Selena Gomez: Round and Round Artwork!

Selena Gomez: Round and Round Artwork!

Selena Gomez seduces us with her eyes in this new promo shot for her upcoming single, “Round and Round.”

The 17-year-old actress/singer, who is still in Budapest filming Monte Carlo, will debut her new single NEXT WEEK!

Selena shared on her Facebook, “I have a sneak peek of the song coming soon!! Music video premiere on Disney Channel June 18th at 8:25pm EST and PST. Digital download June 20th, single release June 22nd. I hope you guys enjoy the single.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for Selena & The Scene’s new tune?

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  • cam

    In a word, gorgeous. Can’t wait for the new song.

  • freezy

    OMG! Who says that she’s cute and Miley is ‘hot’??? Selena is SO hot can’t wait you go gurl!!!!

  • ParisLOvesSelena

    J’adore <3
    Selena please come back to Paris we Love you here <3

  • TizTeam

    Wow future Shakira…She’s on the sexy way I mean I always thought that she’s sexy but now the world will know it 2!

  • Mashoo

    I like her. But her music is not really that good. Demi and Miley sing better. I don’t hate her though. But she’s a good actress.

  • breathegomez


  • Danni

    Really nice pic of her.

  • liri92

    I LOVE HER.. she has good music.. love her.. such a sweet girl!!!!!! cant wait!!!!!


    Go Selena! I love her whole album and I can’t wait for the next one!

  • pauli


  • pauli

    @freezy totally agree!!! wait miley is hot??? LOL anyway, im so excited for this music video, she has so many upcoming projects, yayyyyyy cant wait!!!!

  • Sarah

    I’m WAY too excited for this and her music video.
    It’s gonna be amazing!

  • jenny

    @Mashoo: I agree with you and fans like @pauli: are stupid i mean miley is hot and selena and demi are too… and as for the flawless comment pauli… well you do know photoshoots tend to go through a hell of photoshop before we see them

  • Mfan

    @jenny: Get a life and stop hating selena is naturally pretty.

  • alice

    Imso excited for this music video I love her!!

  • bfes

    cant wait

  • http:/ myah

    Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus are cute. And they are the best singer too. But you guys better keep up the good work too! Have a great summer!!

    -Myah <3

  • blaire


    are you kidding me? miley sings like a dying duck!
    And Selena has an smoothie and soft voice and I love her songs!

  • alexandra

    she looks fantastic! cant wait for her single to come out!!!

  • rosie

    miley may be hotter but not goregous like selena!…..i cant wait for this song the pics ive seen for it look good!

  • rosie

    @jenny: yea but we have seen selena without make up and she is always flawless

  • Jasmin

    @rosie: True.

    Selena looks like a Egyptian queen! I’m really excited for her new single. I hope it’s good.

  • yoyo

    Selena is too good for Disney she has actually some talent except other Disney Slµts ;)

  • Marissa

    Selena looks really beautiful in this pic :) Cant wait for “Round and Round” and for her new album. I liked her last album, her voice is sweet and not raspy or loud like others. Anyway, cant wait!

  • cam


    Come on a blind person can see that Selena is beautiful and her photos don’t need retouching. All three girls you mentioned, Selena, Miley & Demi are beautiful and at their age they don’t need their photos retouched, there are no flaws to retouch on any of them.

  • http://hi MARIA

    Selena is awsome and a great singer!!

  • corolla

    MUCH BETTER COVER THAN KISS & TELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chéla123

    she a very good dinger and i cant wait until it comes out and i like her photo

  • Chéla123

    i cant wiait until i come out ;D

  • pauli

    gosh im so excited!!!! im really need another sneak peek, pleaseeeeeeee!!!! this gonna be totally amazing!!!

  • Naomi

    i love it. she’s so pretty. i don’t think that it was photoshopped because she’s naturally pretty with or without makeup. the photo is stunning and it looks more mature than the last album.

  • jessica

    she is sooo pretty. i love her. and i cant wait for this music video.

  • Grace

    I have never watched anything of Selena’s but she is very pretty and i have this sense that she is very graceious, not like Miley at all. :)

    I just realised she looks sooo much like Cheryl Cole (Tweedy) lol

  • http://orla1988xx Orla

    Just stunning.. love her like way too much x

  • tiffany

    Selena is so pretty!!!!!Can’t wait for her single.She is the BEST!!!!!!!I think she is much prettier and hotter than miley!!!!!!

  • Twisted

    She’s gorgous! I hope she’ll have another album coming out soon!

  • dana

    @freezy: umm, actually miley is hotter than selena, miley wears hot clothes, not like selena’s ugly cloth!

  • Hayley

    OMG she is so great!!! i luv her so much!!!!

  • lisa

    but i don’t really like that picture
    i don’t know why
    but normaly she is MORE beautiful
    that pic is kinda creepy…:O
    btw i’m really excited to see that video and listen to the new song<3
    but people
    selena gomez is beautiful but NOT hot….

  • jason

    So Miley is copying Britney and Selena Shakira?

    Miley – FAIL!
    Selena – BÄÄÄÄÄM!

    I’m a guy and Selena is so much hotter than Miley!

  • LilTwist#1


  • LilTwist#1


  • mileysuxx

    WOW! Can’t find words to describe her…..

    Selena rox!

  • taylor

    Looks kinda like ‘Did it Again’ by Shakira but I’m sure she’s not copying like other fake disney wh0res do!

    I reall want a sneak peak of this video!!!!!
    Looooooove SelGomez :)

  • P.Diddy

    And she’s a better singer & of course actress than that ugly Miley girl
    selena doesn’t even need to wear slu tty clothes to look hot and sexy she already is!

  • BeliebInGomez

    Can’t wait it looks sooooooo hot and beautiful!
    Most gorgeous teen girl in Hollywood!

  • bowwow4ever

    That girl drives me nuts maan she’s B.E.A.U.T.Y.F.U.L!

  • hellogoodmorning

    Ohhhhooooooo the adorable Selenita looks gorgeous and sweet & SEXY

  • damn

    This vid is gonna be da bombbbbb

  • alice

    This promo was photoshopped

    This pic is her real face, the pic is new

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