Selena Gomez is Streamer Silly

Selena Gomez is Streamer Silly

Selena Gomez shows off her pearly whites as orange streamers fly in the breeze during her Dream Out Loud photo shoot in Budapest.

Dream Out Loud, Selena‘s brand-new fashion line, hits Kmart’s everywhere in the U.S. on Sunday, August 1st, BUT, you can catch the previews on on Thursday, July 15th!

Check out the behind-the-scenes video below where Selena introduces the guys to her famous Texas-inspired popcorn!

Selena Gomez – Dream Out Loud Photo Shoot

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tisdale @ 2:34 pm on 06/12/2010

what’s a kmart? who goes to there?

francie @ 2:40 pm on 06/12/2010

omg her and that black guy look SO GOOD together.

soughtful @ 2:42 pm on 06/12/2010

she copying miley new hairstyle and miley line of shorts.

val @ 2:47 pm on 06/12/2010

@soughtful: totally agree

Mika @ 2:47 pm on 06/12/2010

I don’t understand how people always call Selena “gorgeous” “the most beautiful girl in the world”.

You can clearly see that’s not the case in that photo where she’s very minimal make up. She’s really average, maybe less.

rosie @ 2:48 pm on 06/12/2010

@soughtful: she is not copying she looks goregous unlike miley plus miley shorts are really short and ****** plus nobody buys her clothes which is why walmart keeps lowering the price for all her ****** clothes Haaaaaaaaaaahaa

mrsdestinyhope @ 2:51 pm on 06/12/2010

@soughtful: DUDE, MC is not the only celeb that can have a clothing line u know. There are other celebs that have on too: Beyonce, Jay-z. Lohan, Duff, LL COOL J they all have clothing lines .

Anyways, hopefully Selena’s clothes are in JRS. I want some of them

@Mika: NOT, Victoria Justice is what u call an AVERAGE PRETTY , Selena, well above average.

nkeeyah @ 3:03 pm on 06/12/2010

people do buy miley’s clothes. Everytime I go into walmart her stuff is sold out.

soughtful @ 3:31 pm on 06/12/2010

selena is always copying miley hair style. miley stared to wear that now she doing it too. Is not only this hair style but miley other hair style as well. you want me to make a collage of all that selena copies we have proof of it.

by the way miley is hotter than selena selena is not even gorgeous she cute like a little girl but not sexy like miley.

ashytisdalefan @ 3:32 pm on 06/12/2010

yawn. selena is so boring and no, I buy miley’s clothes all the time. Her stuff isn’t that short. Its perfect, cute and most of all comfortable. Nice try though.

soughtful @ 3:32 pm on 06/12/2010

oh please victoria justice is 1oo times prettier than selena, not gorgeous like miley but definately prettier than selena.

ashytisdalefan @ 3:32 pm on 06/12/2010

@soughtful I agree. you rock js.

Bel @ 3:35 pm on 06/12/2010

Selena is well above average looking, I have seen miley at not even her worst and she looks like a monster. Selena looks totally hot in those shorts unlike Miley whose fat double thighs always role out.
Selena is the one who goes out with practically no makeup and is stunning. Obviously your either blingt or jelous soughtful.

halle @ 3:39 pm on 06/12/2010

lol “the bugs dont come with the shirt” she says that at the end.
@Mika I dont know hat you are talking about. Selena is georgous with minimal amounts of makeup on.

Naomi @ 3:43 pm on 06/12/2010

why is everyone hating on selena? she’s her own person. she looks pretty with or without makeup. she’s not copying ANYONE. people need to stop saying that because it’s really annoying.

Ryan @ 3:51 pm on 06/12/2010

What! Selena is pretty, she does NOT wear too much makeup, her hair has grown and finally took off her extensions.
Please UGLY haters, Selena is NATURAL, she does NOT have a fake tan, fake teeth, fake or dyed hair.
Also, she does NOT need 100 tons of make up, flash her bra or wear tiny clothes to stand out… Sorry but its NOT sexy thats TRASHY :)

Marissa @ 4:00 pm on 06/12/2010

why is everyone hating on selena? she’s her own person. she looks pretty with or without makeup. she’s not copying ANYONE. people need to stop saying that because it’s really annoying

that’s bc today is saturday and all the psychotic kids/teens are school free and have plenty of time to bash on selenas post. I’m very grateful that they always use their time very well and talk about Selena (they are pathetic? I think YES!)

jessica @ 4:46 pm on 06/12/2010

honestly selena is gorgeous. and she looks pretty without makeup. so please gtfo if you dont like her.

erin @ 4:57 pm on 06/12/2010

@Mika: just because you’re extremely jealous of Selena doesn’t mean that you should put her down, she’s more beautiful on the inside and out than you’ll ever be :)

yourmother @ 4:59 pm on 06/12/2010

@rosie: ha yeah I know everytime I go to Wal-Mart all of Miley’s clothes are on clearance because no one buys them LMAO Miley=FAIL

erin @ 5:01 pm on 06/12/2010

@soughtful: ha you’re really pathetic. do you know how many people have hairstyles like that? millions! and do you know how many celebs have fashion lines? hundreds. stop hating on Selena just because she’s more successful, rich, and gorgeous that you. and the fact that you called Miley “sexy” is hilarious

Mika @ 5:07 pm on 06/12/2010


Hahaha, seems like you have some insecurity issues.
I’m not putting her down. This is the JJJ comment section and I can put whatever I feel like on here. If you want to kiss the ground she walks on, go ahead.

liri92 @ 5:11 pm on 06/12/2010

btw selena has soo many upcoming stuff out!!!!!!!! so proud cant wait either!!!!!!!!!! i mean ramona & beezus; monte carlo; the seven rays; dream out loud; new album; wizards!!!!!!!! wow she is great!!!!!!!

marimadness @ 6:23 pm on 06/12/2010

@naomi and @marissa u said it girls! Ppl need to just stop hating if they dont like selena get out this post and @ashytisdalefan selena isnt boring shes a good girl and wholesome and can get attention without having to dance next to a stripper pole. The ppl behind the photoshoot does selenas hair she doesnt wear it like that on a daily basis they do her hair, so she doesnt copy miley at all. Of course ppl try to compare selena with miley but they r their own person. Or at least selena is. Selena isnt boring shes wholesome and her and miley r different. Stop comparing and go back to mileyville u miley fans.

MollyMakeout @ 6:32 pm on 06/12/2010

woww both her haters and stans are INSANE

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