Zac Efron: Beach with Bro Dylan!

Zac Efron: Beach with Bro Dylan!

Zac Efron and lil bro Dylan show off their beach bodies while relaxing at a beach in Maui, Hawaii on Sunday (June 13).

These Efron brothers look so hot!!!

Zac is in town because he’ll be honored for his acting, including his work in High School Musical and 17 Again. Maui Film Festival’s Shining Star Award will be given to him on Wednesday (June 16) during the opening night tribute at the Celestial Cinema.

FYI: Dylan just graduated from high school earlier this week. What a great graduation gift! And Zac‘s new movie, Charle St. Cloud, opens on July 30!

Visit for another sexy photo of Zac on the beach!

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Credit: David; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • :DDDjjj

    im a guy and i must say,, WOW!

  • amy

    god damn zacs looking mighty fine <3

  • :DDDjjj

    u can see where the hair leads to za’s pee pee

  • carly

    HOT HOT HOT, the Eforn borthers are so SEXY =D

    wish vanessa could come but I like how zanessa spends time with their own families.
    Probably a graduation present to his brother dylan.

  • jenny

    OMG long time i havent seen a zefron topless pic and im loving it. he has a FINE body if his bro works out a bit both of them could be the perfect pair to see topless together aaaaaaaah thanks JJJ!

  • londonlemming

    About time you put it up Jared. Been putting links to the site that first got the pics since 8 this morning on the Vanessa post.

    Anyway…. Zacs chest seems to like not being covered up ;) Dylan seems to going more and more like Zac as he gets older. But he is taller than Zac Ive noticed :)

  • http://j chelsea

    hot brothers

  • Gemma

    Ooooohhh! I’d tap that! i must say either of the efron brothers are a total catch! major credit to their parents! Dylan is gorgeous and Zac…. well its Zac Efron he is a total babe and a half!

  • amy

    Zac is perfection seriously.

  • Kim

    Holy Mother of God!!!
    He’ll be the death of me.
    I live you sooooo much Zachary!!
    And Dylan is hot too!!!
    I wish Nessa was there though.

  • lauren


    so i’m guessing him and vanessa have hot passionate sex?’ lol


  • Georgia

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT!! little efron is HOT!! he is so fine!! and standing next to zac efron that is reall saying something!!! WOAH!!

  • Alexa


  • sara

    oh my…

  • T_JBMileydemi

    God bless their mother!!! OMG!!!!!!!
    They’re really hot!!!! I Love U Zac & My brother in law

  • http://@nshworld BIggest fan from NORway!

    Ohhh my goood!!
    SO HOT!
    LOve u sooooo much Zachary David Aleksander Efron!
    I’m your BIGGEST fan in hole world!
    (love u 2 dylan)

    LOOOVe zac<3

  • menna

    Oh me oh my, well is Dylan a sexy beast;)

    well……they both are.


  • http://@nshworld BIggest fan from NORway!

    SOO HOT!
    Love u sooo much Zachary David Aleksander Efron, and i’m am seriusly your biggest fan i hole world!
    (love u2 dylan)

  • http://@nshworld BIggest fan from NORway!

    SO hot<3
    Love u sooo much Zachary David Aleksander Efron, and i’m am seriusly your biggest fan i hole world!
    (love u2 dylan)

  • alice

    mama efron : YOU’VE WORKED VEEEEEEEEEEEEERY WELL !!!! they’re like two beautiful gods !! :P SO DAMN HOT !

  • me (:

    OMFG SO EFFING HOT. both of them !! i agree with alice: thank you mama efron !
    theyre both absolutely beautiful !
    ps, guys, make sure you go see charlie st. cloud ! its amazing. zac efron gives a perfect performance.

  • Paige

    oh my…….I think I’ve actually died!!!!!!!!!!
    woooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwiiieeee <3

  • muse

    Oh my, my, my. Good lord, Ive died and gone to Efron Heaven. Damn those family genes.

    Vanessa is damn lucky. ;)

    Just found my new phone wallpaper. :D

  • lover

    both are extremely hooT!!!

  • zv4ever

    OH MY GOD zac and dylan look SOOOOOOO HOT HOT HOT HOT

    however ZAC IS MORE HOT… men look this body..

    im just LOVE YOU



  • babyg

    wow. HOTTT!

  • zv4ever

    Damn im going to died.. if im still wacthing the photos zac.. is HOT

  • tree

    Is it me or does Vanessa never to to SLO with Zac? You never hear that she is around his family. Does anyone know if she has ever been with them. Graduation is a big deal, why wouldn’t V go see it. There have been many other times I would have thought she would have gone back to SLO with him and didn’t , does his family not like her. Anyone with knowledge please respond. Thanks

  • Mariska

    They’re so hot. I found my new laptop background haha ;P.

