Zac Efron: Hairspray 2 is Dead

Zac Efron: Hairspray 2 is Dead

No more Link Wink?!

Zac Efron put the nail in the coffin over the weekend, telling MTV that Hairspray 2 is a no go.

The 22-year-old actor shared, “You know I hadn’t really heard it was happening, if it ever was happening. I’m pretty sure that’s the way it was supposed to be.”

Zac continued, joking of the storyline about Link getting into acid, “I think I’ve heard a rough outline, and it sounds hilarious. It sounds like it’s going to be awesome. That could be a deep conversation. I’ve had so many deep conversations with my own zits. They are some of the smartest people I know.”

ARE YOU SAD that Hairspray 2 is no longer happening?

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  • abby

    To tell you the truth even if it was going to happen I’m 99.9% sure Zac wouldn’t have had anything to do with it. Zac is way to big now and would request way too much money. They wouldn’t want to shell out so much money.

    Zac’s a smart guy so I think its pretty easy to see he never would have done it. The plot was so stupid plus, Zac has made it very clear he doesn’t want to do another Musical anytime soon. This would have just been taking like 10 steps back when it comes to his career.

    Good choice Zac! :)

  • gaby

    I’m so happy there’s no Hairspray 2.
    I’m glad he grew out of musicals. He’s trying to get more mature and complex roles. I feel like if he did do it, he’d be going backwards.

  • Bradley Bobst

    I’m happy that HS2 is not happen because I Think Zac needs to move on from musical he a good stat with MEAOW AND CSC He real have long and Amazing Career This Guy was borned to be a star.

  • Bradley Bobst

    I’m happy that HS2 is not happen because I Think Zac needs to move on from musicals He is at a great start with MAOW and Now CSC Zac will have great and amazing Career This guy was borned to be a Movie star. .

  • jess!


  • mona

    I never thought that it was a real possibility. Hairspray was terrific, and the sequel would have to be so brilliant, otherwise a disappointment. Not sad that the idea is dead and buried.

  • lauren

    the first one was the only one we needed.


  • Minemei

    I love u zac!!wish u all dbest..!!^^

  • Athena

    I’m happy that there will be no HSP2 because of that hilarious storyline. Besides, how Links’ hormones were raging I’m sure Tracy would be preggers in HSPR2. Haha.

  • renee

    Adam Shankman confirmed this several weeks ago. This is the absolute best news I have heard in a long time.

    NOTE to delusional people who still think a certain relationship is possible: There was NEVER a relationship and NEVER will be – so get over it!

  • j

    Thank You!! Tbh ! is good enough a second one would Ruin it!

  • CNXY

    The first one was great, they couldn’t top that even if they wanted. But I’m still curious how they wanted the film to be.

  • hailey

    Zac looks soo cute in that pic :)

  • nikki

    Ohh its ok… i can see still EVERY other movie he is in!! <33333

  • brad

    My man is super sexy! XD
    I love him

  • kgg

    Well, Adam Shankman pretty much confirmed not too long ago that it wasn’t going to happen, but it’s nice to hear the words directly from Zac. HS2 would have been too much and too late to do anything for his career except to hinder it. Glad it’s not happening!

  • beatriz

    hairspray is amazing:) but zac has movies, most important <3
    i love you hairspray,I Love You Zac Efron

  • zanessa fan forever

    Good choice Zac! :)
    I feel you’re too good, to be doing Hairspray 2.
    Plus I’m glad he won’t be doing another movie with that nikki blonsky girl, she can’t act worth nothing adn would’ve brought the whole movie down anyways.

    Good decision Zac :)

  • taylor

    this is pretty old news..but people are just starting to talk more about it since adam confirmed it. most of us fans knew already.
    YUUUUHHHS no more annoying delusional zikki fans. (:

  • http://www.twitter/zaclicious1ka Ika22

    i just can’t see Zac with stupid costume and hair do again so congrats !

  • nkeeyah

    I read that a lot of the original cast wouldn’t have been asked back. Honestly, Zac is waaaaay better than musicals. HS2 needs to never happen. Wikipedia says its a go.

  • kami

    zac fans have known this for a long time. ever since adam shankman announced it wasn’t going to happen. if mtv asked zac about it, guess they didn’t get the memo. lol

  • kami


    not so. those women won’t ever go away. they’re like zits on acid.

  • ok

    the first one sucked, plus Zac’s too big a star for it now anyway. Besides John Travolta and maybe Brittany Snow, Zac would be the biggest name in it when he’s not even a main character.

  • abby

    @ok: I agree. Aside from John Travolta Zac would hands down be the biggest name and I’m not sure the studio would want that seeing as Zac isn’t even a main character.

