Selena Gomez & The Scene: 'Round and Round' Preview!

Selena Gomez & The Scene: 'Round and Round' Preview!

Check out the preview for Selena Gomez & The Scene‘s new tune — ‘Round and Round!’

The track, which hits airwaves on on June 22, was recorded entirely in Budapest where Selena is filming her new movie, Monte Carlo.

The music video will premiere NEXT Friday, June 18th @ 8:25PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Selena & The Scene’s new track — HOT or NOT?

Selena Gomez & The Scene – “Round and Round” Preview!
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  • Julia

    Horrible. :/

  • Alexa

    Not as good as Naturally, but I like it!

  • jenny

    It’s not very good at all.

  • tay~kasd

    i luv you selena… but what the hell…. i don’t like this song at all!

  • Christine

    uhh I’m on the fence about this…I think I need to hear the whole track..

  • LEESHA01

    umm im not feeling it!

  • Mika

    The preview doesn’t sound so good .. hope the single is somehow better.

  • sarah

    She looks amazing as always

  • tish

    AWFULL just like everything she does

  • m
    This preview sounds a lot better!

  • ghazal

    hello everyone im iranian but i like selena demi ashley zac miley jonas brothers ……………………….and i have 11 years old

  • natalie

    love selena!!!!!!

  • Alysha

    Hmm…I don’t really know. I’m with Christine on this one – I need to hear the whole track…

  • erikita

    I think its good, i mean i know Naturally or Falling Down sounded cool but let’s hear more about her new album, maybe she’s bringing some new cool sounds and rhythms hehe

    go Selena go!

  • nathalia

    hmmm, i don’t know!

  • ss

    i love her more as an actress! she’s amazing as an actress.

  • aa

    It sounds amazing. You guys are deaf…..

  • shootingstar93

    Definitely gonna have to hear the whole song before I can say whether I like it or not. Even then I may have to listen to it two or three times before I really like it. But I’m sure I’ll like it cause I like Selena :)

  • rosie

    its not bad it sounds better than cant be tamed hahah

  • pauli

    @tish pathetic and jelous? much? LOL i just laugh of someone like you….

  • pauli

    this sounds so god!!! cant wait for her whole album…. is soo catchy!!! i just love it….

  • jessica

    ugh i wish she would have stuck with acting. damn. i love her all but no just no. this music career is not a good decision.

  • Shana

    Her voice has developed so nicely since her last album. I think doing a lot of live concerts really helped her out. I can’t wait for what she comes out with next!

  • alexxa.

    u guys are being too judgemental. you can’t really judge the song by the Preview, like seriously. I know the song is going to make a big hit like Naturally & Falling Down. You guys should save your comments until you hear the wholeee song .

  • blaireb

    @jessica: Her album went Gold, Her single went Platinum and her concerts are always sold out in seconds. So yeah, I think she made a pretty good decision.

    And I like this clip, I think I’ll love it more when the full song comes out!

  • fel

    @Mika: why are you always on selena’s post loser.

  • dream

    @Julia: Wow jelous much !!!

  • stacey

    Umm, Selena does great w/ everything she
    does, but this song is just ehhh to me. Possibly
    one of the worst songs she’s done? However,
    I’ll continue to admire her for everything she does.

  • Janette peralta

    I like it. It’s a mix of a ballad and techno.
    Most of the time it is hard to mix these two but it sounds good.

  • Ed

    Can’t judge a song with a 15 sec preview. I need to wait. Made that mistake before; When Ke$ha wasn’t as annoying to me, the preview for Bleh Bleh Bleh was pretty decent in itunes – she was actually singing… THEN I heard the whole song. that part was the only good part. The rest was super annoying and the lyrics HORRENDOUS!

  • Koe

    love it can’t wait to hear the whole song i’m so proud of lena She haves haters lol

  • OMG!

    WOW! That seems A LOT like Demi Lovato’s Here We Go Again…. :(
    I personally just don’t think she needs a second album. The first was ok but no….

  • tiffany

    I love it very much.This song is much better than cant be tamed.

  • Marissa

    I love it! Cant wait for the whole song and the video :) And like I said 100 times before, if you dont like selena’s music, movies or show… Please do not waste your “precious” time bashing on her. At the END her work is for her FANS and NOT for you :)

  • hateselena

    @blaireb umm…..i agree but miley’s album went platinum single went multi platinum in many countries and fyi her’s was in the us…..sel’s single went platinum in canada….and she CANNOT sing live!
    face it ppl:selena is gud for nothing!

  • sellout

    why are stars so obbsessed with autotune these days?

  • freezy

    GUYS? If you don’t like it listen to it one more time..same with me NOW I LOVE IT!

    Gooo Seeeleenaa

  • mileysuxx

    so much better than that cant be tamed song!!!!
    Love Sel :)

  • katyperryyep

    Okay 1. it doesn’t sound like california girl AND 2. if yes than it’s good cuz california girls is #1 on billboard hahah pathetic loosers…but still happy that she hasn’t so much haters like that chubby cyrus!

  • TheGoemzCrew


  • P.Diddy

    Sounds kinda like a summer song and I LOVE it and Selena is SO hot!

  • selbetterthanmiles

    Wooooow looooove it!!!!!
    she is a really good singer i saw her life in london and she killed it!!!

  • keera

    not the best song ever but million times better than ‘Can’t be tamed’ so yeah it’s a top 10 hit- Selena Fans? BUY BUY BUY IT on iTunes & as a Single!

  • bowwow4ever

    pretty good…and people don’t have to love it I mean she maked movie what she likes not like slµtty cyrus who doesn’t like her own music pffffff…..Selena is gorgeous and really talented

  • breathegomez


    tish??? you mean the ugly b!tchy mom of miley?? ooohhhh jealous much?? just watch her album is gonna be tha bomb and her single is a SMASH HIT!

    #GoSelenaGo wwooohoo haha we love you!!

  • yoyo

    Sooooooooooooo amazing!!!

  • iLoveeMiley

    tbh none of her songs are that amazing i love her but she is way better at acting. I have only seen her sing really well once. Miley and Demi’s songs are so much better and can sing a million times better.

    When people say she can sing better than Miley they are mad Miley is the best on disney. This song is better than the songs on her album though.

  • zeena

    sounds epic caan’t waaaaaaaaaaaait !!!!!

  • ParisLovesSelena

    J’adore <3

  • jason


    really? that’s why selena’s single went platinum and her albumd sold more than demi’s okaaaaaay….Many people like her music just like me I love her soft & smoothie Xtina Aguilera just started like her watch some of her old vids…whhaaa can’t wait for selena’s upcoming stuff

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