  • gaby!
    SEXY! I think I might die.

  • aline

    I love zac..Beutiful..beautiful

  • filipe

    i want a 3some with these guys

  • BabyBooZanessa

    I’ve been staring on this pictures 5 hours !!!! And I will not stop looking at it!

    Damn This Efron Brothers Are So Breathe Taking and Heart Taking !

    Vanessa Hudgens ! Your So Lucky ! I Know You See Zac Shirtless Billion Times !

    <3 Zanessa

  • londonlemming

    @tree: She didn’t go to the graduation because it technically had nothing to do with her…It was DYLAN’s big day not Zac’s. If it had been Zac’s graduation then it would have been a different story. Also tickets to Graduation are normally limited so as it was Dylan’s day it would make sense for him to chose immediate family members such as his parents,brother and maybe grandparents, rather than someone his brother is close to that Dylan rarely sees, don’t you think?

  • carly


    I wonder about the same thing, but i think his parent do like vanessa. Who wouldn’t, she is really sweet, and zac has a good sense of character and his parents trust him and see how happy they are. When the HSM 3 premiere in LA there were pictures of zanessa and his family and Stella in the same limo. And one of zanessa and zac’s dad. And all the time when it’s zac’s birthday they come to the party for zac. But i do wish vanessa came this time. But i think she is busy with training, and sometimes she just wants zac to spend time with his family like after her 21st birthday when the efrons went to Colorado . BUt we never know vanessa prob went at one time or another. But i wish we could see some pictures. It’s like that for vanessa parents it’s not like they don’t like zac.
    That’s why i love there relationship, very personally and meaningful.

  • londonlemming

    @carly: Having pictures of them with their parents would be a gross invasion of privacy. The fact of the matter is both Zac and Vanessa are very close to their families and both understand the importance of spending time with their families.

  • http://maferbongi marybn19

    @muse: totally agreed! my wallpaper too!!! lol

  • http://maferbongi marybn19

    those guys are not allowed to be that hooot!!!

    dear lordd!!! lol

    love them

  • vona

    zacyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy OMG WOWWWWWWWWW I LOVE THEM THNX <3 <3< 3

  • carly


    I completely agree and respect their privacy, but come on who wouldn’t want to see them having fun with them and there families.

  • Karen

    Vanessa often goes to SLO with Zac. There have been many accounts of both of them there together when Zac has gone to visit his parents. BUT the people in his hometown respect him and know him so they also RESPECT their privacy when they are there. As a matter of fact they were there camping with some friends over the Memorial Day weekend.

    When it comes to holidays like Christmas or family reunions or Dylan’s graduation, Vanessa does not go. When it comes to Christmas, Vanessa spends time with her folks like Zac does his. This past Christmas Zac only spent a couple days at his parents before returning to LA. He does not get the chance to see his family as much as Vanessa gets to see hers so she of course allows him some alone time with them. It stands to reason that he sees other extended family even less so when he has a chance to go to a reunion he take the opportunity to do that privately. And with Dylan’s graduation it was HIS day to shine, not about “Zanessa” which it would have become had she gone. Even Zac stayed in the press box away from people and cameras.

    There were pictures some months ago where Zac’s dad and Dylan went to a Kings of Leon concern with Zac and Vanessa and it was reported that at one point Vanessa went over to Dylan and gave him a big hug. Also, Dylan and Zac’s dad were in NYC with Vanessa when they all turned out to support him when he appeared on Saturday Night Live.

    So, to answer everyone’s question who do not know, it would SEEM that the Efron do like Vanessa and she does spend time in SLO with Zac when he goes—at times.

  • pop86


    Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Efron.

  • bobo ak

    wawawa the efron bro sooooooooooooooooooooo hot awwwwwwwwwwwwww zac my baby

  • nooooooo

    They’re beautiful and handsome brothers I may say
    They look so hot

  • Karen

    And before anyone asks me how I know the things I just posted, there are many RELIABLE sources to this information. The problems comes when people believe things the UNRELIABLE gossip sites print…

  • bobo ak

    he llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk too much like zac

  • londonlemming

    @Karen: You basically said what I said,just a more descriptive version…Thanks :)

    BTW you never said what you thought of the pics ….,.

  • londonlemming

    @Karen: Nothing is reliable unless it comes directly from the horses mouth so to speak, everything can get twisted….. It’s reliable if it comes from Zac,his friends or his manager and publicist.

  • londonlemming

    @carly: You contradicted yourself with that last comment :)

  • carly


    I agree completely …..

>>>>>>> staging1