Vanessa Hudgens: No Broadway Just Yet

Vanessa Hudgens: No Broadway Just Yet

There’s less than two months til Vanessa Hudgens takes the stage as Mimi in the Neil Patrick Harris directed RENT at the Hollywood Bowl.

The 21-year-old actress stopped by to chat about the gig and going to Broadway with EOnline recently. Vanessa shared, “Right now, I just can’t give up everything and disappear to New York. My everything is here right now. Maybe eventually I’ll get to New York, but right now, it’s perfect for me at the Hollywood Bowl.”

Neil is actually still defending his choice in Vanessa and most recently, Nicole Scherzinger.

Check out the videos below!

NPH defends Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens: Broadway Bound?
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Credit: Adriana M. Barraza; Photos: WENN
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  • zandra

    yes you can. you have nothing to loose. broadway is better than washed up actress.

  • Diamond

    First commet yay! I think Vanessa will be grea tin rent she has a killer voice and she is a great actress and i support her and thanks neil for also supportin her. Vanessa rocks!

  • Jenn8

    I’m glad she is not moving to new York now maybe in the future she can. She was also just spotted at Disneyland for the premiere of a show. Pictures at Zanessa sweetheart :)

  • jess!

    i love her

  • Trina

    Neil Patrick Harris is a very smart man. He knew what he was doing when he chose Vanessa to be in Rent.

  • annie

    support her…love you nessa, im already imagining vanessa singing “out tonight” as mimi :)

  • Lois mae malit

    She’s a great actress, singer and a dancer,.

  • Jenn8

    I know!! I was watching Rent the movie version and I just envisioned Vanessa as Mimi. She is such agreat actress and singer that she is perfect for this role. Hope that people that go take and post videos of the show since many of us can’t go and see her:) she will do great!!!

  • jazmin

    so excited for Vanessa!!!!

    <3 Neil

    Thanks for posting.

  • roxana

    her everything is equal to zaccy,family and girl!

  • mike

    like to see Vanessa in Rent shes probably do a great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • birdie

    She’s gonna be great. I love that NPH loved her work ethic on “Beastly”
    and then she came in and auditioned for him. I trust that he is a perfectionist and he picked only the best people. That being said I
    can’t hardly wait for August to go see her.

  • http://jjj daydreamer

    she will do a fantastic job. Wish her great success in everything she does!!!!

  • ehryle

    She deserved to be in RENT.. she is a talented actress.. package in one.. singer, actress and dancer… PERFECT beauty!! xoxo :D

  • Katty

    It’s wonderful how Neil keeps defending himself and isn’t letting anyone change his mind about Vanessa. He is right, she deserves a chance to let herself shine and this is it. I wish I could see her in Rent…

  • honey

    Neil has joined TEAM NESSA ^^

  • mandy

    neil is great and knows what to do! vanessa a wonderful person and has a complete beauty and talent!

  • http://jjj telma

    here team Nessa toooooooooooo


  • http://jjj marcy

    Vanessa rocks

  • muse

    Vanessa deserves a chance to prove herself to others, but i honestly dont believe that she has to prove anythng at all. shes an amazing actress and is really talented. Neil shouldnt have to defend her, people shouldnt put her down or ridicule Neil for his choice.
    I believe Vanessa is going to do an amazing job at her role as Mimi and any other role in the future and really prove all the haters and people like Perez Hilton, wrong.
    I dont know whats with that guy or why he has to put her down all the time, hes only famous for having a similar name for some socilaite and ripping people off. Thats not talent.
    Vanessa is going to shine with her life and future and I cant wait. Really wish I could see her in Rent. Unfortunatley, I doubt they would have brought it to australia. Lol.
    Love you V

  • vanny

    vanessa hudgens

  • http://google BARBARA

    I wish i could see Vanessa in RENT, she is going to do just find, she has so much talent, and i’m glad and admire Vanessa for knowing what her prioritys are Zac family and friends are always first with her. God bless her always.

  • Britt

    Honestly, nobody can please everyone. It’s sad how soo many actors are type-casted for their most popular roles and no one ever gives them a chance. I am huge fan of V and I think she’ll do a fabulous job as Mimi!! I think it’s almost like a slap in the face to puPH down like that, he is SUPER talented and to criticize his choice of actors/actresses for RENT is basically questionig his own talent as an actor.

    And I doubt Nicole would be thrilled to hear that she is a better fit to play a :gorgeous, scandalous stripper who is infected with HIV Aids and addicted to drugs. What a compliment! Let others actors and actresses grow, it’s really sad that no one is ever satisfied by anyone (not just celebs) and people always have to prove themselves!

    I wish V the best in this role, I honestly would just love to watch her dance in the show, she’s amazing! :)

  • http://google BARBARA

    I wish i good go to see RENT, I know Vanessa is going to do really well, Neil knows talent when he see it. I’m so proud of Vanessa , she always know want her prioritys are Zac, family and friends. God bless her always. Perez Hilton, is in love with Zac and is jealous of Vanessa, he thinks if Vanessa wasn’t in the picture, he could have him. HE’S A BIG JERK! He has no clue, and can’t stand that Zac loves Vanessa. He needs to get a life!

  • WullyBully


    better than washed up actress? is that even english?

  • vfan

    I know for a fact that Vanessa will be fantastic in Rent.
    Team Vanessa! We’ve got stick behind her all they way! :)

  • mykamicks

    Im looking forward that Vanessa could perform her part well. And nailed it to everyone that she is not only an actress BUT a real TALENTED WOMAN OF HER GENRE’.

    I love NPH before, I more than love him now because of giving Vanessa an OPPORTUNITY to excel on her craft in Musical. Doing live performance is not easy then. This will open the door for Vanessa that she deserves too on stage from LA to New York probably in the future.

    Good luck to NPH ad the rest of the cast.

  • peggy


    Lets see REnt, ucker Puch, Beastly in 2011, August GlamourCover – I guess you judge washed up by your own waste of a life.

    She’s doing fine.

  • mykamicks


    Zandra dear, washed up? which means? You’re such a damn sideline spectator. Next time expound more your statement for us to understand what do you mean. Get some pointers from your English teacher, just to refresh your construction. Tighten your thoughs instead.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    Love her.


    NY…..don’t think so nessa

>>>>>>> staging1