Inside Destinee Monroe's Sweet 16!

Inside Destinee Monroe's Sweet 16!

Destinee Monroe grips onto her two best friends sister Paris and Keana Texeira as they arrive at Level 3 in Hollywood on Wednesday night (June 16).

The now 16-year-old singer celebrated her birthday with friends and family surrounding her. JJJ was invited and can tell you about everything that went on!

Guests enjoyed a scrumptious black and gold cake designed by Paris and made by Maryanne Tongko of Cupcakes & Company as well as Hawaiian Shaved Ice from Tutus. Maryanne will actually be competing on Food Network’s Cupcake Wars next month!

Destinee and Keana both wore original pieces from Three Peas Co. Couture throughout the night.

On Monday night (June 14), all three girls attended the Be The Shift event in Beverly Hills. Stay tuned to JJJ to see how you can win prize packs from both events!

Destinee & Paris: “I’ve Got A Boyfriend”
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  • stacey

    I guess the Clique Girlz is officially over.

  • robyn

    I do not understand why they are trying to do this whole club music, dance music thing now. Ariel moore and her group NMD are doing that kind of music. it just does not fit for me. No more drama can pull it off . they should stick to their own style of music, just my opinion

  • Nicole

    They look WWWAAAAYYYY too grown up!!! They should start dressing and acting their own age!! Not like 20 year olds! :P

  • Millie

    The girls are so beautiful! It looks like one amazing party!

  • Valerie

    no offense but destinee’s outfit in the video reminded me of miley’s outfit from tour and paris’s reminded me of demi’s remember decemeber video…the song was eh…

  • Taylor

    NMD is so tacky! Destinee and Paris are the real deal and at least very classy. Alissa Mae in NMD looks like a man & Ariel Moore–well you can tell she hogs the spotlight.

  • ashlee

    lol who cares?

  • http://@xMiley4eva Sabine

    That’s the BEST picture ever what i ever saw and i saw a many pics in my life!
    Keana is my role model and sweet inspiration of my life.
    I luv her so much shes soo beautiful and the best big sister of Christa and Sophie. She’s soo lovely and nicely. All guys must like her.
    We all in germany luv her and her sweet smile in her beautiful face. When we see her on magazines or something like that we must smile with her too. She is smiling with the sun!
    She makes my day better and sunny when is see her and shes giving me hope for my life.
    Destinee and Paris are soo such great and beautiful and good friends for her. They 3 are how a flower. Destinee is the earth that the flower can grow up:) Paris is the rain who gives the flower life. And Keana is the sun!
    All three together are the world! Why i love them ♥
    Hope you all have a great and awesome life with family and many good friends.
    XxXx youre germany fan Sabine

  • Rawan

    I would really want to be in their (absolutely hawt)shoes right now!
    They’re SOO lucky to have such a SWEET sweet 16!

  • fridaviktoria

    Destinee’s outfit was super cute, but still very cool! Loved that song BTW.

  • @Suchaprincessxo

    Aww! I wish I was in her shoes! I legit wish I can have such a SWEET sweet sixteen! <3

  • Hong

    You guys are haters. They can wear whatever they want, its their unique style. Terri did amazing job on Destinee Sweet 16. & ThreePeasCo made the perfect outfits to wear at the party. Paris, Keana, & Destinee are gorgeous.
    I wish I had amazing party planner like Terri. And Paris did amazing job designing the Cake for Destinee. I Love how Destinee & Paris perform at the party. The party looks amazing, the outfits are perfect, the cake is awesome, and the girls looks gorgeous!

  • @Suchaprincessxo

    Aww! I wish I got invited :P
    Actually I was HER throwing such an amazin sweet sixteen! <333

  • Raininbox

    Awww Keana!! She’s sooo beautiful and totally rocked this event! Been loving her since the G Girls <3 Shes soo gorgeous! She’s one of the
    most sweetest people I’ve known! I like totally love her family! They’re all so beautiful! Love the Soulstice book! Get ready to sink your teeth into this blood sucking book! It’s soo amazing and I reccomend it to all teens! Love you Keana! She’s going to get B-I-G!


    that party looks SICK! I totally wished I could have been there! I hope I win one of the prizes! Can’t wait for more songs by them! Its sooo hard to choose a favorite song by them because they’re songs are AMAZING!
    @kaseypoole is my twitter did I mention I hope I win a prize haha


    Those are amazing, all the girls look great. I am so glad that they had so much fun, they deserve it .Trust me, these girls are going to go far :)

  • KatIsTheShiz

    That party looks amazing! I love the girls AH-mazing fashion sense, especially because their still young! They look amazing!

