Vanessa Hudgens: Cat Scratch Fever

Vanessa Hudgens: Cat Scratch Fever

Vanessa Hudgens gives her nose some relief as she itches it before heading to her car at her home in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (June 16).

The 21-year-old actress, with her favorite floppy hat, was seen picking up some clothes before heading back to boyfriend Zac Efron‘s home. Zac is currently in Hawaii accepting the Shining Star Award at the Maui Film Festival.

In case you missed it, check out Vanessa with BFF Brittany Snow at the Activision E3 Preview.

10+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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vanessa hudgens scratch nose 02
vanessa hudgens scratch nose 03
vanessa hudgens scratch nose 04
vanessa hudgens scratch nose 05
vanessa hudgens scratch nose 06
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  • babyg


  • amy

    The paps should leave her alone, I can imagine how annoying it must be being followed everywhere!

  • Katty

    I wonder what V is doing at Z’s house when he is not there? Not that it is unusual with couples who have been together this long.. but still, I wonder.

    I guess this means V didn’t go see Z get his award. Eh, it just means Z gets more time with his fam on vaca!

    I like that she is one of the few actresses that go out in something completely casual and with her face free of make up. It shows a lot about her-that she is comfortable in her own skin, which is important.

    I want movie news! What is she signing onto??? It’s killing me!!!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best !!

    love love love nessa !!! but WTH is she wearing ???? same skirt and same hat ??

  • peggy


    Are you unable to see her house is clearly undergoing some renovations.

    And what she’s doing at her boyfried of 5 years house is quite frankly none of your business

  • Maria

    @Katty: She’s probably at his house to watch it while he’s gone!!

  • Trina

    Cute Vanessa. Is she itching her scratch or scratching her itch? LOL

  • abby

    @Katty: Her house is being renovated so she’s staying with him for the time being.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    I love her! ♥

  • http://www.twitter/mikeh266 mike

    love her waiting to see her renewed home

  • LSP

    She has a Lakers flag on her car!! That just made me really happy… Even though I already knew she was a Lakers fan! Haha

    Love ya, Vanessa!

  • BabyBooZanessa

    Such A Beautiful Woman !

    Go Lakers !
    Go Vanessa !
    Go Zac !

  • mykamicks

    She is scratchng her nose because of itchiness. I wonder, maybe its too dusty on her house because of the undergoing renovation.

    JJr how did you know that she is going to Zac’s house? That would be nice then, at least she could at same oversee Zac’s house while his away. Just asking, why not on her parents house.

  • Rzkvtwi

    So the pictures is showing her house or zac’s? And so it is true she is renovating her house right? Someone answer me…

    Plus can I know where she stay? I am not stalking but I just want to know causing I am going down to LA later the year an I just want to know…. Please help me

  • peggy


    Because she isa grown woman and can stay where she wantsa and obviously she chose not to stay with her parents.

  • berlesa


    Maybe you don’t mean to, but your comments come off somewhat rude.

    Aside from that, I love Vanessa’s dress, but I am not digging she has over the maxi.

  • kmn

    whatta cute gurl. she still has that baby face when she doen’t put make up on.

    wish they’ll be together ASAP.


  • Tree

    It looks like she is putting up a cinder block wall in front of her house. That does not look very good. I hope they make it a little more neighborhood friendly to look at.

  • londonlemming

    Something is off with these pics. Neither place looks like her or Zac’s house….. Also it was was wrong of JJ to publish such private info.@peggy: For once I find myself agreeing with your comments.

  • lilia

    @Rzkvtwi: she lives in studio city

  • hiha

    oh no she’s scratching her nose! UNBELIEVABLE! WTH Jared?

  • nathalia

    always lovely

  • ehryle

    Prettylecious Vanessa!! she want to see if everything is ok while Zac is in Maui.. may be her pad is along Malibu beach bcoz they love the place and the beach too..xoxo V

  • lakersfan

    she looks gorgeous
    yes for the Lakers flag
    hope we see her cheering for lakers once again at the finals
    goooo vanessa

  • real heart

    btw her house is in terryview, studio city.. its look like under renovation. She is so beautiful person inside and out :)

  • gg fan

    she looks so ugly eww

  • Carol

    Aww she looks cute!

  • mandy

    Now I love vanessa a little more she likes the Lakers! That’s great.
    and no matter if the wing will house zac or anywhere else and I really want to sail it to me and most importantly .. beautiful baby!

