Miley Cyrus is Just Being Miley

Miley Cyrus is Just Being Miley
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  • Bel

    No Just being Miley’s not right, she’s not a good role model


    Im staying with Selena Gomez!!! Shes someone to look up to. Im sure Sel will have mistakes in life like we all do but im sure their not gonna be like Mileys. GO SELENA GOMEZZZZZ!!! :)

  • nkeeyah

    People are ignorant. Taylor Lautner was 17 when he shot New Moon and he had his shirt off a lot. NO one said anything. Girls were racing to the movies. I will admit I was one. Guys get away with much more than us girls. If we cant wear leotards or short shorts when performing, guys have to wear shirts when playing sports (soccer, football). People need to back off Miley. She is not perfect; NO one is. So quit trying to make her and her parents look bad.

  • Eddiero

    No she is not,why would i try to explain this to you.. you don`t have the brain to understand.But she`s great ..she one of my fav celebrities aand she`s sexy XD

  • COurtney

    @nkeeyah: I know right. People can be so ignorant. Taylor was 17 when he shot New Moon and yea he did take off his shirt but NO ONE said anything. Me as well was racing to the movie. Guys get away with anything but us girls have to pay the price of our actions. People really need to lay off Miley. Stop trying to make her and her parents look bad


    @nkeeyah @COurtney But Taylor was doing in a movie!!! Maybe if Miley were doing a movie and had to dress like that for her character but shes no, it wouldn’t be such a big deal. Taylor wouldn’t walk around shirtless in the streets. IM JUST SAYING!!

  • mrsdestinyhope

    @ADRIANA: you don’t know thee future hun. After all, it’s usually the squeakiest stars that end up in tragice. Shia La Beouf and Lindsay Lohan are just a few examples. They never had a single scandal while they were promoting Disney. And where are they now? Shia’s had three DUI’s and has a smoking addiction, and Lindsay? Well, I just don’t think there’s hope for her (unless she starts acting again.) I’m just saying hear. That’s something to think about. Another example is Lalaine (Lizzie Mcgurie) who is supposedly on rehab now.

  • nkeeyah

    @ADRIANA: But Miley was performing. She doesn’t walk around town in a leotard just on stage.

  • http://j chelsea

    yeah sk.anky miley

  • Alexa

    Yes, she’s just being Miley, and that’s why I hate her.

  • Sahina

    let her do what she wants!! at the end of the day, it’s her life and it’s up to us if we want to follow what she does or not. and the media should just leave her alone and stop reporting every single thing she does in her life and stop giving negative images of her.

  • Qiana

    @nkeeyah: Taylor is a guy. Women are supposed to be classy. Taylor HAD to do that for the movie. Miley is just choosing to be that way.

  • lb

    Oh you haters are all just so sick. Want me to tell you how you should dress? I don’t think you would listen and Miley won’t either. LET HER BE! She’s just being herself and making money while you’re bashing her.

  • rachel

    @Qiana Taylor is a guy. Women are supposed to be classy?? What? pufff it is not 1820, it is 2010!!

    Miley is not a fictitious personage or a robot as Disney want, She is not perfect and real, I love her

  • nkeeyah

    @rachel: THANK YOU!!!!!!

  • itsmeagain

    @Alexa: why? cuz she doesn’t act like a plastic Disney robot like the other stars?

    as the words of her songs go:
    She’s NOT your robot, she’s just MILEY

  • good-one

    Hyper-masculine or feminine attributes?

    “Boldness, again boldness, and always boldness!” ~~Georges Jacques Danton (1759–1794)

    Or do you prefer your Miley dull & demure? Because:

    “All good fortune is a gift of the gods and you don’t win the favour of the ancient gods by being good but by being bold.” ~~Anita Brookner

  • Rome

    Oh God, please don’t start with the feminism. I don’t care if it’s 1820 or 2010, women are not supposed to walk around half naked, you’re supposed to have a little class. Same with guys who walk around with their underwear down too much then it needs to be!

