Robert Pattinson to Emma Roberts: You Have No Taste

Robert Pattinson to Emma Roberts: You Have No Taste


Emma Roberts lets out a big laugh as Robert Pattinson jokingly insults her taste in guys as they appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday night (June 15).

When Jay asked Emma, 19, if she was Team Jacob or Team Edward, she replied, “I’m going to have to say Team Jacob.” Turning to Rob she shared, “I’m sorry, your hair is really nice in person.”

Rob quickly rebutted, “Well, you just revealed yourself to have no taste.”

Emma posted on her Twitter after the taping, “Rob Pattinson is so nice! I was slightly disappointed his skin wasn’t glittering & the song ‘Wild Thing’ didn’t start when he shook my hand.”

Check out the videos below!

Robert Pattinson — The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 06/15, Part 1

Robert Pattinson — The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 06/15, Part 2

Robert Pattinson — The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 06/15, Part 3
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  • ok


  • ok


  • Kat

    hahah that was hilarious : )

  • maka

    Go Rob

  • Evie

    Rob is hilarious, Emma is annoying.

  • good-one

    Great clips, with Leno right on top of his game. Mr. Pattinson’s suit was beautiful people chic. Emma Robert’s eyes were like a jungle creature’s – the pronounced dark shading bringing them vivid and alive, wild and unpredictable, veritably shouting, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille.”

  • connie richardson

    I think Rob looked absolutely stunning on the tv show! He looks so handsome and prestigous in a suit, white shirt and tie. The jacket fit him so good and so much better then most of his jackets that are too short and look too small for him plus his shirt tail was not hanging out below his jacket and the shoes were a hundred percent better than his tennis shoes or his other brown ankle top shoes. He needs to dress like this on all the shows and presentations because he can look real hot and sexy yet very professional and awesome when he dresses like this. I think he needs to dress like this when he is with Kristen. She has been really going dressed nice and looking hot lately too so Rob needs to join in with her and make them the perfect beautiful couple that they are. May they continue to be blessed!

  • grapeape

    She was rude. She could have been more diplomatic about it.

  • ha, wonder

    she’s really a beautiful girl, but wonder what the real story is here? she was is valentines day right? and so was Jacob/Taylor? well, that’s my guess, she’s showing some sort of loyalty that came off kinda catty.

  • team jacob

    maybe robert isnt very handsome therefor emma choose team jacob:)

  • good-one

    @grapeape: And at which point, Robert missed heeding his dad’s advice, as he didn’t offer to shake her hand at that point and then find a way to kiss it, thereby chivalrously still making her look good. Alas, such chances occur in real time, so that one just got away from him. Awkward, but oh well.

  • Aimmee

    Someone is full of themselves and reading his own press. Robbie dear not everyone is into you and that includes me. Go Emma Roberts for standing up to him. Wait until he is not the next hottest thing in Hollywood. I bet his fans were attacking Emma on Twitter for not saying the sun shines out of his butt!

  • Tommy boy

    Poor Emma Roberts. Robert Pattinson fans are sending her death threats on Twitter because she doesn’t like their guy. Talk about a bunch of crazy people. Are they going to put a contract on the life of anybody who doesn’t like their guy? Do they think they whole world likes Robert Pattinson?

  • Amanda

    I don’t know much about Emma, but I was disgusted with her behaviour. She was tactless and rude, and it sounded like she was even complaining about having to sit next to him. BAD first impression!

  • Gabbs

    What song was Emma Talking about? Wild thing??

  • Hmmm

    It was actually Rob who was rude..because he couldn’t take one person not sucking up to him….And spoke wise Team Jacob. Plus she gave a dig to his silly hair . LOL! Good for this one. And also why should she kiss up to Rob. She is related to Julia Roberts who has been around the industry alot more than him…

  • Bee

    She deleted her account, lol

  • Val

    @Hmmmm Rob was joking! It was funny. I thought Rob was absolutely charming, funny, relaxed and quick. He didn’t care she was Team Jacob – it was just a good comeback!

    I thought it was a fantastic interview with Rob. Jay was great too – not asking Rob the same questions and finding out about his family.

    To me Emma came across as a bit awkward and rude.

  • pop86

    Rob was great and it was nice to see his parents.

    Emma is rude. She is not her Aunt or her father so she stop acting like she a big star.