  • Jessica

    I would love to win the party bag!!! I wonder ehats inside

  • Cordi

    Personally, I dn’t think Destinee, Keana or Paris look too grown up. I think they looked beautiful and I loved Destinee’s threepeasco dress. “I’ve got a boyfriend” was a really good song & they had an amazing performance. They are beautiful and T2PR planned an amazing party. Age doesn’t matter, it’s nothing. That party was glamorous & soooo spectacular. I know Destinee had a great birthday, she even said it was her best ever. So biatches, back off.
    - @MileyDemiClique

    “Don’t Tell Me What I Can & Cannot Do, Look me in the eye & tell me you don’t do it too”- Keana Texeira :)

  • http://@_xflywithme Noelle

    the party looks like it was AMAZING!
    Im sure Destinee had an amazing time.. it sure looks like it!
    She has the best family+friends! I want a party JUST like that!
    I dont know if that one can be topped.. we’ll have to wait until its Paris’s turn to turn the big 1-6!
    Their outfits are absoultley ADORABLE! I looooove Keana’s especially!
    Terri.. Please plan my party?! Hahahaha!

    - @_xflywithme


  • Rawan

    They’re beautiful, loved the outfits, Destinee had the best party ever :D
    The best performance I’ve ever seen! GO D&P :D

    love, @cliquegirlzarts :)

  • Bria

    I love Destinee and Paris since the Clique Girlz!! They’re really great singers and I love their style!
    Btw, I think it’s cool becuase my bday is Sunday and we have the same last name. :) Also, I love to sing. I would love to be related to them!
    Twitter @Monroetwins :)

  • Natxhypy

    CONTEST: @NatxhypyReal

  • http://agforever94 AEG94

    Destinee I hope your Party was like everything you had wished for…!!! it would be the best thing that ever happened to me if I win a party bag from your Birthday… My twitter is: WWW. TWITTER.COM/agforever94 & I wish you the best and hope your dreams will come true.. You and Paris are such Beautiful and Talented girls and I know you’ll go far…I will definitely be one of the first fans to buy your album…I’ve heard all the song clips from your website and I must say that I am REALLY IMPRESSED. You girls are the most talented girl groups that I have heard.I hope you take my comment in consideration into winning the prize bag..It will definitely be my DREAM COME TRUE…

    Wishing you the BEST,
    A.E.G 94

  • anisha

    umm they aren’t copying NMD’s style, they’ve been like this since sara left & that was back in april, NMD just officially formed their group in November 2009, Destinee & Paris most likely recorded this song in the summer or a little bit later on, but i highly doubt they would steal their style/music seriously they just wouldn’t

  • http://@xoxmaddsxoxo maddy

    I love destinee and paris I talked to them on cherry tree.You would think they r stuck up but they arent.They r nice girls,its not there fault in what happend on clique girlz.

    twitter/ contest; @xoxmaddsxoxo

  • angelyn

    Destinee & Paris are awsome x3…@lovelyn x3

  • Hong

    Destinee, Paris, and Keana have there unique style. Don’t judge people by the way they look. Terri did an amazing job with the party. The girls look gorgeous!!! Three Peas Co did an awesome job with the outfits. The Cake is perfect! Paris did a super job on the designing of the cake. And I love the song that Destinee & Paris perform. Awesome Cake + Perfect Outfits + The Birthday Girl + Paris + Keana + Terri = Totally Awesome Party!
    Terri, can you plan my 14th birthday party?


    Awww they look soo pretty i woudl love to be there happy swet 16!!!! ima loveing there dresses tooooo cute :)

  • http://@Madre2three Chrisann

    Looks like they had a great time! I agree that some of the outfits I wouldn’t want my daughter going out of the house in.But I guess its not any worse then a bikini!
    Happy sweet 16 Destinee!


  • @lovelynx3

    loved the song x3


    i LOVED the theme of the party :D i wish mine would’ve been like that :P Destinee&Paris are so talented <3 i can’t wait for their cd to come out :D I hope Destinee had a great partaay ;D cuz they’ve been such great rolemodels for me since the Clique Girlz <3 and i hope i can meet them somedaay :3

    -@NessaTheWaffle on Twitter :D

  • Cordi

    These girls are beautiful. They are amazing and they’ve all stepped up their game. Paris & Destinee have redone everything and they sound (and look) amazing. Their choreo was great and the dresses were beautiful. Keana has stepped into Luna Tremaine and she even co-wrote the books. These girls are challenging everything Hollywood is, because these girls aren’t fake. They are exactly who they say they are and they don’t tell you everything you want to hear. A lot of people are saying that Paris, Keana & Destinee are stuck up but that is way far from the truth. They are sooooo sweet & they will go very far. Terri planned an amazing party and Paris decorated a beautiful cake. The only reason people say crap about them is because they are jealous of them. The girls have every right to be beautiful and haters should just back off. Congrats Destinee on turning 16 and I hope this year brings you everything you wanted. Those ThreePeasCo dresses are beautiful. Bye Biatches ;)

    “Don’t Tell Me What I Can & Cannot Do, Look me in the eye & tell me you don’t do it too”- Keana Texeira :)

  • http://xCutiemuffinx Lina

    they are soo pretty.
    there music&&style is gorgeous,
    and they have the most incredible voices.

  • Lina

    I love them soo much.
    their music&&&style is awesome.
    I wish them best of luck in the future!!!

