Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud Featurette!

Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud Featurette!

Zac Efron sits back and tells a story to fans about his new flick, Charlie St. Cloud.

The 22-year-old actor reveals in the featurette about his character, “Charlie is ready to take on life, but as life does, it takes an unexpected turn.”

Zac continued, “It’s about the bond between two brothers and how it transcends all.”

Charlie St. Cloud hits theaters on Friday, July 30th. Are you going to see it?

Zac Efron: Charlie St. Cloud Featurette
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  • Althea

    It’s not out until October here but I’ll watch it for sure.

  • JAzzY

    Oh i’ll see it for sure!!! :) can’t wait!! Sounds interesting:)

  • Katty

    Where is the vid??? It’s gone, unfair, I want to see it!

  • athena

    I definitely will be going to see this film…I love Zac’s work…he’s a great actor that many of the big Hollywood guys are afraid to take a chance on…I’m still waiting for Me and Orson Welles to be available on DVD in the states…or have I missed it…does anyone know if the MAOW dvd is out in the US yet?

  • Carolina

    I’ll go too, like i said b4 zanessa grown up in amazing ways!

  • Katty

    Now that I have seen the video..

    I love having Zac’s point of view on the movie. I think it is a brilliant role for him, and from commercials, he seems to portray Charlie beautifully. He definitely deserves that award in Maui. It’s about time he take a serious role that will show people how good he is and how much he has learned.

    I think he is filming Snabba Cash soon… I wonder where it will be fiming… hm.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Katty, he said he was taking some time for himself this summer, and he has to go out and promote CSC, here and in Europe, Japan , and austraila, my guess not untill sometime this fall.

  • londonlemming

    @BARBARA: According to Various sites Snabba Cash does not start shooting until 2011….

  • Tiptoes

    I am excited to watch this movie when it comes out in Canada on July 30.

  • bobo ak

    cant waith ti see it …………….. so excited ..good jobe zacke

  • Jannii

    have to say.. I AM NOT AN ZAC FAN AT ALL .. !! Honestly I have to say.. I really dont like him.. BUT .. this was pretty heart touched!
    I guess I will watch this when its out in germany.. not cuz of Zac is in it.. the story seems so great & touched. Wow.

  • pop86

    I can’t wait until to see this movie.

  • mona

    Such a wonderful story, and right up Zac’s alley. Should be amazing!

  • http://@mayzv4ever mayzv4ever

    Off course i go to see this movie

    IT seems really really good


  • nikki

    Ahh i love zac efron!!!!! <33333

  • carolina

    i am so going to see it!

  • duuumm

    well, he might start filming fire soon i guess. i mean, theyve been working on a script for quite a while now.

  • WandaLynn

    Now I see why the Movie is Rated R Because of The sex scene between Zac and Amanda Alot of tweens are going to be mad because they can’t go see the movie.

  • kgg

    @WandaLynn: The movie is rated PG13, not R…and there is no actual sex scene – just kissing and cuddling and no nudity. Tweens can see it with an adult.

  • WandaLynn


    Really And how did you find that out because from what I was told the movie was rated R with his Sex sene with Amanda.

  • Bradley Bobst


    how do you know it is rated r when the tralier is saying it is pg 13

  • WandaLynn

    @Bradley Bobst:

    Because I Have people who have told me It is Rated The Trailer Lies.

  • WandaLynn

    @Bradley Bobst:

    Because I Have people who have told me the Movie is rated R The Trailer Lies.


    You are Worng there is a Full on Full Sex scene you see Amanda Naked and You also see a Zac Ass Shot.

  • kgg

    @WandaLynn: Sorry, but you are wrong. Zac is not doing anything rated R right now….maybe in the distant future. He knows he still has a fairly young fanbase. I know someone who’s actually seen a special screening of the movie and she said there was no nudity and no actual sex scene.

    Sorry, but your informants are misinformed.

  • Karen


    It sounds like you are merely trying to stir up conversation and controversy on this thread. You are pushing this issue WAY too much. It is obvious that this movie iS NOT rated R and it is rated PG-13 because of SOME language and adult themes, not due to nudity or explicit love scenes. There are many who have seen the early screening just last week and have written all about it. Zac is not even shirtless in much of the movie which so many people seem to want him to be. What is WRITTEN in the book and what has translated to the big screen are two entirely DIFFERENT things. Your informants may have told you what was in the book but that will not be included like that in this movie. So, give up your quest to start some bruhaha here.

  • WandaLynn


    The Movie can Change the Rating in July they do not need to keep it Pg – 13 If they want to make it R They Can.

    Those People are not telling the thuth,

  • kgg

    @WandaLynn: They will not be making it R no matter what you say. It’s PG-13 and it will stay that way. They cannot nor will not change the rating. Quit stirring up controversy on Zac and Vanessa threads.

    You, my dear, are the one not telling the truth.

  • Bradley Bobst


    This was on the charlie st Cloud website. MPAA:Rated PG-13 for language including some sexual references, an intense accident scene and some sensuality.

  • Karen


    Tell you what, why don’t you come back here on July 31 after the movie comes out and try to sell you manure?

  • fran

    i will DEFINETELY watch it!!! damn it looks soooooo good! and of course zac looks perfect… as always!

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • anla

    can’t wait for this move
    it looks great

  • mary

    Karen is right, its rated PG-13, and i saw it myself
    even zac said himself that he won’t film any sex scenes
    i mean, have a brain
    how can it be rated PG-13 and there’s sex scenes in it ???!!!

  • Ashley kast

    did you guys see this?!? Zac :) is hosting a private screening of Charlie St. Cloud for one of us and our friends!!! i found a contest on the movie’s facebook page, i want to meet him sooo much ♥

  • tony

    how do you know there is no sex scene in the charlie st cloud movie

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