Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (in Oliver Peoples “Sheldrake” sunglasses in Buff) are just two of the Twilight stars heading into the studio to tape a segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live! in Los Angeles on Monday evening (June 14).

Also spotted heading in were Peter Facinelli and Dakota Fanning. JJJ isn’t sure when the cast’s appearance will air on Jimmy, but we do have a few other dates available. Check it:

June 15 ” Robert ” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”
June 28 ” Taylor Lautner ” “The Today Show” and “Live with Regis and Kelly”
June 28 ” Kristen ” “The Late Show with David Letterman”
June 29 ” Kristen ” “The Today Show” and “Live with Regis and Kelly”
June 30 ” Kristen ” “Lopez Tonight”
July 1 ” Taylor ” “The Late Show with David Letterman”
July 6 ” Nikki Reed ” “Live with Regis and Kelly”
July 7 ” Bryce Dallas Howard ” “Live with Regis and Kelly”

Kristen was wearing Modern Vintage Dash Lace Up Oxford Flats and J Brand “912″ low rise pencil leg jeans.

Doesn’t Kristen‘s hair look fabulous!? 25+ pics inside…

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  • abby

    She looks 10 better with the long hair and when its clean.

  • azalea

    She looks happy all the time here !!!
    Yayy, i love her smile :))
    shes so cute and adorable !!!
    love her street style too

    Yayy yayy KStew !!



  • Dany

    OMG she looks so beautiful! I love her style!

  • ems

    Rob is so cute. Also, PFach!

  • Kayline

    aww Rob <3

  • http://justjaresjr debbs

    they look so happy here go Rob and Kristen way to go you two love the hair Kristen and Rob keep smiling

  • sue

    Rob looks gorgeous in that suit

  • alrene

    UNF Rob, just beautiful

  • jo

    Rob looks so happy. Bless him

  • ange

    Luv kristen more every day
    she looks soo much better now without the
    crap Joan jett hair

  • ange

    Her dress is hot also, can anyone ID?

  • Hmmm

    someone has gotten a hold of her after her comment controversy and now she seems papparazzi friendly ..obviously summit told her to get in line and stop complaining.

  • Amalie

    Beautiful, both of them. ♥

    Jimmy Kimmel will air june 23rd.

  • wow

    Kristen looks so gorgeous.

  • -just.bella.

    @Hmmm: Kristen only gets annoyed when people are taking pictures of her in her own private time. She is more than happy to do it now because this is part being in the Twilight Saga but when she goes back to her hotel that is her time but paparazzi cross the line and still continue to take pictures of her. Thats the only time she gets hacked off at them. Plus this is a fan event and she is always smiley and happy to meet fans!

    Anyways, Kristen looks great I’m really liking her hair now. Rob just looks so adorable in his suit!!

  • amandaHGV

    Kristen looks so naturally beautiful. I really love her shirt and shoes. I met her twice, one at New Moon premiere and one at The Runaways premiere. She is very nice with fans. She just dislike the paparazzi, you should be at the premiere once then you will understand. They yell at her to turn around for them to take the right pictures. When she couldn’t hear them, they started to throw the F word to get her attention. It’s horrible. Anyway, she looks very pretty and I adore her :)

  • amandaHGV


    I don’t think either Rob or Kristen take any order from Summit. I just think they get more comfortable with the whole phenomenon situation and learn to handle them better. One obvious fact that there is no more Summit moderator at this year press junket. Both Rob and Kristen even answered the question about their relationship. It’s really hard when you suddenly become the attention of world over night.

  • maria

    I just don’t think this girl is attractive at all. Except for her eyes. She has a huge chin, like Jay Leno, is awkward beyond belief, looks like she’s always stoned, and just has no idea how to carry herself. If she hadn’t been in those God-awful Twilight movies, NO ONE would ever notice this girl.

  • Andy

    Kristen looks stunning.

  • kimmyNMA

    Kristen is pretty. Her hair is getting longer. Love her shirt.

  • WillB

    Kristen looks beautiful! I love her!!!!

  • WillB

    Kristen Steart looks gorgeous. All you Robtards are just jealous hags. I love her!!

  • Taya

    Robsten !

  • P

    It airs June 23.I was there and dang did I get sunburned.But it was soooooooo worth it.Poor Kristen and Rob w/stupid fan questions.Kimmel people FAIL on picking questions!

  • ellen

    Kristen looks happy and very beautiful. I like her hair like this.

  • WillB

    I’m pretty sure this is another of Rob’s shirts. I really think I remember seeing him in a photoshoot in this shirt. Does anyone else remember this? (I’m not trying to be a crazy stalker either – I don’t care if they are together or not – I still love Stewart either way).

  • jessica

    why is kristens shirt a little ripped on the sides?

  • hiha

    @jessica: cuz it’s cool! duh

  • liri92

    kristen is uggly but she is ok!! love rob.. i kinda think the short hair suits to him better!!!!!!

  • honey



  • lila

    actually i preferred kristen not in twilight,
    i think she would have had a much more successful career
    inspite of this saga and the freaky haters

  • Shel

    i’m all for the tomboy look with Kris, but that t-shirt is disgusting

  • Den wilson

    She doesn’t think she’s all that. If I were her, I would’ve said that too. Because really, people messaging your family to get in contact with you?