New Narnia Trailer Is Out!!!

New Narnia Trailer Is Out!!!

Georgie Henley talks with her confidant Aslan in the new trailer for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

In the third film, Lucy (Henley) and Edmund Pevensie (Skandar Keynes) return to Narnia with their cousin Eustace where they meet up with Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) for a trip across the sea aboard the royal ship The Dawn Treader. Along the way they encounter dragons, dwarves, merfolk, and a band of lost warriors before reaching the edge of the world.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader hits theaters this December.

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  • zoo

    cab’t wait

  • maila

    I can’t wait for this movie!!! I love Ben Barnes!!!

  • G.g.

    OH. MY. GOD.
    I can’t wait!!!!
    Ahhh! Georgie Henley grew up so much!

    This trailer just made my day.

  • Lei

    Hm…I wasn’t sure that I wanted to see this movie because Peter is my favorite character and he won’t be returning. As well, Disney no longer wanted to be apart of the movies. But the trailer looks great. :]

  • j

    aaaaaaaaa!!!!!! I’m so exited for this movie!!!!

  • halle

    Gave me goosbumps!

  • stacey

    Cant’ wait :) At first, I thought I had never
    read this book before, only probably the first 3
    books of the series? But while I was watching it,
    I felt like I’ve seen it all before, though I swore
    I had never read the book. So just now I was flipping
    through the pages of this book to search for anything
    familiar, & it turns out, I read the book, only long time
    ago. That’s probably why it never occured to me.
    This movie is going to be amazingggg.

  • fruity:)

    OMG I HAVE GOOSEBUMPS ALL OVER MY ARMS OMG OMG I think i just had a heartattack !! GEORGE Stole my heart and he defineitly did in this one for sure :D i hope to c more from WILLIAM <3 sucks he wont be in this one as much as he was in the first two !! oh well :D love all the actors and oh i do not mind seeing Ben <3 ;) LOL FINALLY THE TRAILER ARRIVED and BEST PART NOV HARRY POTTER DECEMBER NARNIA OMG LIFE IS GOOD :):):) This is Amazing !!!!! I WILL BE LIVING IN A FANTASY WORLD THOSE TWO MONTHS !! :) <3 <3

  • Ann

    Loved the trialer, Georgie, Skandar, Ben, everybody; I truly can’t wait for this extraordinary movie to come out!
    It’s my favourite saga ever!!!!! The magic that surronds this movie is speechless!!!

  • Eli

    Yeah baby! Finally a great movie coming up! The actors are great!

  • Ana ROCIO

    This movie is going to be AMAZING?, the book is a masterpiece and hopefully the movie will be great! I love all of the cast, Skandar Keynes is my favourite one, he’s such a talented young boy!

  • Amanda

    i can’t wait to see it! going to see it the same day it comes out!! the books is one of my favorites after The Last Battle

  • samira

    I thought Peter and Susan weren’t in the movie, why are they in the trailer?

  • lauren

    So excited!!

  • fyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyt

    will moseley is so freaking sexiiii and want to be his wife!

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