Zac Efron Gets His Surf On

Zac Efron Gets His Surf On

Zac Efron might just love Hawaii more than he loves California.

The 22-year-old actor dished to E! about getting his dream surf in earlier in the week, “I’ve never had a better day surfing. If you’re going to go, you need to go here. The conditions are unbelievable. In California, the waves kind of toss you around. There always seems to be an offshore breeze. Here in Maui, I was out there and the water was so glassy and clear. It was like a bathtub. The waves just stay wide open for long rides in.”

Zac also opened up about his 10-year plan, saying, “I’ve never been the man with the plan. I’ve never been one to say, I want to be here in 10 years. People always ask, ‘Where do you want to be in 10 years? What do you see in the future?’ I don’t know. I always like to throw caution to the wind and follow my heart.”

Check out the vids below!

Zac Efron – 2010 Maui Film Festival Part 1

Zac Efron – 2010 Maui Film Festival Part 2
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Credit: Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • ANNE.

    That’s my boy!

  • muse

    Come back to Australia Zac and I will personally make your own waves. Esspecially if you continue without your shirt. ;)

    Joking beside, I love Zac, I really think his potential and talent is growing, and I cant wait to see ‘Charlie St Cloud’, but I really was wanting ‘Beastly’ to come out. Its a shame they put them on the same date, and then pushed it till next year. :( But…I guess Hollywood knows what they’re doing.

    Seriously though Zac, come back to Australia. :) Hell, bring Nesa with you. ;)

  • bush efron

    thats my zac

  • agreed

    totallly agree with MUSe, really wished beastly wasnt pushed back, but i also cant wait to see charlie st cloud. they both look amazing and zaneesa only continue to shine and mature. love them both. :D

  • tabia

    He went to some girls hotel room last nite and he didn’t have a shirt on then he went to get drinks with her she even has a pic.

  • peggy


    It wasn’t a hotel room and she took a fan pic – stop trying to be controversial. Go to one of those sites where they like you’re type of posting

  • kgg

    @tabia: When it comes down to it, all that girl has is a fan photo where she’s not even smiling. The rest I believe is made up. He had his swim trunks on because he had been swimming/surfing and she had a beach cover up on. There were other people there, including his brother, Dylan, according to her.

  • lauren

    does it matter?

    she’s a fan and got a pic with him.

    all of you need to shut up.

  • robyn

    The girl made the story up. I know that for a fact. Yes, she did take a pic with him but that was it. Zac and Dylan had just finished up their day of swimming/surfing and were headed back to their room when they spotted him and asked for a picture. End of story. They did not hang out with him or spend any extra time with him, other then getting a picture taken.

  • http://@mayzv4ever zv4ever

    Zac if you come return to hawaiii
    i travel to hawaii… jajaj I LOVE YOU
    an you deserve everything you got

  • xoxo

    stop trying to cause controversy! Do you have this picture? And just because he has his shirt off doesnt mean anything, hes in hawaii, you dont really require a shirt when you are there! And i personally doubt he would go into someone’s hotel room, so take your stupid rumors elsewhere!

  • jazmin

    No knows the truth except for Zac and who else might have been there. All I can say is karma….if he is unfaithful to V it will come back to him x10 and vise versa.

    If it’s true….I’m not happy to hear that he’s gone to someone’s room late at night and have a half naked picture with them but if V trust him that’s all that counts.

    I thought he was not staying in Maui after accepting his award, is nhe staying longer?

  • jazmin


    Where is this picture? if there is one…I’m interested to see.

  • carly

    can someone show me where i can see this picture?? zac and vanessa have a very trusting relationship =D

  • lauren

    like i said,
    does it really matter,
    its a fucking pic.
    all of you need to shut up.

  • Karen


    Just stop it with the “half naked” comment. Are you saying that everyone that is comes in from swimming or surfing and is in their swimming trucks is “half naked”? Then that means every time you look at a magazine like People you are looking at a NUDIE magazine. AND his brother was with him along with other people. It is people like you with your impression and the girl who got to have the fan picture trying to make it seems like it was something it wasn’t who causes the celebrities not to want to have fan photos done.

  • jazmin

    @lauren: @lauren:

    Why so upset? if it’s nothing and not a big deal why can’t someone just post the link to the pix? or maybe there is no such pix.

  • Bee101

    If sombody wants to try to start controversy, let them. All they are doing is wasting their own time! We don’t know what went on while Zac was in Hawaii, and honestly it’s none of our business!! Let him handle his on problems he is 22 for crist sake!!!!

  • lauren

    @ jasmin
    i’m not upset,
    its just annoying when ppl are commenting and freaking out over a pic from a girl who met him once.
    so yeah.


  • jazmin


    ok…sorry to step on someone’s toes….did not mean anything by it. How about is I say it this way…

    If this is true…I’m not happy to hear that he’s gone to someone’s room late at night but if V trust him that’s all that counts.

    All I’m saying is IF THIS IS TRUE why would he go into someone’s hotel room late at night with no shirt on?

    No one’s posting the link to the pix so I’m guessing it’s not true…..just someone causing trouble.

  • lauren

    its someone’s twitter,
    go find it.
    fuck this.
    this is getting rediculous who cares.

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    Woh drama alert in here..well, one I don’t believe that Zac would do that..and plus it is Hawaii, guys don’t need to wear their shirts and it was just a fan..

    Anyways…Congrats Zac..You totally deserve it..Can’t wait to see your projects and maybe even meet you one day..

