Zac Efron: People's Best Beach Body!

Zac Efron: People's Best Beach Body!

Zac Efron shows off just why he got the honor of the hottest body on the cover of People, featuring the 50 best bodies in Hollywood.

The 22-year-old actor shared with the mag on just how he got the body he flaunts, “My fail-safe is to go to the gym for an hour.”

Zac is vacationing Hawaii this week and spending time on the beach with his little bro, Dylan, who just graduated high school.

Zac will accept the Maui Film Fest’s Shining Star Award TONIGHT in Maui. Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • teamhudgens

    I love him!!

  • BabyBooZanessa

    Zac Efron Your THE BEST MAN ALIVE !

  • amy

    Very well deserved!
    Can’t wait for pics from tonight (:

  • http://@essashika essashika

    He has the best body in the world and he’s all perfect. I LOVE him more than anything

  • zanessaloverss123

    love him:)

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ WandaLYnn, you don’t know want your talking about, you must be 14 years old and you don’t know nothing about Zac, he is not a player, he has been loyal to Vanessa, for almost 5 years, you have no proof!!!!! His parents taught him values want is right and want is wrong, he loves Vanessa very deeply, they live at each other’s houses, they share verything. By the way you should see Vanessa in a bkini, she has a great body and legs. Zac has said Vanessa is a very sexie, sexie women. he likes curves and Vanessa has curves. Don’t say, such dumb things, when you don’t know want you are talking about, you sure show how immature you are.

  • Alexa

    I really can’t understand why people think he’s hot

  • sarah

    Vanessa is lucky lady. He is so hot. Get all of Vaness’s clothes here

  • Nikki

    OMG HOT HOT HOT!!!! i am so going to buy this magazine when it comes out..

  • bush efron

    alexa@ maybe you think he isn’t cause you are loser . . I am just say maybe

  • bush efron

    tonight is the big night cant wait to see zac

  • lola

    These pictures came out like two days agoo,,,and their already on a cover dang..shows how hott he really is..delish i wish that i met him!

  • joan

    yum. Vanessa is so lucky

  • http://j chelsea

    @lola: yeah i thought the same, vanessa a lucky girl!

  • trinisita


    eyy girl…are u blind?
    look his muscles, his hot face…
    and he’s a good actor…:B
    a complete man!

  • xxx

    Vanessa is hotter then him.

  • honey

    Really Nice *thihi*

  • abby

    Kinda amazed he got it seeing as how those pics are only a few days old. I thought when they have these lists its all set in stone a few weeks before it goes on stands. Guess not. Heck I’d give the honor to Zac as well. The guy is build!!!!!!!!!!

  • nikki

    OOOMMGGG! wow these pics DID just come out! :)

  • brad

    My mann sexxyy LOL
    Soo having a bon*r right now!

  • green bay

    He’s freakin HAWTTT!!!!!! his smile is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

  • fran

    well of course he has the best beach body! he’s perfect!! WE LOVE YOU ZAC!

  • fran

    @Alexa: are you blind or something? i mean, LOOK AT HIM!!!! ins’t that enough?

  • kim

    Ok, now I’ll have to buy an issue of People. Wonder who got bumped off the cover seeing that these are such new photos. :)

  • abby

    @kim: Thats what I was thinking. I wonder who they had for the cover before these pics came out! Who cares, Zac should SOO be on the cover with that body lol.

  • Alexa

    @bush efron: WTF? I’m a loser just because I don’t think he’s hot? what’s wrong with you?

  • pop86

    Wow, I have to this magazine.

  • Tiptoes

    I am excited to get my own copy. He looks good in that cover.

  • duuumm

    I never buy magazines, but im gonna get this one. I <3 People Mag, so i know i wont be wasting money on some trashy magazine.

  • kate101


  • justine

    SOOOO worth buying for this HOT guy.. zac efron!!!!! DAYUMMM!!

  • beatriz

    oh my gosh<3
    zac so hot haha

  • Karen

    Apparently the the person who got bumped off the cover was Jennifer Love-Hewett. I have nothing against her but for a magazine like People, he didn’t stand a chance against THIS! LOL

  • maria

    Would rather he be getting critical acclaim for his acting, than for his body. I hope this is not their strategy in getting people in to the theaters for CSC.

  • lauren

    @ alexa

    lol your going to get bitched from crazy obsessed fans just to let you know.

  • joy.

    The thing about Zachary is that he has this certain charm in his smile, his eys has an amazing shade of blue that I can stare in them forever and he is very charismatic. I can see it glowing in him, lol. Not only does he have the personality but he definitely has the body as well. Those abs are amazing.. *drools*

  • Karen

    It doesn’t seem like any kind of strategy in promoting CSC. It would see more like a fluke. This guy is out on the beach with his brother, paps get this great shot, a magazine like People see it and they get this brainstorm and say “WHOA! We can USE this”. The picture being a candid makes it all the better. We can remember what happened when paps got hold of candids of him the first time he was in Hawaii. It was too bad his private life was invaded then and his personal relationship was blown for a certainty but some of those pictures were the very best.