  • marcelo de A. Maciel

    Team B. !! B. of Buffy hehehehehehe…

  • commentor

    rob is so full of himself.

  • http://j chelsea

    love emma:) rob is whatever

  • TEAM E

    Rob was great on the Tonight show. He was only joking with Emma – he didn’t care if she was Team Jacob – it was just a witty comeback. I thought Rob was funny, down to earth and looked great. He obviously has a really nice family too.

  • pup

    Nothing special.


    good emma teen jacob

  • LoveSkars

    LOL! Double ‘entendre’ there ya’ think? Seeing as Emma has been hanging around with Kristen’s ex – Michael Angarano.

  • poppy

    Emma is out of control! She rests on the Julia thing way too much. She tried it seemed to play too cool by saying this. She needs to learn manners. I really don’t like much about her after her stunt. Which is fine because I don’t go seek out her movies.

  • Jen

    I loved Rob lastnight. i thought he was hilarious.

    Did anyone notice when Jay brought Emma out, Rob was standing up to greet her and it almost looked like she was going to ignore him? My sister and I thought we noticed that.

    I think Emma is entitled to her opinion. And I doubt Rob is losing sleep over someone choosing Team Jacob over Team Edward. And it’s a shame that people attacked her on twitter. That being said, I did find her to be a little rude. I just thought she was going a little overboard on trying to let the world know she doesn’t like Rob Pattinson. I thought what Rob said was hilarious though.

  • 777

    love emma :)

  • 777

    emma is beauty xD

  • amy

    Rob has much more talent than Emma. She came off very bitchy and rude. Rob is always a great interview. Always has me smiling!

  • MollyMakeout

    wowww guys they were both kidding around as much as i hate twilight, rob really is humble, self-depreciating, down to earth person

  • jane

    i think she was really rude
    but some of rob’s fans are crazy they sent her tweets until she deleted her twitter
    i think he was really handsome ,funny and adorable

  • jessica

    lol im on team jacob as well. go emma.

  • dollface50

    Team Jacob or Edward aside…she came across as one rude, snotty privileged brat. Not a fan!

  • Linda

    Rob was great. Funny and seemed really nice. Loved he brought his parents with him. He was making a joke with Emma. It was a really good comeback. They were both laughing. I think she was joking too – about having to sit next to him… Her jokes didn’t work quite as well but they were both totally joking. It was a great interview for Rob!

  • ramo

    robert pattinson just joke about that.what do you want to answer when he hear that? ”oh great! and I’m on team jacob!” he make just a innocent joke and he have the perfect answer! GOOOD!! people Grow up!

  • mARIE

    I hate twilight! So the Team Jacob comment aside… Emma still seemed a bit on the bitchy side to me during her interview. Robert on the other hand totally won me over. He was so cute and charming!!

  • Goober81

    She wasn’t rude, totally out of her element but not rude. Rob was adorable, charmming and witty.

    I do wonder if she maybe isn’t a little biased against him if she is indeed dateing Kristen’s ex. since kristen dumped him for Rob.

  • kent

    She’s hot!

  • ruby

    F U C K EMMA AND HER AUNT!!!!!!!!!!

    U IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    F U C K OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erin

    What is the big deal? Rob and Emma were both kidding! Emma’s saying she prefers the character Jacob over Edward not that she prefers Taylor over Rob! She is giving her opinion on the book not the people!! I hope she comes back to twitter!! Leave her alone!!!

  • kent

    Love her! You can tell it was meant as a joke.

  • Helen

    oh my GOD he wasn’t being full of himself. it was a joke! a JOKE. and her, she is entitled to her own opinion. she would have done better without the hair comment, which was really unecessary – it was a joke as well, I get it, but of a different kind. but people are making such a big deal out of this!

    i’m not even team anything and i think this is the best comeback i’ve heard in AGES.

  • Heather1582

    Its ok Emma, Robert P is a ugly dude who needs to take a long shower, I mean vampires doesn’t take showers right? Atleast you do!

    I’m Team-Edward
    But Robert P, is icky/nasty, ugly, annoying & crap.
    Atleast he looks clean in Twilight Saga
    I mean, whats with his ugly clothing & his face?
    I mean, is there something wrong is him?

  • ivy


  • 777

    cute emma

  • 777

    cute cute cute

  • 777


  • 777


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