Debby Ryan: 'A Wish Comes True Everyday' Music Video!

Debby Ryan: 'A Wish Comes True Everyday' Music Video!

Check it out — Debby Ryan‘s debut music video is here!

16 Wishes follows Abby Jensen (Ryan), a teenager who can’t wait to grow up, and when she is handed the chance to make all her wishes come true, quickly learns the importance of being careful what you wish for.

JJJ is headed to Century City Borders TOMORROW to chat with Debby and Jean-Luc Bilodeau. Are you coming?

If you are, bring a donation for RockCANRoll, the charity that Borders has teamed up with for the flick. A portion of sales from one of the Borders 16 Wishes merchandise will go to this great organization, and there will be a donation bin at the event this weekend as well.

16 Wishes premieres NEXT Friday, June 25 @ 8PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.


Debby Ryan – “A Wish Comes True Everyday” Music Video
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  • michael

    Decent song. Debby looks amazingly hot too.

  • blaireb

    Wow, this song is really bad. and this video is so cheaply made…wtf? and she makes these weird faces…haha this is terrible.

  • rosie

    this a terrible video and agreed about her faces

  • jena

    um. no voice. no nothing. sorry, this is probably the worst disney song I’ve ever heard. seriously.

  • venessa Fan

    i love it deb! =) THIS SONG IS RELATED TO THE MOIVE AND ABBY’S CHARACTER =) u rock wooo

  • Evie

    Why does Disney make ALL their stars sing?

  • turkuaz

    its bad….. i dont like i.. böghhhkkk

  • turkuaz

    its badddd

  • Kiki

    @jena:Debby’s voice is amazing.


    @blaireb: How is the video cheaply made? There’s nothing wrong with the video. She is great.

  • jessica

    eh disney really needs to stop making these people into singers.

  • Chelsea

    wow. even though i debby’s a nice person that was god-awful :(
    her voice isn’t that bad though but the song and the video just made me cringe :/

  • S

    I think her singing was pretty good… not worse than any other Disney Channel or Nickelodeon star BUT in the music video you can just tell she’s just not comfortable. It’s awkward to watch especially in the hallway scene. She’s adorable though, inside out!

  • ashlee

    wtf? she’s not 10 anymore :/

  • kate_debby ryan fan


    great job debby

    u look amazing and so cute!!!

    i love your voince

    and your movie

    its awesome!!!

    never mind your haters

    they just a bunch of shit!!!

    i love you debby

>>>>>>> staging1