    As I said on the main board the camera LOVES both Zac and Vanessa and how many times have we heard when there are candid shots of Vanessa how they look better than some studio photoshoot? This is one of those moments where someone like People wanted to USE what they had to their advantage and thus in 3 days they swept up the pics and threw him on the cover of People and more or less threw Jennifer Love-Hewett off. These things happen all the time when a magaizne things they have caught hold of something far better just by chance. I don’t think we should use it against Zac like it is a ploy to promote his movie. It will help in some ways but it isn’t fair to make it sound like it was planned.

    Also, how many “pretty boys” have been in similar situations when they started out and still get the cover of People even though they are in their 30′s and 40′s? The names Clooney, Pitt, Damon come to mind and I don’t think anyone is not taking them seriously. Why is Zac always the one who is made to look like he has used his physical assests to get ahead? How mandy DON”T do just that in Hollywood? Pitt from the time he started out on the TV series Dallas has been doing it and all the way up to his movie Troy. But he is a big A-Lister and is not belittled for it. All heartthrobs and leading men are beautiful to LOOK at. The same goes for women in the category of leading ladies, etc. Human nature wants to have their sense of sight catered to when it comes to the movies. Even action stars who LOOK GOOD do better at the box office. To say I hope Zac isn’t going to use his looks or body to get ahead…who really hasn’t in some way????

  • maria

    Karen, I have to disagree with you. Those pics were taken VERY EARLY morning, when NO ONE was on the beach. How would the paps know he was going to be out there at that hour? Why are there no other people on the beach? They staged that for that hour BECAUSe no one would be there. Also, People would probably not use a pap picture….they usually use their own photographers for a cover. This was no fluke; there’s even a quote from him in the magazine already in print.

    And I just don’t believe they should be promoting Zac OR CSC this way if they want to develop serious acting credentials for Zac. No, it doesn’t hurt if he’s good looking, but I hate to see him promoted as a piece of meat. And I’d be just as offended if a woman is promoted like that just to get people into a theater. It’s pretty low class, if you ask me.

  • maria

    Being one of the “most beautiful”, as Pitt, Clooney, Depp, etc is one thing. Put on a cover as a “most amazing beach body” automatically puts it in a “piece of meat” category.

  • maria

    To be honest, it makes no difference if it was staged or not. I have no problem with him seen as “hot”, “beautiful”, “handsome”, whatever. He is certainly blessed that way. I just can’t wait until he’s seen as something more.

  • http://@mayzv4ever zv4ever


  • mona

    Last year Zac was named ‘Best Chest’ in an issue of People Magazine (remember Barbara Walters almost swooning over it on ‘The View’?).

    So I’m speculating (please note the word ‘speculating’) that when People heard some weeks back about Zac being presented with the Shining Star Award at the Maui Film Festival, they rang his manager and said something like: Hey we hear Zac will be in Maui to receive an award. We’re doing another issue on Best Beach Bodies. Could we get a few shots of Zac on the beach to include him in our issue. Just some candid shots. It would be great publicity for his upcoming film Charlie St Cloud. Now would Zac and his management team turn around and say no to that request. And my guess is, when People saw the photos, they went WOW like the rest of us and decided to put him on the cover. Absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    The reason most people cited for the lack of box office success of Me and Orson Welles was the lack of publicity plus the limited release. Now that Zac is being more proactive about promoting CSC, he’s also getting flack for it from some quarters. The poor guy can’t win….

  • Karen

    Those pictures on the beach are CREDITED to “SplashNewsOnline”.

    As someone said, Zac CAN’T win. He could walk on water and yet someone would find some “loophole” for that too. In some people’s eyes he will never be good enough in some way. There will always be something he didn’t do right.

  • lauren

    how bout all of you just shut the fuck up. my god.

    who gives a shit.

  • xoxo

    I just read the death and life of charlie st cloud in one sitting and I seriously recommend you all read it before the movie comes out! It is an absolutely incredible book!
    ps. Zac looks totally hot, Vanessa is one lucky girl :)

  • Karen


    Take your own advice.

  • nikki


  • pop86

    Those were old quotes from when he was on the View. I do believe People Magazine (like most magazines) buy photos from freelance agencies. Also, a staff member at hotel contacted the paps. Zac and his brother are on private beach which mean only guests and hotel staff would have access to.

  • Karen


    Please go post that very same comment on the main board under this thread there…

  • Trina


    Yes, I remembered that quote from somewhere and knew Zac didn’t just give it to People mag. Hotel staff always get paid by the paps to tip them off when celebs are staying in hotels where they work. Even the paps admitted that to Zac once at a gas station in LA. They told him something like “everyone is on the payroll.”

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