Vanessa Hudgens is Yoga Yummy

Vanessa Hudgens is Yoga Yummy

All in black, Vanessa Hudgens heads back to her car in comfy slippers after yoga class on Saturday afternoon (June 12) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old actress wore her fave Brokedown Vintage Button Cadet cap, which you can pre-order at

Vanessa was spotted out on the town yesterday afternoon picking up some cool iced coffee.

In case you missed it, check out Vanessa with Donald, Mickey and Minnie at the World of Color premiere!

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  • http://deleted/ Karii


  • joy.

    What a cutie in her cadet cap. =)

  • stefy


  • nathalia

    vanessa always with good appearance
    vanessa is with your body in great shape

  • sara12

    love her

  • bia

    te amo linda! =)

  • Tini

    love her!

  • Malule

    Love her, good to see V news!
    Anyone nows if is true that Zac is already in Maui?

  • mike

    she rely works hard to be in shape

  • ok

    I really like her hat

  • ladysdsandiego

    she has an amazing body!!!

  • carly

    aw she didn’t go with Zac to Maui Hawaii to receive his award =(
    but can’t wait till zanessa sighting

  • peggy


    There is one tweet and no pics

  • Anibal

    Love ya <3

  • nathalia

    how sad
    in Hawaii without vanessa zac
    zac was with his family
    without grace

  • Bradley Bobst


    There is been No LAX pictures of Him Leaving.

  • lauren

    here we go again.
    does it matter?

    when there are pics then we would know.

    everyone needs to chill out.

  • Bradley Bobst


    I did not say anything worng with my comment you need to read it I was just telling @Malule: I don’t like site anymore People just jump on for no reason.

  • lauren

    i wasnt aiming towrds u. im saying in general.

  • Bradley Bobst


    Sorry I Thought you aiming.

  • Diamond

    I just love Vanessa she is just so relaxed and still looks great at the same time which is great :) AND REALLY COULD FOR OUNCE (OUNCE) PPL STOP BRINGING UP ZAC IN A VANESSA FORUM GOODNESS! This is for Vanessa not zac so just stop always tlkn bout him..VANESSA ROCKS!

  • Boji

    V’s hat looks just like momma Gina’s. JJ are you sure it is Yoga and not Dance class? What she’s wearing is more like what she’d do in Rent.

  • annie

    omg yesterday she look super cute and now she look hot! he he

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    i don´t think so

  • http://j chelsea

    black suits her

  • http://deleted/ Karii

    i love her body! so hot

  • nathalia


  • http://google BARBARA

    Vanessa, looks great, even when she works out, she is getting ready for Rent, and want curves she has, also well tone. very sexie woman.

  • Jenn8

    She looks great and hot!!! She does yoga? Is there anything she doesn’t do???? She looks great and very toned!

  • jazmin

    staying fit!!! love it.

  • annie

    pilates, circuit training, jogging, gym, and yoga…what next? he he girl

  • peggy


    His award isn’.t until Wednesday so we don’t know if she will be there or not.

    We don’t even have any pics or info about him being in Hawaii except 2 tweets

  • peggy


    She’s just trying to keep herself in shape she said after SP she got serious about taking better care of herself.

    She’s not trying to get in shape for anything she’s been in shape since SP.

  • Susan

    Did she get the implants before doing Sucker Punch? I’m glad she didn’t go any bigger.

  • A Fan

    I doubt it since she said it before she doesn’t believe in a plastic surgery.

  • kami

    wish my butt looked like vanessa’s. she is in great shape.

  • vancrazed

    girl has had implants. Its called massive body training..she’s been doing it for over a year now, and she takes care of her body, she’s toned what she’s got. i think she wears certain things that accent or hide what she has, so when she puts something like this on people are a bit shocked . What’s she’s got has been there all along. No wonder boy can’t keep his hands of her.

  • vancrazed


    Meant to say girl has NOT had implants. Has NOT!!!!!

  • Katty

    shes getting fatter ..

  • WullyBully

    @Katty: No you’re just getting dumber. And Visually impaired lol. Anyone who has seen recent pictures of her wouldn’t call her “fat”

  • WullyBully

    @Katty: No you’re just visually impaired…and dumb :p

  • kate1

    @Boji, on the wall behind Vanessa it says Yoga so i guess that’s why JJ said it was Yoga she was at.

    and @Katty are you sure you can see properly.

  • kate1

    Ohhh and forgot to say

    Looking very FIT and stunning vanessa

  • maeli


  • ehryle

    PRETYLECIOUS… xoxo V :)

  • skyhigh95

    she’s looks pretty :) Hope to see another Zanessa sighting…

  • vanny

    amazing body =)

  • mandy

    @Katty: that ugly please do not envy people, if vanessa is beautiful and reflects on it and do not be distilling its poison cheap!
    Vanessa has an amazing body and she’s not skinny, not most Hollywood actresses and this makes it the most amazing person in the world!

  • sunny

    She looks great! She’s not waiflike thin and she’s not anywhere near fat. She looks perfect for her petite frame. Chew on that haters.

  • Alyson


    This photo is from Saturday the 12th of June, Zac isn’t getting his award until the 16th. So she hasn’t missed it, I expect she will go with him or meet him there.