  • bella

    pitiful Vanessa

    disgusting Zac Efron

  • xoxo here’s the pic for anyone who wants to see it…

  • xoxo

    I hope this will make people calm down. Geez…oh dear lord he has his shirt off! big whoop! They are also both looking into the camera, which you can tell was being held by someone else, its just a typical fan picture. On twitter the girl’s friend even said, she hasnt seen him since, but just bumped into him on the beach and asked for a picture but didnt have her camera. So there…can everyone please shut up about the issue now…nothing happened!

  • robyn

    OMG…I’m going to say this again:

    The girl made the story up. I know that for a fact. Yes, she did take a pic with him but that was it. Zac and Dylan had just finished up their day of swimming/surfing and were headed back to their room when they spotted him and asked for a picture. End of story. They did NOT hang out with him or spend any extra time with him, other then getting a picture taken.

    He did not do anything wrong or do anything he wouldn’t have done in front of V. It was just a fan pic.

    The girls is lying – I know this for a fact!!! Zac did not go back to anyone’s hotel or hotel room!

  • lauren

    @ xoxo
    Thank you

  • pop86

    He looks really good in the videos. Relaxed and tan. Him and his brother must had a good surfing.

  • xoxo

    haha you’re very welcome! I couldnt believe anyone would believe this nonsense! Sooo annoying, so i took to twitter to find the pic to make everyone shut up :D:D

  • BabyBooZanessa

    Such A Hottie Efron !

  • Isabela

    jeesus christ! You guys are so dramatic!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jazmin


    Thanks…it seems like it is night time since there is no light though the blinds (not sure just an observation) and it does look like someone’s livingroom since there is a remote control in the table. Whether this pix is real or photoshopped… I don’t know but it does look real.

    I’m at awww…..all I can say is it does not matter whether you are a famous star or not you just don’t go to someone’s hotel room late at night with no shirt on unless your asking for trouble. I know that there are people who are single and looking to have fun and does that but I don’t think Zac is like that so there’s got to be more to this pix and like I said before no one knows the truth but the girl, Zac and who ever might have been there.

    back to topic…I guess I should say Congratulations Zac for getting this award. Best of luck to you.

  • londonlemming

    @robyn: Everything Robyn has said is true. I have it on good authority from a friend that saw the whole incident . A story has been fabricated to go with this completely innocent picture. Zac and the girl were in fact sat in the lounge of the hotel in which they are stopping…..Nothing unto ward was going on.

    I would suggest people stop peddling and believing a falsehood which has been made to smear Zac’s name when he has in actual fact done nothing wrong except come back from a day at the beach and pose for a picture with a fan.

  • duuumm

    Dude, who the hell brought up vanessa, AGAIN?! This is zac’s post, if you want to talk about vanessa, just don’t. Every time someone brings her up, another argument starts.
    And IT’S JUST A PICTURE. Get over it!

  • jazmin


    Thanks….I’ll believe you guys and I don’t really think Zac will do somthing stupid like that.

  • Athena

    Glad to hear he had a great time. On there are a few VIP party pics of him and a pic or two of Zac and Kenny Ortega together. What he was doing there who knows, but it sure is great to see that possibly he was there in support of Zac and that they are friends too.

  • Lilly

    He’d just been swimming good lord and more than that Dylan was there. When you swim you do so without clothes, just a swim suit/ trunks. Zac is doing nothing wrong AT ALL.

  • Bradley Bobst


    I Love to read your comments

  • Bradley Bobst

    Ok some of you people are so Immature it is Just Fucking Fan Picture It is No big deal.

    OMFG I’m staring to think some of you are not really Zac fans but Crazies School is out for summer some you people have nothing better else to do them sat on the intenet and bash Zac mean come on.

  • alessandra Zanessa Brasil

    just jared thanks for translating the video because I do not know English. kisses

  • Sue

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone can link me to video of Zac surfing. I have never seen him surf and would love to! Thanks!

  • Trina


    So, you have come up with another name to use and post your same old garbage. So sad. I seriously think you have a mental problem. Did you ever think of finding a BF of your own and stop worrying about Zac taking pics with fans? Ooops, I forgot. You’re married. That’s even sadder.

  • jazmin


    ROFL…I think you got the wrong person but do read my last post which I don’t think it’s negative at all. Just an FYI, I hardly post anything on Zac’s post, if any. I think highly of Zac and I just got curious on someone’s post here and wanted to see if it was made up or not. Sorry if I offended anyone with my post and belive me when I say I’ll never post anything on Zac’s post again.

  • birdie

    @londonlemming: I agree 100%, you are a well needed voice of reason. I loved the interviews, this guy has a
    good head on his sholders.

  • Tree

    No one here made up any story. The girl who took the picture with Zac wrote on her twitter that Zac and Dylan went back to her place for drinks. The people here where just commenting on this girls tweets. However, londonlemming has heard from a reliable source? that this is false. Just to clear up people trying to bash other jj posters.

  • kami

    zac does have a good head on his shoulders. i can now see why he would refuse to take pics with fans. they can post them anywhere and say whatever they want. lots of ppl believe stuff especially the really young fans.

  • tina

    cute picture…….cute girl…….Thanks, xoxo

  • Londonlemming

    @Tree: You don’t know me so how do you know what I said was false?my friend has been working at the film festival,he was in the lobby when it happened.

  • Divine Goddess

    In ten years he’ll be married to Vanessa… ♥

  • Ashley

    It does look more like a hotel room, but hopefully it was just a lounge. There’s nothing wrong with hanging out with people for drinks but it does look bad. The fact of the matter is when a guy goes back to a hotel to drink with a girl people tend to assume somthing else is going on.