    Whoever said it is right. Taylor does it for a character in a movie, Miley doesn’t. I don’t care what she says, she is trying to be sexy and break away from Disney. I don’t care if she does, but don’t deny it. Her shorts are WAY too short when she’s performing. When guys perform, their wearing jeans and tank tops ( i don’t see them taking it off), but Miley wears SHORT SHORTS.

    And they only take off their shirt in football, after a victory or game’s done mostly.

  • good-one

    Bold doesn’t only have to be like Cindy Crawford on Leno, it can also be like Abby Sunderland. Because bold is bold precisely because the choice is one’s own, not someone else’s.

  • nkeeyah

    I’ve seen guys play entire sports games with their shirts off. Its pure BS that girls get the slack. Is Beyonce not classy? she wears leotards on stage. Is Shakira not classy?

  • Qiana

    @Rome: Thank you. I don’t really care what year it is, women aren’t supposed to walk around wearing trash all the time. Yes Miley wear’s short stuff on stage but she does the same thing off stage. Her whole attitude has changed a whole lot. She’s not beautiful to me anymore. I mean yeah Beyonce wears leotards on stage but that just is onstage. Beyonce is classy because she’s so calm, and sophisticated, and confident. Miley acts the same way on stage as she does off. Beyonce doesn’t. She’s a very beautiful woman inside and out. Miley is just a teenage trying to act like an adult. She’s talented but she needs to change the way she looks at people and her outlook on life. She wants people to leave her alone then she needs to stop doing things to attract attention to herself.


  • nkeeyah

    @Qiana: Women are suppose to do whatever we please. We dont need no blogger or a bunch of people putting us down or in our place.

  • http://orla1988xx Orla

    just leave Miley alone shes 17 almost 18 years of age if she wasnt from disney no one would be saying this!! she is growing up therefore her style will grow up with her. there are stars younger than her who do much much worse give her a break

  • ^_^

    @Alexa: LOL agreeed!

  • Britini95


    Amen! She shouldn’t get mad at people if she keeps doing things THAT SHE KNOW’S will attract negative attention. I think people, adults mostly, would be more inclinced to liking or supporting Miley if she wan’t acting like a spoiled brat. Saying “people give Disney to much credit” WTF??? Without Disney you would be NOTHING! I really think she’ll end up like Lindsay Lohan. Just like Lindsay, her parents would rather party with her than discipline her, and a mother who is in denial that she isn’t 20 anymore. Qaina is right, Miley attitude has changed alot. She’s not funny, or cute or even sassy, she’s a straight up Bee-otch! Forgeting that those little girls made her career. I like her music, but she needs to drop the attitude, its not cute and she is only 17, she hasn’t EARNED the right to be arrogant, since her acting in the last song was painful and she always has to get auto-tuned to sound decent. I just wish she would go back to being more humble, all the attention and fame has definately gotten to her head!

  • Britini95

    And Taylor was doing what he did for a role,as other have said. Miley shows her bra and once wore a see-through shirt with nothing underneath, for the sake of it. That’s just her style. Everyone style’s evole and Miley is no different. She’s probably still in her teen rebellion. I think if there wasn’t as much pressure in Miley in the beginnig, she she WAS acting like a regular teenager(now she isn’t) she wouldn’t have ended up like this. I think she just needs to learn she can’t change anyone’s mind and should stop getting so defensive. Of course she SHOULD defend herself when honestly nessisary(sp?), but she gets so angery and too defensive. With the background of her career, people have the right to be shocked at first. But now I think people aren’t shocked by what she does and her her image doesn’t have that same shock value, I thik people have stopped caring :/

  • jonaslover988979

    i dont get how miley cyrus can be playing a 18+ concert at the house of blues when shes only 17… isn’t that kinda weird? u know, i love her music and stuff but i just had to get my tickets refunded because its only 18+ and im only 16…. this is really pissing me off

  • http://princesslilmeme lil meme

    not she is not miley she is sluty hahaha haaate u slut take that in your face suker