  • mandy

    Now I love vanessa a little more she likes the Lakers! That’s great.
    and no matter if the wing will house zac or anywhere else and I really want to sail it to me and most importantly .. beautiful baby!

  • Leila

    ommmmmg!! take care zac’s home….love zanessa news!! ;)<3

  • Unbelievable

    Heck yes, love that she is flying that Laker flag on her car, makes me like her even more. Let’s go Lakers tonight’s our night.

  • xoxo

    ahah chill guys, these pics are taken at her house, and for those asking, yes she is renovating cause her house got flooded somehow, so thats probably why she is staying at zac’s (regardless whether he is away or in LA) The reason they prolly know she was going to zac house is because they followed her, but since he had a private gate and u cant see his house, they wouldnt get any pics of her at his house, so therefore they werent put up here. When you’ve been with your boyfriend for this long, this is completely normal

  • xoxo

    oh and for those saying comment about the scratching, lol, her character mimi in rent works at the cat scratch club, so JJ was probably just trying to be funny.

  • http://jjj telma

    love herrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • lauren

    why is she at zac’s house when hes in hawaii?

  • pop86

    Nice to see Vanessa.

  • http://google BARBARA

    Actually, Vanessa and Zac share going between houses, I heard she rented a house in Malibue and her and Zac spend alot of time there, also, they love the beach. For the time being they are living together, i also read she forgot and left the water running in her upstairs bathroom, and cause alot of damage. They have been dating for almost 5 years now, and they are aldults, and it’s there buisness, to bad the paps keep following her around, i thought there was a law they are not to take picures at there homes, Vanessa never thought they will be there. Infact they have not been at her house for while. I love her dress. They will celebrate there 5 year anversary, on Sept 1st. it’s too bad because Zac and Vanessa are very private people.

  • Belle

    Vanessa is so cute in this pictures. Hopefully she will go to the lakers game tonight.

  • Karen

    Why would it be hard to believe that Vanessa is going to Zac’s just because he is in Maui. Officially it was stated a couple weeks ago that she was not living at her house because of renovations. It was stated she was staying elsewhere but it was not her parents. But that was ALL that was said. Given that she was supposedly overheard in some shop that she was at with her manager that she and Zac would be at some place in Malibu for most of the summer people are not saying they are living together–which may be correct or NOT. After all that was an “overheard” comment. But she very well may be staying with Zac at his house. But wherever she is staying while her house is undergoing renovation is all speculation. She has a right to stay wherever she want with whomever she wants. She’s 21 after all.

  • lauren6

    peggy: there is no need to be so rude. we should all just try and get on here

    i love her black dress – she wore a similar one back when she was in canada filming suckerpunch she wore a grey one i think with a low black belt….that was really cute she should wear that more often

  • anne

    she looks so cute :)

  • http://@mayzv4ever zv4ever

    Porque vanessa esta en la casa de zac.. humm tal vez le esta preparando algo
    bueno jajaj yo tambien tengo resfriado

  • duuumm


    really now? she just bought that house.

  • Diamond

    Vanessa is gorgeous a natural beautfiul girl excuse me women looking nice without makeup and i love the boheimen look it’s cute TO ME! And her house is getting repairs so she’s going to move back in! I WISH SHE COULD GET HER HOUSE BACK FOR EVERYOEN COULD STOP TALKING BOUT ZAC ZAC ZAC! DAMN…Love u V ♥

  • jess!

    haha she looks cute <3

  • jess!

    OMG!! Lakers flag!! hahaha
    love you V!!

  • tina

    she looks a mess, people

  • Thahmina

    aww……….. she looks cute LOL!

  • Jenn8

    What’s the problem if she is staying at her boyfriends house while her house is being renovated? Not a problem at all. That story about her renting a malibu beach house is totally false. Why would she do that if she has a boyfriend who has a house and lives alone. She also has many friends who she could stay for some time. Her parents home could also be a option. I agree with JJJr because her house is being renovated so she is staying at her boyfriends home. Does not matter if he’s at home or not. Even before he was on vacation we knew that they had sleep overs at eachothers houses and they might even have each others house keys just in case something happens. Remember the time when zac pulled into Vanessas garage and there was a video? Vanessa was not there at the time which shows that zac had the remote for the car garage and the House to open:)

  • sarah

    I love her casual style