  • Lina

    Destinee and Paris have really grown up during the past few years. They have also changed too. Their changed were good changes and i have changed with them. They have incredible voices and i can not halp but to listen to their music 24/7. Its just so addicting. I have yet to go to a concert of theirs, and i just know it going to be awesome. i hope them the best of luck in the future and that the have a wonderful life. They are my role models, and someday, i hope to achieve atleast half the things they have.!

  • runnergirl

    Keana T looks beautiful! I hear she may have a movie coming out.

  • http://@cndysweetmss Crystal

    They all look so beautiful. Their dresses are greatand makeup is done really well. They look like the best friends they are. I love theme of the whole event. they already look like grown up ladies. They are sing and write music. In the near future they will all be on the radio and the next hit thing. I feel like they are role models to everyone who likes them. I like their style and they are all nice. I wish the best to their futures.

  • http://@cndysweetmss Crystal

    @Crystal: @cndysweetmss

  • Shannon

    Aww, looks like they had an awesome time! Keana, Paris and Destinee look so always! All three of them are soo talented and have amazing skills! I’m really excited for them and can’t wait to hear more of theyre music!

    God Bless! :)

  • Hespah

    Destinee’s sweet 16 looks FAB-u-lous. The girls look gorgeous, the party looks AMAZING, and the tweets from Terri and Keana were kind of making me jealous. LOL Wish I could have been there.. xD
    Destinee, I hope you had an amazing birthday party. :-)

    ~ @Hespah ~

  • ricki

    i looove what there wearing!

    twitter: RickiFinneganX

  • rose

    Destinee and Paris are absolutley amazing! All their music is contantly stuck in my head (in fact, right now Pretend is) and they’re super pretty. They evolved from the little CLique Girlz to the grown up and mature Destinee and Paris. I’ve been a fan since the very begining, so this is amazing watching them get this far. You go girls. Go Your Own Way… haha get it?

  • Cordi

    @Cordi: & my twitter name is @MileyDemiClique! cuz i 4got that! lol

  • Jennifer

    They are so gorgeous! This party looks absolutely amazing! I wish T2PR planned one of my parties!

    Destinee deserved such a fabulous birthday because shes a FABULOUS girl! I’m telling you, if I could hang out with any three girls in Hollywood, it would be Keana, Destinee & Paris. Even though they’re extremely talented, they’re such nice people! And clearly they know how to party!

    Hope your brithday was AMAZING Destinee! And I hope everyone in attendence had a great time!!


  • http://@jbiebermedia Deana Rossi

    the girlz are amazing! I have personally known them for about 6 yrs and there the sweetest, funnest, humble girlS I know.
    I think they’re growing up at a good pace and they’re trying new things which I think is something that will help thier careers.
    I am so proud of them for workiing soooooo hard they both just inspire me to become a better singer and dancer!
    Ever since the breakup it’s been really rough on them but they have pulled them selves backup to where they need to be. I think the girls will gooo farrr if they stick with this kinda music! DESTINEE AND PARIS… I LUV YOU FOREVER !!!!!! love deana!

    twitter – @jbiebermedia

  • @Lolenneverbende

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DESTINEE! Woot! Wish I could have gone but sadly I live in Texas.

  • http://@lovesysuee susie

    The party looked like it was absolutely incredible, and I’m sure Destinee had the best night! I know that took a LOT of time and planning, and it was worth it!! Everyone who was a part of it (especially Terri!) did an amazing job. And their performance? Yeah, I was BLOWN AWAY. They were always great singers in my opinion…but that was better than I’ve ever seen them! I loved the song, and they can perform so well! Plus the outfits were AMAZING! I loved the one Keana wore by Three Peas Co, and the one Destinee wore by Three Peas Co. with the gold and black was absolutely stunning!
    All three girls are so pretty, but that night they looked INCREDIBLE!
    Now I want to go buy some stuff from Three Peas Co & Velvet Angels shoes! And when I have my Sweet 16 in a few months, I am definitely going to convince my mom to get my cake from Cupcakes & Company! ;)
    Honestly, the party looked so glamorous and fun, and I’m sure the girls had the time of their lives, especially Destinee.
    Good job planning it & pulling it all together:)

  • robyn

    You guys can sugar coat it all you want with all your fake accounts from family and friends. They are dressing and acting way to old. And keana was wearing a dress at another event that showed her stomach. That is not age appropriate. And I read a comment about how NMD is tacky and the other girls are classy, well at least NMD does”nt get fake teeth and hair to look pretty so be nice because i love NMD and think they are the best girl band out there right now and a lot of people agree with me. I like both bands but girls do not need to be fake and wear short dresses to be noticed.

  • robyn

    I was not trying to be mean with my comment before it just makes me mad when they have to put NMD down and call them tacky and say alissa looks like man. That is so mean. They are all naturally pretty and great performers and singers and so are the monro sisters to but i just with they were more natural. I know yu guys want that prize but be nice.

>>>>>>> staging1