Miley Cyrus is Bowie Beautiful on GMA!

Miley Cyrus is Bowie Beautiful on GMA!

Miley Cyrus sports a cut off Bowie tee as she rocks out on stage during the Good Morning American Concert Series held in NYC’s Rumsey Playfield, Central Park on Friday morning (June 18).

The 17-year-old pop star performed her new hit “Can’t Be Tamed” as well as her duet with Bret Michaels, “Every Rose Has Its Thorns.” Check out their performance below!

Don’t forget to catch Miley‘s ABC special “Live From London” from her Wonder World Tour TONIGHT! The special airs @ 8PM ET/PT.

30+ pics inside of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus feat. Bret Michaels – “Every Rose Has Its Thorns”

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Credit: PNP, Bryan Bedder; Photos: Getty, WENN
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  • kym

    someone’s been attending vocal training alittle more fequently. her voice is definitely getting better. she actually sounds really good live here. luv it. keep it up miley!
    or maybe this song just suits her too….. its kind of country-ish meets rock. i like her hair like that and her outfit, very appropriate but still sexy. wow im impressed, someone had been woking with the PR team too lol

  • jojo

    gorgeous miles <3333333

  • LEESHA01

    her voice is really getting better
    go miles♥

  • cane

    her voice is really getting better
    amazing miles

  • good-one

    Que the *APPLAUSE* sign.

    Miley Cyrus is a role model for all the little ones, after all, once again! In her live performance for ABC GMA’s (early start on) Summer Concert Series, she dressed conservatively, mot provocatively, in pre-Summer ensemble. She avoided risqué dance moves and she painstakingly apologized, in-depth, for why she would even perform a duet with Bret Michaels, who is, heaven forbid, and strictly speaking, older than Miley, as solely bestowing a favor to her mom.

    In performing her new single hit, Can’t be Tamed, she pummeled every note, without reaching, and sounding very much like lip-sync. It wasn’t until performing the subsequent songs, Every Rose has its Thorn and Party in the USA, that she occasionally slid into some notes, barely revealing that she was singing live. Of course, much of the massive and wildly enthusiastic Central Park audience mouthed all of fan-familiar lyrics right alongside of her.

    So the order-in-the-Universe is restored and the “protect the children” meme which so cleverly masks the firewall between age groups as the New World Order’s inexorable means to covertly oppress young people, as part of their overall divide-and-conquer strategy, continues.

    A very safe Miley. No controversy. No breakout. Tame enough for you?

  • mrsdestinyhope

    I always knew that MC can sing :) Her performance was AMAZING this morning!

  • ashley

    I love her hair so cute.

  • megan

    i was there!! it was SOOOO amazinggg :D i was super close to the stage too!! i got to central park at like 4 in the morning thoughh :P hahaaaaa. miley did a great job!! she sang robot and the climb for us off camera!!!

  • natalie

    She was amazing. I love her outfit

  • victoria

    she did so good on all the songs!
    i love her so effing much hahah :)

  • Rochel

    The people who say negative things about Miley just shows all the other people that you just havent grown up yet and thats sad :(Because If you have grown up then you would see that Miley has grown up and so does her music and style :)
    If you guys think that you can sing better then Miley and dress better then her then why are you sitting behind the computer bashing her :( you should be out their and showing us you can be better then her.

  • Gaby

    I was there and it’s weird that people are like ‘the world has been restored’ I mean yeah some of her later stuff has been risque but there were people there from like 4 to 25 not including parents who were fans of Miley just rocking out. They enjoy her music and it just goes to show you that despite everything and the mayhem surrounding her transitional phase between child star to older star, coming out of it she still has a lot of fans. The head set crewman even said that this was there biggest crowd there for the 2010 GMA concert series even bigger than the Jonas brothers.

  • Fleur

    this is such a good song every rose has its thorns, and here at GMA, she sang it with so much feeling! i love her

  • wow

    I agree about her talent & her hair & outfit, but guaranteed the modest clothing and performance was probably because she was warned. Disney owns ABC & she was previously warned about Dancing With The Stars being a family program & the cameras cut away from her when she did the fake kiss or bite on the female dancer’s neck – they showed that clip on the E channel after all the fuss in the UK. I’m sure we have not seen the last of her bras during shows and not during shows.

  • tessa

    I love her outfit.

    Her performance was amazing, I love Every Rose Has Its Thorns

  • alyssa

    @Rochel: its other peoples oppinions. i think she ruined this song. i dont like her, i used to until she changed into this bad girl image, like britney spears did, and i dont like it. i liked when she actually covered up. she looked so much better covering up a bit, but not with the whole sweaters but with normal jeans and a shirt like here, but its so hard to like her when my sis looks up to her and dresses really bad because miley does. and i dont think little kids should like her either. she’s a terrible rolemodel, and im 21, so yeah. :/ its just my oppinion. she dont dress like a normal 17 year old, she dresses like she’s 25. :/

  • ashytisdaleafan

    she looks great! love her :D

  • jessica

    is the special airing on abc family? cuz i have directv and i didnt see it on for 8 pm tonight.

  • lisa

    awesome, rock on miley

  • harley


    It’s on ABC.

    And she looks nice, I like her jeans a lot.

  • soughtful

    she nailed the songs she is fantastic live.

  • Tara

    Im guessing she was told to turn down the overly sexed up image a little…or in this case..ALOT. Guaranteed she just didnt wake up like, hmm, lets be totally covered up today! Not when as of late all she wears is skimpy barely there stage outfits.

  • ktawnyy

    that was a really good performance for her! the sweet spot in her voice is when she hits those high power notes! love her!

  • Taya


  • Gaby

    I don’t necessarily think she was warned to tone it down by Disney or ABC. I think she has a good PR team who are really smart. Disney doesn’t really own Miley anymore. Her PR team knows what she can wear at what time. I don’t think if Miley wanted to dress in a leotard and jacket abc or disney could have stopped her. The fact of the matter is that Miley is a huge star and GMA wants the biggest stars for their concert series for viewers. They are the ones paying Miley. Not the other way around. Her fans went there knowing that there was a possibility that shed be in a leotard but didn’t care.

    Everyone also knows that Miley’s going to go back to wearing the leotards at concerts. That’s who she is and shes not going to change for anyone. She can wear a leotard and have fans or wear jeans and a t shirt and still have fans. She’s not forcing anyone to be her fan if they don’t like who she is.

  • HilaryDuff#1fan

    I was there and she was awesome!And she did sing live so umm whoever didnot think so go get ur ears check.HA!

  • rachel

    Miley was amazing
    I love her outfit

  • emma

    I love this song! She’s soo pretty!!!

  • Jonas Brothers

    I love this girl!


    she is perfect but
    your stile in the world
    is like DISNEY GIRL
    and she dont like this
    becouse is a adolesent
    and Like the sexy and
    is complicated to she i
    think this…..