Nick Jonas Debuts 'London Foolishly'

Nick Jonas Debuts 'London Foolishly'

Nick Jonas strums on his guitar and sings a soft melody as he debuts his new song, “London (Foolishly)” during Cambio’s first chat from London on Thursday afternoon (June 17).

The 17-year-old actor/musician just wrote the tune a couple of days ago, posting on his Twitter account: “‘Another foggy night in London town/all the dreamers are asleep/but know one understands what I have found/no not even me.’ That’s the first line. Its really cool can’t wait for you guys to hear it.”

Check out Nick‘s full chat inside!

Nick Jonas – “London (Foolishly)”

Nick Jonas – “Make It Right”

Nick Jonas – “While The World Is Spinning”

Nick Jonas on JONAS L.A.
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    I LOVE U!! the chat closed ubruptly!!! im sad!!! :((((

  • ms.

    Ahh that was Awesommee :)

  • booshie

    his songs i am sorry sound all the same

  • jenny

    Enjoyed this chat a lot. He sounded really good singing all of those songs.

  • KC

    His new song was amazing. His voice keeps getting better and better!!

  • iluvnickjonas

    wow this chat was amazing
    luv his new song London Foolishly!!
    luv him loads
    xxx =)


    Beautiful new song. London (Foolishly) is beautifully written and mature much like mst of his solo CD. His voice was nearly flawless tonight on the chat and he sang so many songs. It was like a mini concert.

    So glad I tuned in. Loving this new Cambio site!

  • sara

    is it only me or does his guitar picking sound like “hey there delilah”? xD anyway, great song nick!!

  • lalala

    his chat was amazing!!! one of the best !!

  • jess

    I didn’t like the chat so much but when he as singing it was pretty cool! ;)

  • deena

    Srsly. He’s so boring.

  • Lucy

    Nick Jonas is absolutely heavenly ahhhhhhhhhh

  • MIMI

    he was amazingggg during the live chat! he cracked me up when he was singing yellow bag hahaha. and when he said hi to elvis.. SOOO ADORABLE!
    love him to bits :)

  • Lixxy

    He has the voice of an angel. He’s amazing.

  • Bee :)

    “London (Foolishly)” is the best song!! I love it! Good job Nick!

  • Lena

    I just have a serious question and honestly I am not hating or anything because I really do respect Nick as an artist and for all he’s achieved, but doesn’t anyone else find his answers to questions always the same?
    I mean if anyone asks him how he’s finding anything he always says “It’s been a really good experience and I’m just looking forward to spending time with my family” or what he does in his free time it’s “hopefully I’ll just be able to go back home and help my parents” or something.
    The reason I say it is that from his songs and on-stage persona you would think he would be a little more interesting and not say such vague things every-time he’s interviewed.
    Does anyone else see that?

  • Karlien

    Totally true! All the jonas brothers do that, in every interview they say “It’s an amazing experience and we are so thankful to be here”
    and “we are so thankful for the fans” and “family is the most important thing to us” and “there are some parts in our lives that we like to keep private”
    Those 4 answers are almost in every interview!
    I don’t really like that, I love them anyway though, they sincerely seem humble and thankful! And we do know a lot about them anyway, and Nick seems an amazing person!
    And it is obvious that he is so talented, I mean; I love the JoBros, but I get why some people of my age don’t really like them, their sound is really teen-pop! But since NJATA is had become clear that he is a VERY talented musician, I think sometimes it is a little bit rough but I don’t know anyone who could write this kind of music at age 17, he will be going a long way!

  • Ella

    Super nice song!! ;)

  • Victoria

    I don’t care if he’s boring, he’s an amazing artist! HIs new song is awesome, and I hope to see more of Nick in the future. You can tell he’s really passionate about his family.

  • kym

    awww he has great talent and that is definitely undeniable! his voice is amazing and has great range especially for a boy past puberty. u can tell alot of trainig went into it or it is just a terrific gift from god. wish nick and the jonas brothers would get more credit for their hard work. they r amazing song writers and have a lot of talent. but unfortunately, because they r not singing about screwing every girl they meet, they r not as praised in main stream.

  • Mary


    yeah, i think your right. He’s just not as lively. I’m not a hater, I LOOOVVVE NICK, he just not as outgoing as he was in stuff like “Burnin’ Up” ya know? oh and Justin Bieber kinda repeats himself alot too. He always says ” coming from a little town in Canada” haha lol but it’s cool, i still like them both! :)

  • http://twitter Rachel

    love you nick

  • http://twitter Rachel

    wish u were here

  • Jen


    I have noticed it, but I think it is just the way he is. He is an artist and his feelings and expressions come out in his music. I feel this is when we see him most outgoing. Other times he seems nervous and not really sure how to answer some of the questions. I also think he tries to be very careful answering because we know how ONE thing he says is completely taken out of context.

  • Jen

    Love the song it is great! Also love JJJ background. This is one of the few sites that I can come to and not have to worry about JB being bashed or publishing material that is untrue..

  • http://maryland michele

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