Charice: 'In This Song' on Regis & Kelly!

Charice: 'In This Song' on Regis & Kelly!

Charice quickly snaps a pic with one of her many fans outside ABC Studios before her taping for Live with Regis and Kelly in NYC on Wednesday morning (June 16).

The 18-year-old Filipina phenomenon shared about meeting Celine Dion, “We did perform together about two years ago at Madison Square Garden. I was shaking, she’s one of my heroes and she told me to not to forget to look back and treasure my mom; be humble always. She was very sweet.”

Check out Charice‘s performance below! 15+ pics inside…

Charice – “In This Song”

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Credit: Ray Filmano; Photos: WENN
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  • pop86

    Clarice has a great voice. Good Luck to her

  • ZenaCollado

    Go Charice!!! Proud to be Pinoy!! Good Luck to You :)

  • Yolanda

    The pic of Charice with the lesbian in a wheelchair will win peoples hearts over!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Shinn

    @pop86: It’s Charice!!! And Charice needs to wash her hair it’s so greasy!!!

  • annie

    too bad she lip syncs.

  • Leo

    Charice is not that humble… It’s my opinion….. peace

  • twinkle

    @annie: I don’t know what you’re talkin about but she *always* sings LIVE. She only lipsyncs in music videos, bcos NO ONE sings live in MVs. Lol.

  • Philip

    @annie She has a better voice than probably everyone in the business right now, so why would she lip synch!?

  • cardcrusher

    No wonder Charice, her album, and single are all flopping. Her management is aiming for a very wide demographic of people. That song is aimed to appeal to the AC market while her single that flopped is aimed for a younger demo. The strategy and song selection are already backfiring.

  • joan

    she didnt lipsynch. she’s just that good

  • alice

    Lol, lipsynch accusation again! She’s that good!

  • Guy who Loves Charice

    Charice us amazing if wish insaw Regis and Kelly live that would have been awesome!
    Love You Charice

  • pup

    She has kinda sorta a big head. o.o

  • duuumm

    shes AMAZING!

  • dennis

    @annie: Oh My God! She never lip sychs! Trust me on this. She’s just that good that you think she lip synchs.

  • dennis

    @cardcrusher: Well well well here she goes again. HAHAHAHA! Do you work for Sarah Geronimo or REgine’s management team or something? Or a rival label… hahhaah But thanks for the attemtion. It’s much appreciated. I’m sure

  • dennis

    @Leo: And because you know her personally? hahaha

  • Styles



    Someone who can sing like this does not lip sync.

    All her live performances are live (not playback or auto-tuned). When she was singing in Syracuse and the music cut out, she continued singing her “I Love You” remix (fast upbeat song with powerful vocals and rap) in a cappella style. Any other singer would have stopped.
    Suffice it to say, the audience was blown away – lol.

    This is what makes this girl standout from the rest of her contemporaries. She is just that awesome and the scary good part is that she will only get better.

  • Resonance

    Everyone claiming Charice “lip synchs” are obviously trolling. If you even youtube “Charice,” you will be shocked by her performances. Ironically, your false accusations only cement the fact that she currently has one of the best vocals in the industry. Her amazing talent allows her to sing almost ANY genre in music, allowing her to span a range of audiences unheard of by any musician. Most of you haters will eventually “jump on the band wagon” soon enough….

  • kingdoom666

    This girl would stay long in the music business…WORLDWIDE. This is just the beginning… i bet you all! ” Wow! What a VOiCE! – Regis Philbin

  • twinkle

    Cardcrusher shut up. You are bashing Charice EVERYWHERE! Wow, u really do follow her…

  • Styles

    @Cardcrusher aka Harry looks like you got owned – lol.

    Anyone who wants a quick laugh on this guy, click the link and go to the bottom of the page.

    You were called out and you chickened out -lol. Not to mention you did not even counter any of CGP’s valid arguments. You still don’t get it do you? The only audience you have is yourself and equivalent parasites like you – lol.

    As for countering your argument, I think CGP did quite nicely so no need to restate what they said. Though, I may add that her Album was geared as International album and has yet to be released in the lucrative markets of Japan, China and Europe where she has garnered tremendous followings. At the end of the day, it will be the numbers that will rule – not your silly subjective baseless opinions.

  • wigberto

    @cardcrusher: Cardcrusher you are the most idiotic person that ever existed here on earth.Iam sure you are cursing your mother for giving you birth cause you can’t survive as a normal human being!

  • liza

    come on people…admit it Charice can really sing…In this song is one of the best track in her album…goodluck Cha…don’t mind the bashers as if they can carry a tune…

  • lalala

    @annie lol too bad she didnt. she’s just that good that you would think she lipsyncs

  • mrsdestinyhope

    LOL! Bieber better watch his back! In the next year Charice and Greyson Chance will take his place!

  • http://charicemania dahlia33

    Charice is the best live performer.

  • blehbleh

    Cardcrusher – Charice’s Anti-fan

    What a pathetic loser you are. LOL :D :D :D

  • Nicole

    Charice is an amazing singer and is so inspiring!! She went through a lot to get where she is now. I love “In This Song” :-)

  • Jenna

    No one had ever touched our hearts like Charice. Such an amazing voice. Pure heart with natural charm and beauty. Some people will not accept her because of her qualities. God had given her the gifts and I believe this little Girl with a big amazing voice will rule the music world .
    In this Song, is now one of my favorite second to “Note to God”.

  • jiggo

    @ cardcrusher …is charice fan …pretending to be a hater! He/she is all over Charice blogs – posting comments, spending hours of time, following all the blogs, news, etc. Good job cardcrusher!

  • Andrea

    She has a weird looking face :) no offense to her fans. But i LOVE her songs!

  • selenataylor

    what the hell are you talking about @annie it doesn’t matter if she is lip sync i admit it she had a great voice but for me she is flop if you have a great voice but still your boastful you will never be famous i love your voice charice but you have to improve your personality your not that famous as britney spears some people who are cool still didn’t know you so don’t act like you are the next pop princess ok!!

  • justpassin

    She’s got a great voice no doubt, but it’s so hard to make her pretty.

  • mendo-torre

    This girl is amazing! Pure talent! What I would give to possess a fraction of her talent. Regarding this cardcrusher fellow, I read the prophet blog and it’s hilarious! Cardcrusher, give it up. The more you try to disparage Charice, the more her appeal grows. And why do you post negative comments about Charice everywhere in cyberspace? I think someone needs a new hobby.

  • http://jom_arqus jm

    @cardcrusher: obviously pathetic anti-fan…

  • cardcrusher

    Charice is a flop. “Pyramid” is dead, buried, and forgotten after only spending two weeks on the Hot 100 chart. Her album just dropped off the Billboard 200.

  • http://charicemania dahlia33

    Charice is the best live performer of her generation.

  • http://charicemania dahlia33

    @Eric Shinn: …you have to wash your mouth coz it’s horribly stinky.