  • zacfan

    as long as zac is workin on something that i can watch him in , im ok with HS not happenin

  • justine

    Zac is way to big a star to do that again!! :)

  • mykamicks

    Maybe after 5 years again! So that I could see how Zac can still dance gracefully just like he did in HS. lol!

    For now , he has much commercial movies done. Enough for ZAC Efron to showcase his musical skills. He has proven it already from HSM to HSM 3 & HS.

    Zac has many talents, better to venture on projects that could develop his depth in acting (comedy & drama) I love his acting in MEOW & 17 again. He transfoms gradually.

  • green bay


  • pop86

    There was no way Zac would had done HS2. He is done with musicials and he has more interesting projects coming up.
    HS2 was just bad rumor some delusional people started.

  • Katty

    Hairspray 2 sounded horrible, I am glad it is dead. I don’t think it would have been good for his career. I am pretty sure it would have bombed, actually, because a lot of the plot sounded like nonsense and something the general population probably wouldn’t have liked.

    I like the sound of his new movies, though. Anyone know which one he will be filming first and when?

  • ZANE

    No. i am happy its not happening!

  • katia


  • maria

    WOO-HOO!!! Best news ever.

  • Inna

    LMAO no.
    i’m glad this thing is dead. tbh, i dot think this would have ever happened anyway besides the only person i could actually se wanting to come back is Nikki (HA.).

    & besides you don’t do sequels to remakes.. i mean come on!?

  • Just Interested

    LOL never heared of hairspray 2..?! LMFAO
    i guess the only ones who want hairspray 2 are the zikki fans

  • Rainbower

    NO!!!! I WANTED IT TO HAPPEN! oh well….

  • vancrazed


    he’s usually pretty articulate, but that’s about the most unintelligent thing I’ve heard him say.

  • duuumm

    this is like OLLLLDDDD news so i don’t even understand why MTV would actually ask him about it. ask about charlie st. cloud instead. ahhhh, MTV, i will never be able to understand you.

  • Trina


    I agree. How stupid is MTV? Couldn’t they ask him what his next project is? Or something relevant.

  • birdie

    I’m glad there is no HS2. The first one was perfect and the only character I would have been interested in seeing again was Linc Larkin. So unless they did a movie with him alone I say a big NO GO!

  • Olivia Rose

    So hopefuly, Nikki will shut her mouth about it for good now.
    She’s a famewhore! I agree that the only people who want
    Hairspray 2 to happen are the Zikki fans. I still can’t believe
    that ppl actualy believed that zikki would ever happen, ROFL!
    Guess what? It’s been two years now and Nikki wasn’t even
    invited, to Zac’s last two birthday parties. LMAO!

  • bettybaby

    pretty sure MTV asked zac about it b/c although many of his fans knew about this “announcement,” it is only now that it was officially announced.

    it’s good that adam put the rumor to rest the other week, and obviously whatever had been going on with the planning of the sequel, zac was never really involved.

    i am glad its not happening, and that it has been finally put definitely to rest. not only do i think that zac is done with musicals, but i really don’t think it would have been successful sequel.

    adam said it best, “It’s ok, I was so happy with the first one; let’s leave well enough alone.”

  • CNXY

    @ok & @abby Are you serious? Zac the biggest name? How about..oh I don’t know…Michelle Pfeiffer, Christopher Walken, Jerry Stiller, James Marsden, Queen Latifah (besides John Travolta & Brittany Snow). They did waaaay more than zac efron. So yeah..a lot of BIG names thank you very much

  • athena

    @CNXY: Yeah, I agree, if you can’t get back the original cast, chances are the sequel will not be a success as the first or second film.

  • Divine Goddess

    lmao! Did anyone else think WTF when he said “That could be a deep conversation. I’ve had so many deep conversations with my own zits. They are some of the smartest people I know.” that was so random lol he’s funny and SO CUTE love him

  • tessa

    Zac is so hot

  • http://google BARBARA

    I think Zac and Adam proably feel releieve that they don;t have to make it, Adam he,said they should leave well alone. Zac really didn’t want yo do it. he wants to try different movies, not muscials for a long time, if Zac did the movie, it would be because he feels he o’s Adam, he really didn’t want to do it.

  • Barb

    I didn’t think it was happening, anyway. I’m not sad because I know that Zac will go onto bigger and better things. His career is taking off!

  • samantha

    i’m glad he’s not doing it. it’ll ruin his image. PERMANANTLY! plus, it’ll teach that nikki blonsky girl 2 shut up about HS2 and stop saying things like “zac is such a nice person and i hope he’ll do a sequel 4 hairspray” anyway, zac doesn’t even like nikki. Considering that he still keeps in touch with britany and invited her 2 his b-day party. lol.