the paps would just leave them alone!

  • roxna

    i love them….i simply love how they enjoy spending time together, theyre amazing!!!!!and go lakers!!thats for nessa wearing purple, she looks so cute. and people dont go to x17 online, they hate vanessa so bad…they always come with some ridiculous crap about her…thats why i always come here JJJ is more professional and sure knows her…love zanessa together :)

  • http://google BARBARA

    Thats not a black eye his skin around his eye is red, like a burn of some sort. Like i said i have seen cream on people who has a irration, burn to protect the skin.

  • pop86

    If it an ointment for skin irritation, so what. Zac and Vanessa still look better than most celebrities that get post here.

  • gaby

    Even if Zac drank, who cares? He’s 22. He can drink if he wants to. And I doubt he’s drunk if they just went to a restaurant together. He could have had a beer or something and just didn’t want to drive. There doesn’t have to be an excuse for Vanessa driving. Feminist much?
    Zacs eye are clearly closed because of the flashes. If you look at the other pictures ( The lights are obviously bugging him.

  • diana prince

    It does looks like the cream used after a skin cancer treatment, it has to be left on for a while afterwards. He had a mole removed from his face earlier in the year I think.

  • ohboy

    HAHAHA zac’s face.. that ash seems like cocaine OH NO ZAC dont go there.. vanessa looks a little flushed too hahahahahaha

  • louise

    Guys, calm

    If you look very carefully you can see that it’s residue of where a car sticker used to be, like a tax disc….

    It’s not on his face.

  • Mia

    i think it is just something on the windshield and his face is just under it… oh well not a big deal. I love seeing them out again!

  • abby

    I get a million bucks its from his drink.

    People are just stupid…

  • amelia25

    Beautiful couple

  • Martha

    @diana prince:
    A mole???
    Of course!!!! That is what it is!!!! I remember this HUGE mole on his face.
    Man… that was big… don’t you guys remember???

  • kate1

    Well whatever it is doesn’t really matter.

    Zac and vanessa were enjoying a night out and had to put up with stupid paps in there faces.

    This just goes to show that they are only human after all.

    so please not over analyse these pics.

    can’t wait for Zac to go to Maui and hoepfully Vvanessa will go with him too. since her rehearsals for Rent aer not until 1 week before the actual show.

  • ilovezanessaxo

    Vanessa always looks so pretty/perfect. Love that girl.