Breaking Dawn WILL Be Two Films

Breaking Dawn WILL Be Two Films

It’s official — Breaking Dawn will be turned into two films.

Summit Entertainment announced today that Bill Condon will direct both films which star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

The first Breaking Dawn film is set to be released on November 18, 2011.

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final novel in the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer and told from both Bella and Jacob Black’s perspectives.

ARE YOU EXCITED for two Breaking Dawn films?

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danni @ 10:34 pm on 06/10/2010

How in the world are they gonna turn that awful book into two movies. Honestly the worse book I’ve ever read.

neil @ 10:38 pm on 06/10/2010

Honestly, they’re just trying to copy Harry Potter and are trying to make Harry Potter look bad. The only reason the movies are so popular is because of a fan craze for an ugly-haired, stubbled Robert Pattinson.
I’m not gonna say the storyline is bad, but one movie is enough.

Nicole @ 10:38 pm on 06/10/2010

YES! I hope they don’t release them too far apart though…

good-one @ 10:42 pm on 06/10/2010

So Ashley Greene called it right: “Breaking Dawn is Better in Two”.

Inna @ 10:47 pm on 06/10/2010

lol well might as well squeeze every single, last drop of corporate franchise juice you can. hell, i know i’ll it anyway. haha (:

danni @ 10:49 pm on 06/10/2010

The plot for the last book was horrible. I was a fan of the series until that last book. Not a good way to end a series. I mean there was so many things wrong with that story it was ridiculous.

chelsea @ 10:54 pm on 06/10/2010

eew at least 2 more years of dealing with annoying twihard fans

NElliefrellie @ 10:57 pm on 06/10/2010

it’s official, Twilight wants to be Harry Potter

muse @ 11:00 pm on 06/10/2010

I enjoy the Twilight Saga, but I just dont understand how they have to make the last book into TWO movies. The book is big, but not THAT big where there has to be two. It would have been just as great as one. Guess they can make more money off of it though.

rose @ 11:12 pm on 06/10/2010

im personally happy with this. in one movie or two it doesnt bother me because breaking dawn is my favourite in the whole series. bella finally becomes a vampire and a mama.

Anika @ 11:15 pm on 06/10/2010



They could really just make a 3hr film or whatever. You don’t need two films. Harry Potter is really a massive book so it’s acceptable. Little Women was longer than Breaking Dawn but they didn’t make it into a double film. Summit just wants to outshine Warner Bros. Which is going to be a super fail.

@NElliefrellie is also right.

disappointed @ 11:21 pm on 06/10/2010

I use to really like Kristen Stewart, but then she came to my country (Australia) and flipped everyone the bird, and then compared being hounded by the paps to rape.
She has never gone through that act of violence, and I wouldnt wish it on anyone, its horrifying and how dare she compare anything in her perfect little life to something like that.
I use to be a fan of you Kristen, but that was just too stupid of you. Im really disappointed in you and your actions.
I really couldnt be bothered to pay money to go see her in any more movies. Shes really let fans and me down. Thats just sad.
And people can write back to this, say Im a hater, but Im voicing my own opinion and I use to stand up for her, but that comment, her behaviour and actions, have just blown it. Ive had enough of defending or aprrecicating someone who can say stuff like that and not be ashamed by ehr actions. :(

JORDAN @ 11:22 pm on 06/10/2010


Jenny @ 11:39 pm on 06/10/2010


LeHuh? @ 11:51 pm on 06/10/2010

I don’t understand how they can stretch this into two movies. Yes, the book is huge, but it’s mostly conversation and Bella’s inner monologue with some random wolf crap. There’s a wedding, a baby, and a fight that never really happened. I think one movie would’ve covered that.
Meanwhile, I agree with everyone who is saying they’re copying Harry Potter. The only difference is that Deathly Hallows NEEDED to be split into two movies because there’s so much plot to tie up. There’s the horcrux plot AND the deathly hallows plot. I mean, the battle of Hogwarts is going to take up copious amounts of time all on its own, not to mention the epilogue that also needs to be tied up. Two movies was the only way to do it. Summit fails and everyone will let them know about it. They’ll forever be known as the Potter copy-cats.

Joochi @ 12:18 am on 06/11/2010

Don’t know really why they want to make it 2 films it’s bad enough Kristen doesn’t like to be in the public eye to they’re going to punish up more, enough of this series Harry Potter was way better than this sick movie.

lala @ 12:24 am on 06/11/2010

they just want more money..breaking dawn worst book ever..i see no point in turning it in to two movies…only reason the movies are doing great coz of the talentless good looking actors they have

bethanyy @ 12:58 am on 06/11/2010

@neil: i totally agree with you.

EWW @ 3:00 am on 06/11/2010

Wow, this just fails. Copying Harry Potter much? And like fine if it had to be a crappy book, but trying to prolong the hype and trying to put off the inevitable – that Twilight will be over the moment the movies finish? Pathetic. Another year of Twitards… joy.

nadnad @ 3:15 am on 06/11/2010

not too excited. i love the twilight saga. but i mean, there’s not too much action. it’s just filled with naration.

megan @ 3:17 am on 06/11/2010

wow, really? i like the Twilight books. Kinda growing out of the movies. I’ve been more interested in the Harry Potter Series, both book and movies. the seventh Harry Potter book NEEDS to be in two parts because they don’t want to screw anything up. there is soooo much stuff in the book that leaving one thing out will ruin it, (they’ve done with with about two in my opinion).
Breaking Dawn, on the other hand, isn’t that big a deal.
really? what’s next? are they going to try making a theme park like the wizarding world? try to be somewhat original Summit. it’s getting a little ridiculous.

rachel @ 3:38 am on 06/11/2010

@good-one: i think the only reason she wants it in two is then she can earn more money

good-one @ 4:00 am on 06/11/2010

@rachel: That was my first impression too, that in order to pay Ashley her higher paycheck, they needed to bring in two films. I wondered if it might have been her suggestion.

Or, maybe the script was too long and the film had to be split, like she said, and we accept that at face value.

green bay @ 4:01 am on 06/11/2010

They just want money!

lauren6 @ 6:48 am on 06/11/2010

i completelty agree with everyone on here….i love the book series but the fourth one is long but like everyone says not half as long as harry potter…..the deathly hallows is so long its constantly got a storyline and its all action too..where as, breaking dawn is more narrative, then switching from belle – jacob – bella and then its over…but like good-one said the script might be too long to only have one film!

but why are they not puttin breakin dawn out till november 2011 when they’ll start filming this year why cant they have it out in like july like eclipse?

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